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Founded in 2007, and based in Austin, Texas, Storspeed has reputedly received $13 million funding from El Dorado Ventures. Members of Storspeed's management team have pioneered and brought to market such technologies as iSCSI, NFSv4, NAS/SAN, and fundamental storage management technologies. Storspeed is leading the way in delivering solutions that reduce storage operational and capital equipment expenses while increasing overall performance and manageability. The result is unprecedented performance and lower capacity costs – the best of both worlds. For more information, visit

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  • editor's comments:- Storspeed appears to be no longer in business.

    An article in TheRegister said "that not a single system was sold".

    Below is the profile I wrote about the company in 2009. See also SSD market history.

    In October 2009 - Storspeed emerged from stealth mode and unveiled the SP5000 Application-Aware cache. It's a NAS compatible SSD accelerator which uses a fat flash SSD environment integrated within a hybrid storage pool.

    Storspeed says its patent-pending real-time traffic inspection engine identifies and dynamically accelerates user and application traffic automatically with no user intervention or complex tiering.

    3 other companies have launched self optimizing SSD appliances in the past month:- Adaptec, Avere Systems and Dataram.
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