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The MSD-S series SSD below shows an ad here by Mtron on as it looked in 2007.

Mtron burst onto the SSD market in February 2007 - when - amid competing claims from various other oems Mtron launched the fastest 2.5" PATA SSD - with 80MB/s sustained write.

In the same month they placed their first ads here on Mtron advertised here on the mouse site for 15 months and were so successful at attracting oem partners and industry recognition that they didn't need to do any more for a long while.

In Q4 2007 Mtron was #3 in the Top SSD Companies list.

And in May 2008 - Toshiba acquired approximately $30 million of shares in Mtron.
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Solid state disks

SATA flash SSDs with 150M bytes / sec burst read and 80M bytes / sec sustained write time from MTRON
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Mtron MSD-S series

The MSD-S series is NAND flash-based solid state disk with SATA interface and very fast performance (many times faster than hard drives).

  • capacity:- 3.5" upto 64GB (now) and 128GB (Q207)
  • capacity:- 2.5" upto 32GB
  • Interface:- SATA, PIO(0~4), DMA(0~2), Ultra DMA(0~6)
  • Sustained Read:- 150 MB/sec
  • Burst Write:- 133 MB/sec
  • Sustained Write:- 80 MB/sec
  • IOPS:- 18,000
  • Access Time:- less than 0.1 msec
  • Reliability & Endurance MTBF:- 1,000,000 hours
  • Wear-leveling algorithm, Bad block management algorithm
  • Write endurance:- > 85 years

more info (pdf)

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