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GetData Pty Ltd, based in NSW Australia, is a premier software company that strives to find out the best possible solutions for our clients. GetData software are specialized system targeted to retrieve files, Emails, photos inadvertently lost due to corrupted or crashed hard drive, accidental format, file deletion, human error, virus or hacker attack. GetData also provides GetData software tools that ease your computer operations.

    editor's comments:- September 2009 - among other things - GetData's products include various data recovery packages including - Recover My iPod and also a disk sanitizer called SecureClean.

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When Megabyte's storage got broken,
he knew how to fix it as good as new.
Why Consumers Can Expect More Flaky Flash SSDs!
Editor:- an article published in explains why the consumer flash SSD quality problem is not going to get better any time soon.

You know what I mean. Product recalls, firmware upgrades, performance downgrades and bad behavior which users did not anticipate from reading glowing magazine product reviews. And that's if they can get hold of the new products in the first place.
storage reliability We predicted this unreliability scenario many years ago. And you have to get used to it. The new article explains why it's happening and gives some suggested workarounds for navigating in a world of imperfect flash SSD product marketing. the article

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