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Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2003

as ranked by reader statistics

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storage history:- Top 10 Storage Software Companies:- 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

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Who are the leading storage software companies of the future?

There were over 140 currently active storage software companies listed in STORAGEsearch at the publication date of this article (10 more than last year despite the large number of software companies which got acquired or went out of business). That means there was more competition to get into the top 10. Our pageviews had increased by 50% in the intervening year so these results are even more significant and reliable than in 2002.

The ranking, below, is based on the pageviews for each company's profile page during the second half of 2003. Our definition of a "software" company in this context excludes companies which also manufacture storage hardware. (If you want to see the top storage companies in all categories see our review of 2003 which lists the top 5 companies out of more than 1,000 listed on STORAGEsearch.)

2003 was the year in which small to medium sized storage software companies performed much better in the market than most of their bigger rivals, and this was reflected in these results.

Maybe as part of that changing trend, VERITAS lost its crown this year, and for the first time ever dropped into 2nd place in these rankings.

The companies which dropped out from last year's list were:- Astrum Software (acquired by EMC), Computer Associates, Legato Systems (also acquired by EMC), and Invio Software.

The new entries to the top 10 list were:- EVault, NSI Software, Atempo, and Tabernus.

Congratulations to everyone listed.

Zsolt Kerekes, editor

article published:- December 15, 2003

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The Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2003/2004

as ranked by reader statistics July to mid December 2003

Rank Company comments
1 BakBone Software BakBone also made our top 5 storage companies of the year list (out of more than 1,000 companies). BakBone was #4 on the software list last year. BakBone was identified as one of the fastest growing storage companies in 2003, having reported 82% year on year revenue growth.

"2003 has proven to be yet another excellent year of growth for BakBone," commented Andrew Unsworth, managing director EMEA for BakBone Software. "We remain committed to providing customers with the best data backup and recovery solution for networked storage environments, and naturally, we are pleased to see our efforts rewarded by's readership".
2 VERITAS Software This is the first year in which VERITAS has not been #1 in this list. We'll have to wait a year to see if that's just a blip or part of shifting trend.
3 FalconStor Software FalconStor was #2 last year and benefited from the emerging interest in iSCSI. But during 2003 a significant number of manufacturers launched products in the iSCSI market - which may have meant that FalconStor got obscured slightly the crowd.
4 EVault A new entrant to the list this year.
5 StoreAge Networking Technologies StoreAge has moved up from #8 last year.
6 Tabernus A new entrant to the list this year, Tabernus, writes software drivers for host bus adapters for established technologies like SCSI, and emerging technologies like iSCSI, SATA and SAS.
7 Arkeia Arkeia, which specialises in Unix backup and data recovery, has been in this list for as long as we've compiled it, usually in the mid band positions. Arkeia is used on over 100,000 Linux systems.
8 NSI Software A new entrant to the list this year. NSI Software reported revenue growth of 57% during 2003.

"Data replication is emerging as the baseline in data protection. This industry recognition is a tribute to the value of our replication software, and shows the tremendous efforts of the entire NSI Software team," said Bob Guilbert, vice president of marketing and business development for NSI. "We remain committed to making continuous business operations affordable for companies of all sizes."
9 Atempo A new entrant to the list this year.
10 LiveVault Events like Hurricane Isabel in 2003 reconfirmed to many the importance of offsite backup technology.

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Tabernus, LLC is an international software development company specializing in SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SATA, SAS, and related diagnostics and testing.

Arkeia is a leading provider of enterprise
network backup solutions, noted for its
early and comprehensive support of the
Linux operating system.
Storage Software Market Grew in Q403 Says IDC

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., - March 15, 2004 - According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Storage Software Tracker, the worldwide storage software market grew 17.7% in the fourth quarter of 2003 when compared to the fourth quarter of 2002, reaching $1.78 billion in total revenue.

The full year 2003 storage software results validate the positive trends that started in the third quarter of the year. Overall, revenue grew 8% year-over-year in 2003, injecting almost a half billion dollars of new revenue into the marketplace.

"Information is critical to the operation of every organization," said John McArthur, group vice president of Storage Research at IDC. "As we begin to move away from the most recent downturn, the storage software market is enjoying the positive effects of data centers, which are investing heavily to secure, manage, and protect their digital assets."

Within the overall market, all of the major storage software segments posted double-digit revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2003. The back-up and archive market grew 17.6% year-over-year while the storage replication software and the storage resource management markets grew 14.7% and 16.2% year-over-year, respectively. For the full year, the storage resource management market posted the strongest revenue growth of 11.3%, followed by the storage replication software market with 9.5% annual growth. ...IDC profile
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