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Future Storage

Future Storage Ltd., with headquarters in Ashford, Middlesex, (in the UK) is a specialist UK distributor and reseller of flash SSDs from leading manufacturers. The list of SSD manufacturers includes (among others):- Memoright, Mtron, Intel, Soliware, IsLion, Transcend, Adtron, Samsung, OCZ, Veritech and Supertalent.

  • editor's comments:- from SSD market history

    I first became aware of Future Storage in October 2007 when Memoright asked me to list them as the sole UK distributor in their SSD ads. is focused on the US market - and my contacts in Memoright were in China. But we thought it would be worth pointing any UK readers to an authorized place they could conveniently buy these popular (at the time) products.

    I created this profile page for Future Storage in August 2009 to see if there was enough reader interest in UK based SSD VARs to make it worth creating a separate SSD VAR directory. I concluded there wasn't. This was the same conclusion I had come to regarding the US.

    In 2009 it was very difficult for VARs to operate sustainable businesses simply from selling SSDs (unless they were in the enterprise segment). The markets were too small, products changed very fast, and it was easier in the case of consumer SSDs for users to buy directly from the manufacturer's own web sites.

    In 2009 I asked Phil Robins - who at that time was the Sales Director of Future Storage started - when his company had started selling SSDs. He said "I 1st started to sell only Memoright Dual Plus Drives and SSDs in August 2007. Added Mtron in Feb 2008 and then grew from there..."

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how fast can your SSD run backwards?
SSDs are complex devices and there's a lot of mysterious behavior which isn't fully revealed by benchmarks and vendor's product datasheets and whitepapers. Underlying all the important aspects of SSD behavior are asymmetries which arise from the intrinsic technologies and architecture inside the SSD.

Which symmetries are most important in an SSD?

That depends on your application. But knowing that these symmetries exist, what they are, and judging how your selected SSD compares will give you new insights into SSD performance, cost and reliability.

There's no such thing as - the perfect SSD - existing in the market today - but the SSD symmetry list helps you to understand where any SSD in any memory technology stands relative to the ideal.
SSD symmetries article And it explains why deviations from the ideal can matter. to read the article
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