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Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2001

as ranked by reader statistics

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Who are the leading storage software companies of the future?

For a market which is so large, it's important to know. But in a market that's changing so fast, looking at a list of financial results is not going to give you the right answers today. I'll confess, I didn't know who the top 10 companies would be until I saw the data. But like you I did have a guess at who might be #1, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was right about that one.

In other computer segments where the fight for market share was won years ago and the dust has long settled it's easy to identify the winners:- Microsoft in operating systems, Oracle in databases, Siebel in CRM. This definitive list below will tell you which are the storage software companies to watch in 2002, and unlike other lists you might see in other publications, there are no editor's favorites, advertisers or other artificially boosted methods involved in the selection process.

There were over 100 currently active storage software companies listed in this publication (in various categories) at the publication date of this article. The ranking is based on the pageviews for each company's profile page during the 3 months leading upto December 2001, and is based on a sample size of several hundred thousand unique readers.

Readers can access these profiles from a variety of sources, including the directory, news stories, the onsite search-engine, some external search-engines such as Google etc and articles. This feature was not preannounced and no SPAM was detected. Also none of the companies in this category was an advertiser during the monitored period. (Incidentally that's the reason we haven't done a similar listing of manufacturers using this exact method, because most of the companies in the top 10 would be advertisers, which wouldn't reveal much about how they are perceived in the wider market.)

During the last year or so, a significant factor operating in the storage market has been the high number of software companies acquired by systems companies, such as HP, Sun, EMC etc. Those companies aren't included in this list because we exclude systems companies in our definition. If they were included HP would have been #1, and EMC #2, whereas Sun would not be in the top 10 list at all, so it seems that Sun has not yet had a measurable benefit from its storage software acquisitions, as far as our readers are concerned. The top 10 software companies overlap with the top 10 hardware companies, and software is a subject of high interest on this web site.

In 6 years of publishing directories on the web, I've often found that data based on profile pageviews is predictive of which companies are going to succeed in the market, and correlates well with market share data reported as much as a year later by independent market research. Pageview popularity is a measure not only of current reader interest, but also brand strength and recognition. So I have no hesitation in saying that these companies listed below are the most important top 10 storage software companies ranked by our readers.

Zsolt Kerekes, editor

PS - What to do if your company is not listed and you think you should be? Sorry, there's nothing at all you can do to get added to this list. It's final and definitive. To get into next year's list, improve your products and your marketing, and you might get in, but it's the market which decides this. Spamming our web pages or email could get your company removed.

article published:- December 12, 2001
by Zsolt Kerekes, Editor

Spellabyte's software factory
Storage Software on
Spellabyte couldn't afford to hire real programmers until his venture capital check came in. So he was making do with retired hedgehogs.

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What about EMC etc?

In this article, our definition of a storage software company excludes companies which also sell hardware. Our list is predictive and forward looking, based on measured reader behaviour. But if you scroll to the bottom of this article, you'll see a different list of top 10 storage software companies ranked by historic 2001 revenue from Gartner Dataquest

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The Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2001/2002

as ranked by reader statistics October to mid December 2001

Rank Company What are they doing now? Extracts from recent press releases.

1 VERITAS Software VERITAS Software Teams with IBM To Deliver Open Storage Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- December 11, 2001 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced an agreement with IBM to jointly deliver storage management solutions for complex multi-vendor storage environments. The agreement increases freedom of choice for companies implementing fully integrated storage and data infrastructure solutions.

Under the agreement, IBM Global Services will add VERITAS Software's products to its data infrastructure services for all major platforms including AIX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Windows. IBM Global Services will provide enterprise consulting, implementation, support and maintenance services as part of its multi-vendor coordinated point of contact for information technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of joint customers.

"Our clients are asking for multi-vendor solutions to address their interoperability challenges in managing heterogeneous storage environments," said Don Bradford, general manager of IBM Storage Services. "This offering combines the strengths of VERITAS Software and IBM's comprehensive services portfolio to address the data infrastructure needs of our clients' e-business initiatives."

IDC estimates the worldwide storage software market will grow to $10.7 billion by 2005. "Support and services are critical factors in storage management implementations and demand will continue to grow," said Bill North, director of storage software research, IDC. "This collaboration enables IBM to add a leading storage management software solution to its product arsenal."

