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A-DATA Technology, the world's 2nd largest vendor of DRAM Modules (iSuppli, May 2009), 4th largest of USB Flash Drives (Gartner, May 2009), and the Top 20 global brand in Taiwan, provides complete memory solutions, including DRAM Modules, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Solid State Drives and Portable Hard Drives. Being committed to constant innovation, A-DATA delivers first-rate quality and industry-leading product performance to our customers. A-DATA products are internationally recognized by Germany's iF Design Award, Reddot Award, CES Best of Innovations Award, Japan's Good Design Award, Best Choice of Computex Award, and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. For more information, please visit our website at

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  • editor's comments:- May 2012 - A-DATA is one of hundreds of companies in the consumer SSD market. Its main SSD products are SATA and mSATA SSDs.

    A-DATA mentions from recent SSD Market History

    In November 2008 - A-DATA launched the XPG - a dual interface USB and SATA 2.5" SSD. Available with capacities from 32GB to 192GB - it has a read speed upto 170MB/s and write speed upto 100MB/s.

    In December 2008 - A-DATA launched a 3.5" SSD enclosure for 2x 2.5" SATA SSDs. It can operate as a single mirror protected unit, and as a single high capacity drive.

    In March 2009 - A-DATA launched a 512GB 2.5" flash SSD at CeBIT. The dual interface (USB and SATA) compatible SSD has R/W speeds upto 230MB/s and 160MB/s and is aimed at notebooks.

    In December 2009 -A-DATA announced volume shipments of its 2.5" XPG range SATA MLC SSDs optimized for use with Windows 7 TRIM. Models include:- SX95 (R/W = 230MB/s and 178MB/s) and S592 (R/W = 230MB/s and 170MB/s).

    In December 2009 - A-DATA announced it has joined the growing roster of SSD makers using SSD SoCs from SandForce. Products are now in the final testing stage and will be previewed at CES next month.

    In January 2010 - A-DATA adopted a hummingbird in its corporate branding. They are not alone in this kind of marketing. Take a look at the article - Animal brands in the SSD market

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