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SSD Alliance

editor's profile - the SSD Alliance, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan was founded in Q4 2007 with the aim of developing standards for the flash SSD market.

The first meeting of the new ORG was held on May 8, 2008.

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  • editor's comments:- the SSDA's compliance program includes design and test criteria, and for end-user marketing purposes includes the use of a logo which says "SSD certified".

    Since the setting up of the SSD Alliance, several other ORGs have also announced standards initiatives for the SSD market. These include:-
And taking the SSD branding theme in another direction - in May 2010 - SSD SoC company, SandForce, officially announced a branding program called - SandForce Driven SSDs.

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how fast can your SSD run backwards?
SSDs are complex devices and there's a lot of mysterious behavior which isn't fully revealed by benchmarks and vendor's product datasheets and whitepapers. Underlying all the important aspects of SSD behavior are asymmetries which arise from the intrinsic technologies and architecture inside the SSD.

Which symmetries are most important in an SSD?

That depends on your application. But knowing that these symmetries exist, what they are, and judging how your selected SSD compares will give you new insights into SSD performance, cost and reliability.

There's no such thing as - the perfect SSD - existing in the market today - but the SSD symmetry list helps you to understand where any SSD in any memory technology stands relative to the ideal.
SSD symmetries article And it explains why deviations from the ideal can matter. to read the article