VERITAS Software provides the expertise and technology required to manage heterogeneous storage in open environments. The full scope of VERITAS Software's portfolio will be available to customers of IBM Global Services. These products provide storage management solutions for disaster recovery, data protection, storage virtualization, high availability and storage-area networking. This agreement complements IBM Global Services' comprehensive data infrastructure services portfolio of consulting, e-commerce, backup and recovery, availability, IT optimization and security. This relationship enables IBM and VERITAS Software to offer customers a single source for all their consulting and integration needs.

"VERITAS Software and IBM deliver compelling value to customers by extending services, technology and solution competencies across the high-growth data infrastructure marketplace," said Don Foster, vice president of partner sales, VERITAS Software. "Providing IBM Global Services with access to VERITAS Software's leading storage software solutions significantly strengthens the ability of the two companies to deliver enterprise storage management solutions that most appropriately fit individual customers' needs and further their return on investment in storage infrastructure."

The VERITAS Software and IBM Global Services agreement will be rolled out in phases and will be available immediately in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Subsequent phases of the agreement will include Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, the two companies have agreed to team on joint sales and marketing programs to promote these solutions in every region of the world.

2 FalconStor Software FalconStor Software And INLINE Corporation Join Forces To Deliver State Of The Art Fibre Channel Storage Solution

MELVILLE, N.Y. AND DULLES, VA, December 12, 2001--FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC), a leading storage networking software infrastructure company, and INLINE Corporation, a leading provider of high-performance data storage solutions, today announced a strategic OEM agreement where INLINE will offer a custom version of IPStor(tm) with its MorStor TruFibre and FileStorm family of high performance SAN and NAS storage solutions.

The new integrated solution, VirtualStor, combines IPStor with INLINE's Fibre Channel RAID storage line, allowing the complete virtualization of SAN and NAS resources, with key-based security, high availability, and comprehensive management and control of storage network environments with a vast array of storage services.

"Virtualization is getting a lot of attention in the storage industry. IT Managers are looking for ways to get more out of the storage they have and at the same time minimize the time and labor necessary to manage their storage resources," said Brad Bogle, INLINE director of marketing. "The partnership with FalconStor enables INLINE to bring this solution to market."

IPStor is the first in the industry to offer active-active failover by configuring a pair of IPStor servers to form a high availability cluster, so that should one of them fail or need maintenance, its counterpart will inherit the workload smoothly without failing any I/O transaction. The IPStor server also provides real-time (synchronous) mirroring to the attached storage devices to guard against controller or disk failure without compromising performance, and utilizes a key-based authentication method for security to positively verify the host identity prior to granting a connection, thus eliminating spoofing.

"We are thrilled to form this partnership with INLINE. Our mutual customers will benefit from the combined expertise and development of this specialized network storage solution," said Wayne Lam, FalconStor vice president of marketing. "The quality engineering of INLINE's storage solutions, combined with IPStor's virtualization and storage services creates an industrial strength network storage solution."

VirtualStor allows organizations to manage disparate, heterogeneous storage devices including disk arrays, tape libraries and optical storage across a network as if they were one device. The solution includes a virtualization server, disk storage up to 96 disks and the VirtualStor management software. The solution quickly and easily provides business and government with a cost-effective way to maximize existing storage capacity. About IPStor IPStor, a storage networking infrastructure software, enables Corporate IT to contain storage management costs and increase storage efficiency with total freedom of choice in connectivity and storage hardware by aggregating, virtualizing and provisioning storage services over the network with high performance, security, scalability and availability.

IPStor Server runs on off-the-shelf hardware under Linux or Solaris. It supports industry standards (SCSI, IP, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SNMP) to facilitate rapid deployment and seamless integration with existing storage equipment and third party enterprise management software. As the result of its robust architecture and industrial strength, major system, storage, appliance vendors and system integrators throughout the world have embraced IPStor.

3 BakBone Software Procom Technology, BakBone Software Team Up

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA and SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - December 11, 2001 - Working together to deliver protected data environments in cutting-edge network storage systems, Procom Technology (NASDAQ: PRCM) and BakBone Software™ (TSE: BKB) today announced that Procom's NetFORCE™ series filers have been certified for BakBone's NetVault™ 6.5 enterprise backup and recovery software.

