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TiGi - circa 2007

TiGi's data-throughput acceleration products, initially developed to meet the high-speed computational requirements of the United States Government, have evolved over the past three years into a full range of accelerator devices. Today, TiGi offers a full range of data-throughput acceleration solutions for server, network and ultra-high speed storage systems. TiGi products use solid state technology that moves data at the speed of RAM. TiGi accelerators are compatible with any server or storage system using a standard SCSI interface. In customer installations and test environments duplicating real-world conditions, TiGi solutions have boosted data response time of applications and databases by 800%. It also increases scalability of server-based systems such as Citrix MetaFrame up to 150%. For more information please visit TiGi Corporation online at or call (800) 515- 1581.

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  • editor's comment:- TiGi went out of business. But its 3.5" SSD product line was acquired in June 2008 by Density Dynamics.

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