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TrueSAN Networks - (2002)

TrueSAN Networks, Inc., based in San Jose, California, and backed by over $30 million in private funding, develops intelligent storage software that enables organizations to fully exploit the financial and operational benefits of storage area networks. TrueSAN's Cloudbreak software gives enterprises the ability to leverage the flexibility and price/performance of modular storage systems and their existing IT personnel to dramatically reduce storage hardware and software costs, simplify management, and improve enterprise agility. TrueSAN distributes its products through a network of SAN solution providers and OEM partners.

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"No-VC" - Nimbus story on Bloomberg
Editor:- November 28, 2012 - Why Nimbus Data's founder Thomas Isakovich didn't want VC stakeholders in his SSD company - having got frozen out from an earlier storage venture - is the topic in a recent article on Bloomberg - in which Tom also discusses the new way of growing a business - with real customers - via the web.