This functionality enhancement is the latest addition to the NetFORCE line of cost-effective high-performance, high-availability data filers that have made storage consolidation and information backup a seamless task with their cross-platform file sharing, simplified management, massive scalability and open standard architecture. In the NetFORCE 3000 series, which offers the capability of both file-level and block-level data access, BakBone's NetVault reinforces the benefits of Procom's unified storage platform.

"Procom's NetFORCE NAS filers are leading storage products that combine a superior RAID hardware architecture with a sophisticated SAN backend in their 3000 series," said Larry Fox, director of strategic alliances and OEM for BakBone Software. "Together with our backup and restoration management software, we deliver a cost-effective way to streamline storage management, maximize IT staff efficiency and secure data."

NetVault utilizes modularity to achieve maximum performance in high-speed, data-intensive applications. Like Procom's NetFORCE filers, it is easy to install and manage, and has the flexibility for growth and continued enhancement as information storage needs expand and change.

NetVault's Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) module blends seamlessly with Procom's NDMP-enabled NetFORCE filers, creating maximum storage utilization as it provides heterogeneous platform support across multiple storage topologies. With a full range of NDMP functionality, including Dynamically Shared Drives (DSD™) and Direct Access Restore, NetVault delivers the most feature-rich NDMP support available today.

"The Procom/BakBone alliance is a natural, as both companies emphasize ease of use, high performance, scalability and affordability in their products. Together we provide the highest levels of interoperability and information protection available," said Parsa Rohani, Procom vice president of marketing and strategic planning.

4 Arkeia (formerly Knox Software) Knox Software announces the compatibility of its Windows 2000 client with Windows XP, expanding data protection to all Microsoft Windows operating systems

Carlsbad, California - November 26, 2001 - Knox Software, a Southern California based supplier of network backup software, today announced the general compatibility of the Arkeia backup client for the new Microsoft® Windows® XP Operating System. This adds to the list of more than 30 additional operating systems supported by Arkeia, which includes Windows NT for Workstations, Windows NT Servers, and Windows 95/98/2000. Arkeia, is used by thousands of ISPs, small companies and large organizations worldwide to protect their data, their most critical organizational asset.

"Our tests indicate, and our customers confirm, that Arkeia on a Linux backup server is one of the fastest and most reasonably priced solutions for backing up a network of Windows machines," said Phil Roussel, CEO of Knox Software Corp. "The Arkeia backup client compatibility with Windows XP expands our customers ability to use Arkeia on the complete Windows Operating System lineup."

As a proven solution for enterprise network backup requirements, Arkeia 4.2 provides incremental and full backups, scheduled or on demand, and preserves directory structure, registry, symbolic links and special attributes. Arkeia utilizes client-side compression and a unique multi-flow technology to deliver data backup and restore throughput rates that are 200 to 300 percent faster than rival software packages.

Arkeia options include several powerful tools such as a job queuing facility, multiple user interface options, a virtual backup server facility and email notification upon completion of backups. Designed for heterogeneous network environments, Arkeia provides client support for more than 30 different hardware-OS configurations. Its full version can be downloaded at: for a 30-days trial.

Arkeia 4.2 has won multiple industry awards, including back-to-back Linux Magazine Editor's Choice Award in its Backup Utility Category in September 2000 and 2001, plus the CNET Editor's Choice Award in October 2000.


Former Microsoft Manager Takes Marketing Reins at Backup Software Company

ORINDA, CA — December 3, 2001 — Dantz Development Corporation today announced that Tony Barbagallo has been appointed vice president of marketing. Barbagallo joined Dantz with the company's recent acquisition of storage software developer Viathan Corporation, where he was vice president of marketing and business development. He will oversee the company's strategic marketing initiatives, leveraging nearly two decades of experience in high technology marketing management.

"Tony brings with him a wealth of product and partnership marketing experience," said Lawrence Zulch, Dantz's president and CEO. "I welcome his breadth of knowledge and keen vision that will help lead Dantz's growth in the storage software market."

Barbagallo has held several senior level marketing positions. As vice president of marketing and business development at Viathan, he was responsible for product direction and partner initiatives. Prior to that, Barbagallo was a group marketing and business development manager at Microsoft, where he led the product marketing and partner alliance programs for the Windows CE operating system and tools. He also served as vice president of marketing at VXtreme, a developer of Internet streaming media technology.

