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Integrated Device Technology, Inc., the Analog and Digital Company™, develops system-level solutions that optimize its customers' applications. IDT uses its market leadership in timing, serial switching and interfaces, and adds analog and system expertise to provide complete application-optimized, mixed-signal solutions for the communications, computing and consumer segments. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., IDT has design, manufacturing, sales facilities and distribution partners throughout the world. IDT stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Stock Market® under the symbol "IDTI." Additional information about IDT is accessible at

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  • editor's comments:- IDT used to be in the enterprise SSD controller business. IDT has exited that market.

    Its main storage related products nowadays are classic architecture high speed RAM and interface chips, such as:-

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In May 2013 - PMC-Sierra announced a definitive agreement to acquire IDT's enterprise flash controller business and certain PCIe switch assets for $100 million.

who's who in SSD? - IDT

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - September 2012 -

Among other things IDT is in the flash SSD controller market.

The company recently launched a range of NVME compatible controllers for oems in the PCIe SSD market. Reference designs (working PCIe cards) are also available.
IDT mentions in SSD market history
In July 2009 - IDT announced it was working with Micron to develop a commercial PCIe flash SSD for the server market. Micron had previously tested market reaction by unveiling a prototype PCIe SSD (with 800MB/s R/W speeds) in November 2008.

In August 2012 - IDT announced it was sampling single chip NVMe compatible flash SSD controllers for designers in the PCIe SSD market.

In May 2013 - PMC-Sierra announced a definitive agreement to acquire IDT's enterprise flash controller business and certain PCIe switch assets for $100 million.
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IDT discloses design win in Diablo's Memory1
Editor:- September 27, 2016 - IDT today announced that Diablo Technologies has selected IDT's DDR4 LRDIMM chipset as the preferred interface solution for its Memory1 128GB system memory module.

"(Our) chipset is an essential enabler of cutting-edge NVDIMM applications, such as Memory1," said Sean Fan, VP and GM of IDT's Computing and Communications Division.

"Such solutions have the potential to change the entire landscape of in-memory computing, and it's an exciting place for us to demonstrate our industry leadership."
DDR-4 and HMC are merely evolutionary changes and don't change data architecture. But what if you could make RAM itself more intelligent and application aware?
Are you ready to rethink enterprise RAM?
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