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Afaya, based in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to maintaining its leading position as a solutions provider of flash memory products, leading the way with innovative ideas while staying current on popular trends and keeping an eye on potential upstart technology. As well, we are witnessing a rapid growth in demand from other, related technology sectors and Afaya is in the process of developing state-of-the-art products to anticipate those trends. At the top of Afaya's list of exciting new developments is to take advantage of its expertise in IC design and establish itself as a major player in the IC Design House market. Specifically, Afaya plans to develop, manufacture and market controller ICs designed specifically for flash memory interfaces used in devices such as digital cameras, computers, card readers, PDAs and cell phones. As for Afaya's globalization plans, we are currently building a worldwide network system with plans to begin partnerships with prominent Japanese companies which will help spur growth in market shares.

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editor's comments:- February 2014 - Afaya's current product line includes SSDs and small modules aimed at the industrial and embedded markets - available with many interfaces:- SATA, PATA, CF, Express card and USB.

Although things may have changed by the time you read this - Afaya's web site says that it uses 3rd party controllers (specifically from 3System) and Afaya sources its flash from Samsung.

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Afaya - recent mentions in SSD market history

In June 2010 - Afaya announced details of a dual interface USB + SATA 256GB 2.5" flash SSD for mobile applications. R/W speeds are 170MB/s and 140MB/s respectively. It can survive 1,500G shock.

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