"Dantz has developed powerful technologies that increase backup performance without decreasing restore reliability or precision," stated Barbagallo, "It will be a real pleasure to represent such high quality products, and I look forward to working with the marketing team to grow Dantz's brand in the storage market."

6 OTG Software OTG Software Joins EMC E-Infostructure Developers Program

Rockville, Md., December 10, 2001 - OTG Software (NASDAQ: OTGS), a leading provider of online data storage, data access and email management solutions, today announced its participation in EMC Corporation's (NYSE: EMC) E-Infostructure™ Developers Program. OTG plans to integrate its storage management software platform with EMC information storage hardware and open software solutions. With this technical alliance, OTG reinforces its commitment to partnering with leading storage companies to provide increased interoperability and options to customers.

As a member of the E-Infostructure Developers Program, OTG has access to a wide range of EMC application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling multi-vendor interoperability that leverages the technology expertise of both companies. OTG will utilize EMC's APIs to qualify its XtenderSolutions® suite with EMC information storage systems and software. By sharing its APIs with application vendors such as OTG, EMC helps customers take full advantage of the leading performance, availability and management features of EMC open software solutions, while eliminating costly, time-consuming application creation or customization.

"OTG is excited to partner with a storage leader such as EMC," said William Caple, executive vice president at OTG. "By combining OTG's data storage management and access software with EMC's Enterprise Storage hardware and open software solutions, customers will have the opportunity to create a virtualized and seamless solution within their IT infrastructures."

"Through its membership in the E-Infostructure Developers Program, OTG is working closely with EMC to qualify our hardware and open software technologies to help customers store, move, access and manage data quickly and easily," said Linda Wright, senior director, E-Infostructure Developers Program at EMC. "We look forward to working with OTG to provide more open choices for our customers."

OTG's XtenderSolutions storage suite allows organizations to leverage existing storage assets and reduce system complexity by creating a virtualized "infinite disk" with potentially unlimited capacity. This allows end-users to optimize storage capacity utilization and fully implement an integrated storage solution, all while providing immediate access to all information. In addition, OTG's XtenderSolutions messaging suite is designed to virtualize storage for leading messaging systems and help make such systems easier to administer and use.

7 Columbia Data Products Columbia Data Products Licenses NAS Data Protection to Microsoft Corporation for Inclusion in Server Appliance Kit

Altamonte Springs, FL - February 2, 2001 - Columbia Data Products, Inc. (CDP) today announced that Microsoft Corp. is licensing CDP's high-availability Persistent Storage Manager (PSM) for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offering Windows 2000-based server or storage appliances.

PSM will be included in the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit and will be demonstrated to OEMs at Server I/O in Monterey on February 6 & 7, 2001. CDP is committed to evolving PSM into the premier high-availability data protection software for Network Attached Storage (NAS). PSM has been optimized to work tightly with the Windows 2000 Server Appliance Kit, ensuring a stable and secure environment that will scale to include storage management capabilities required by OEMs.

IBM and NEC are releasing NAS appliances, based on the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system and CDP's PSM, creating low cost, highly redundant mission critical systems that compete with storage servers costing significantly more. With PSM, OEM's no longer have to customize unsupported operating systems in order to offer high-availability solutions. Customers benefit because these products use industry standard hardware and software platforms, thus eliminating the need to buy additional data protection hardware or software, except for archival purposes.

"Data protection is a key feature for OEMs building NAS appliances," said Keith White, Director of Marketing for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft. "By licensing CDP's data protection software for inclusion in the Microsoft Server Appliance Kit, server appliance manufacturers can quickly and easily bring powerful NAS appliance offerings to market."

Steve Guerra, VP Business Development for CDP said, "The licensing of PSM by Microsoft validates CDP as the leader in high-availability data protections for all Windows 2000-based NAS appliances. PSM, together with Microsoft's Server Appliance Kit, provides an unparalleled solution for OEM's looking to penetrate the high growth, high-availability NAS market."

Alan Welsh, President of CDP said "PSM's power, flexibility and ease-of-use affords Microsoft OEMs with all the data protections necessary to compete favorably in the NAS market. Our high-availability solution keeps data on-line and available at all times, preventing system down-time or data loss."

"Microsoft's adoption of Persistent Storage Manager marks a very strategic transition in the network age," says Michael Peterson, President of Strategic Research Corp. "Continuous access to data is the key to high availability operations. By embedding PSM, Microsoft has embraced an essential and proven element of data center-class operations and enabled all leading server and storage appliance vendors to provide world-class solutions."

