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SSD Store, is a UK based online supplier of flash SSDs. It's owned by Stevenage based Digital Antics Ltd, which was founded in 2003 as a specialist supplier of bespoke hardware, software and technical services to the entertainments and events industry

At SSD store we specialise in the supply of quality digital devices and accessories with the benefits you would expect from solid state - reliability and durability. We understand the products we sell from a technical perspective. You can be assured we're not just interested in shifting boxes. Our team is 100% focused on providing you the level of customer service (before and after sales) that you would naturally expect from a specialist supplier. Call us (Weekdays, 9am to 5pm) on +44 (0)1438 360 058 if you have any questions."

  • editor's notes:- August 2009 - SSD Store closed its doors soon after opening for business, citing the "business in the current economic climate".

    It's been true since the dotcom crash in the late 1990s that it takes more than a fashionable sounding domain name to create a successful web business. The investment required can be huge - and you've got to understand your market. Riding technology waves sounds easy - but waves have troughs as well as peaks.

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  • RAM Cache Ratios in flash SSDs - it's important to know the underlying RAM cache architecture - even if you're happy with the R/W and IOPS performance.

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