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Ciprico (circa 2007)

Ciprico, Inc. (NASDAQ: CPCI) is a leading provider of intelligent storage software, solutions and appliances for enterprise class IT servers, professional workstations and digital media workflows.

Ciprico's web site was at But that's now an unrelated site.

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editor's comments: from storage market history

Ciprico was acquired by Dot Hill in September 2008. The company had been a pioneer in the high speed RAID systems market.

In the early days of RAID there was a lot of interest from broadcast and military markets - because these markets had the need and budgets to afford these types of products.

The 1996 edition of Ciprico's home page archived here exemplifies this paradigm with a prominent link to this press release:-

"November 25, 1996 - Ciprico Inc., (NASDAQ CPCI) today announced that Ciprico disk arrays have been instrumental in the production of Warner Bros.' recently released animated comedy, Space Jam. The disk arrays have been the primary high-speed digital storage media used in the creation of the film, allowing many computer artists to preview their computer generated images (CGI) at the same time. Ciprico disk arrays provided almost a terabyte of storage capacity (approximately 30 disk arrays) to 3 of Warner's Silicon Graphics Challenge XL servers, just for the Space Jam project."
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""Write Amplification - is a measure of the efficiency of the SSD controller. Write amplification defines the number of writes the controller makes to the NAND for every write from the host system. Long, continuous writes map over this mismatch, but most embedded/ enterprise applications do not stream data. Instead, they transfer data in a series of shorter, more random transactions."
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