About PSM PSM creates multiple point-in-time persistent True Images of any or all system and data volumes residing on the NAS. All persistent images survive system power loss or a planned or unplanned re-boot. Each instance of PSM seamlessly handles 250 concurrent images of up to 255 independent volumes for a total of 63,750 independent data images. Any image can be easily managed, through the Microsoft web user interface, and accessed the same as any other active volume.

For disaster recovery in case of data corruption or loss, any volume can be reverted to a prior time from any persistent image, preventing any system downtime. These images are easily scheduled and administered through Microsoft's simple to use web based Server Appliance Kit (SAK). CDP's PSM is the only available technology that always has multiple backups on-line for users to retrieve their own files or just reboot to a "pre-disaster" image eliminating cumbersome, time-consuming, unreliable tape or other hardware, providing cost savings in hardware, software, and support manpower.

8 LiveVault LiveVault CEO John Butler to Participate in "Small Business Trends" Panel Discussion at Internet World Fall 2001

Marlborough, Mass. – December 10, 2001 – John Butler, Jr., CEO and co-founder of LiveVault Corporation, will participate in the "Small Business Trends" panel discussion being held at the Internet World Fall 2001 conference and exhibition.

The session is scheduled to run from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 11 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. Moderated by David Lidsky, Senior Editor, Fortune Small Business Magazine, the panel discussion will highlight key Internet issues for small and mid-sized businesses and define some best technology management practices. Mr. Butler will address "Online Backup: Redefining the Way Businesses Protect their Data" by contrasting the limitations of tape-based backup procedures with the opportunities and advantages provided by network-based backup strategies.


ISLANDIA, N.Y., December 11, 2001 – Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today announced the latest release of BrightStor Mobile Backup, the company's remote/mobile data availability solution for laptop computers. BrightStor Mobile Backup eliminates a major source of business risk and lost productivity by providing fast, automatic and transparent file backup and restoration for the growing mobile workforce. The protection of mobile users' files has become a critical issue for many companies as more and more personnel make use of mobile devices and as essential business is created on those devices. According to IDC, the mobile work force in the U.S., Western Europe and Latin America is expected to grow from 34.7 million in 2001 to 60.8 million in 2004.

BrightStor Mobile Backup 3.5 enables mobile workers to continue using their applications while backup takes place – an important consideration when time is tight and windows of opportunity to connect to the enterprise may be limited. A new GUI further enhances personal productivity by making it easier to flag and prioritize files for automatic backup. This simplified interface also reduces the likelihood that mobile users will neglect to protect critical files.

BrightStor Mobile Backup (formerly known as Lifeguard) is fully optimized for the low-bandwidth, intermittent wired or wireless connections typically used by corporate "road warriors." It identifies critical files and only transmits byte-level, incremental file changes, thus conserving bandwidth. In the event that a user's laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, BrightStor Mobile Backup can fully restore all critical data files onto a new laptop. It can also restore the user's desktop icons, Internet favorites and other system attributes.

The unique architecture of BrightStor Mobile Backup provides several distinct advantages for users and corporate IT managers – including the "staging" of backups to a local disk for later routing to the backup server, the ability to perform full recovery to a new laptop, and the ability to restore earlier versions of specific files by simply inputting the file's date and directory location. It also offers organizations the added advantage of integration with other aspects of the enterprise backup-and-recovery strategy.

"Organizations must ensure the protection of mobile and remote workforce data as part of their basic IT infrastructures," said Ron Kane, senior storage consultant, Trilliant Group, a storage-focused consulting services company. "Our analysis found CA's BrightStor Mobile Backup product to offer a comprehensive and well thought out tool for extending the backup and recovery capabilities of an enterprise."

"Unprotected remote and mobile data is a growing issue within a customer's overall enterprise storage strategies," said Phil Treide, vice president of marketing, storage solutions, CA. "With more people engaged in business travel, working in the field or just working from home, the effective solution for laptop protection that BrightStor Mobile Backup offers is more critical than ever to the health and continuity of our customers' businesses."

BrightStor Mobile Backup 3.5 is available through CA's global sales channels, including authorized channel partners. Supported platforms include Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95.

10 Atempo Rackspace Selects Time Navigator for Backup and Restore Value-Added Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - November 26, 2001 - Atempo, Inc. (formerly Quadratec Software) today announced that Rackspace Managed Hosting, a leading provider of managed hosting services, has selected the Time Navigator backup and restore platform to provide value-added backup services to its customers around the world. Specifically designed for corporate data centers and service providers, Time Navigator enables service providers to offer new management tools for enhancing quality of service and delivering new value-added storage services. Rackspace customers will have access to Time Navigator's best-in-class backup and restore solution, regardless of server platform.

"Before selecting Atempo, we researched the field of backup and restore solutions thoroughly," said Robert Miggins, vice president of sales and product development for Rackspace. "Traditional backup and restore solutions tend to have difficulties handling the data volume involved in today's server applications, but Time Navigator is powerful enough to back up an entire network on any of the server platforms we offer. Atempo's software platform enables us to customize backup solutions to meet our customers needs and allows them to implement an essential data protection strategy."

Rackspace is a pioneer in the field of managed hosting and has earned a reputation for speed, flexibility and its own unique brand of 24 x 7 Fanatical Support TM. With locations in San Antonio, Texas, and London, UK, the company currently manages over 4,000 servers for customers in more than 80 countries and leads the industry in customer satisfaction and speed of deployment. The Rackspace network is home to all types of Web sites - from Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft to other emerging e-businesses such as or

"Rackspace's decision to select Time Navigator is another validation of Atempo's strategy," said Manuel Montalban, chief operating officer of Atempo. "We are aggressively expanding our footprint among service providers as well as corporate data centers by providing the most comprehensive, highly secure backup and restore software platform available on the market. Time Navigator allows service providers to offer new value-added services while enabling its customers to deploy a powerful backup solution."

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Later... here's another list (below) which uses a different definition of a "software company", and is ranked , not by reader behaviour, but by revenue.
Gartner Dataquest Says EMC Sustained Its Lead in the Storage Software Market in 2001

SAN JOSE, Calif. - March 18, 2002 - Worldwide storage software revenue reached $4.9 billion in 2001, a 3 percent increase over 2000, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner, Inc.. EMC continued its market leadership in 2001, as its worldwide market share grew to 30.4%, while its nearest rival, Veritas Software, totaled 19.8% (see Table 1). If the $1.6 billion in array-based software were excluded from the analysis, Veritas would be in the lead, and EMC would move to the No. 3 slot behind IBM.

"Six of the top 10 vendors were able to grow software revenue in a very challenging year," said Carolyn DiCenzo, chief analyst for Gartner Dataquest's storage group. "Hitachi Data Systems, which sells its storage array software directly and through Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, saw 59.4% growth and made the top 10 chart for the first time."
Table 1
Top 10 Storage Management Software Vendors for 2001 Based on New License Sales (Millions of Dollars)
Company 2001
Market Share (%)
Market Share (%)
Growth (%)
EMC 1,496.1 30.4 1,352.7 28.3 10.6
VERITAS Software 977.3 19.8 859.4 18.0 13.7
IBM 701.2 14.2 529.8 11.1 32.4
Computer Associates 202.9 4.1 616.0 12.9 -67.1
Compaq 198.3 4.0 142.9 3.0 38.8
Legato Systems 142.5 2.9 139.1 2.9 2.4
BMC Software 136.0 2.8 163.1 3.4 -16.6
StorageTek 119.9 2.4 143.5 3.0 -16.4
Network Appliance 108.6 2.2 112.5 2.4 -3.5
Hitachi Data Systems 91.5 1.9 57.4 1.2 59.4
Others 753.9 15.3 669.2 14.1 12.7
Total 4,928.2 100.0 4,785.6 100.0 3.0

Source: Gartner Dataquest (March 2002)
Computer Associates' new revenue reporting model makes its numbers difficult to interpret without a careful reading of their filings. CA now ratably recognizes license revenue over an extended period, which has resulted in substantially lower revenue recognized up front.

"The change in the world economic environment has put more pressure on vendors to provide a clear and compelling market vision that effectively positions the solution against competitive offerings and provides customer references confirming the advantage," DiCenzo said. "The opportunity for software vendors remains strong, but customers will be more careful with expenditures and vendors must bring more value to the table."

Additional information on the storage management software market is available in the Gartner Dataquest Research Brief "Storage Management Software Market Manages Growth."...Gartner profile

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