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storage news - 2008, November week 4

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Looking Ahead to the 2009 SSD Market
Editor:- November 25, 2008 - a new article published today on StorageSearch.com - reviews the state of the SSD market and predicts what can be expected in 2009.

As you know - we've got loads of articles which look at the past, present and future of SSDs in gory detail. Is it possible to capture the state of play and predict what's going to happen next year in a brief column? I gave it my best shot. ...read the article

this turned out to be a very popular article with readers throughout 2009.

Micron Unveils Prototype fast PCIe flash SSD

Editor:- November 25, 2008 - in a blog published today Micron demonstrated prototypes of fast PCIe flash SSDs.

Although not yet available as commercial products the blog suggests that the cards shown in the video had 800MB/s R/W performance and a single card could maintain 80,000 write IOPS. A company spokesperson hinted that 1GB/s PCIe flash SSDs could be available soon. ...Micron profile, Z's Laws - Predicting Future Flash SSD Performance

Editor's comments:-
the performance itself (for a prototype) is unremarkable - because 3 other oems already ship flash SSDs with similar (or faster) performance as commercial products. In an article published 18 months ago I predicted that the market was on the path towards gigabyte per second 3.5" SSDs too (which is harder to achieve).

Sun Beams into Disk Sanitizer Market

Santa Clara, Calif - November 25, 2008 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today entered the Disk Sanitizer market.

Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure, is a new on-site service to help enable customers to remain compliant with internal corporate data erasure policies during the removal, redeployment or relocation of equipment containing sensitive data. The service also empowers customers' to become compliant with the ever increasing policies of regulatory agencies for the removal or destruction of data, by providing a global, audit-ready solution that erases data at the platter level. Sun has been using the same data erasure service internally to prepare company assets for reassignment and redeployment.

Drew Hughes, technical program manager at Sun Microsystems said - "When we work with a government client to transfer equipment from one resource to another, we use the Data Protection Services Erasure to ensure that our services team has no data compromise."

Industry research (from IDC) indicates that most midsize to large corporations replace about 25% to 33% of their IT equipment on an annual basis. Each event in the equipment life cycle can expose sensitive corporate or customer data to possible breach or compromise. ...Sun Microsystems profile, Storage Services , Disk Sanitizers

STMicroelectronics Samples Secure e-Passport Microcontroller

Geneva, Switzerland - November 25, 2008 - STMicroelectronics is sampling a new microcontroller for secure identity cards.

The ST23YR80, which offers contact and contactless interfaces, complies with the most advanced security smartcard standards and meets ICAO requirements for machine readable travel documents. The EAC (extended access control) e-Passport operation will be supported in less than 3.5 seconds. The device can also optimize the operating distance and transaction time by adapting its processor clock speed to the magnetic field of the application reader It has 80Kbytes of onchip flash memory to store extra biometric data. ...STMicroelectronics profile, Storage Security, storage chips

Sun Sources SSDs from STEC

SANTA ANA, Calif. - November 24, 2008 - STEC, Inc. today announced that its ZeusIOPS and MACH8/IOPS SSDs have been qualified for use in Sun Microsystems' recently lainched 7000 storage family.

"Sun prides itself on working with partners that support our drive for innovation in Open Storage. STEC has provided the high performance SSDs used in the Sun Storage 7000 family, which provides radical simplicity, performance and cost savings," said Victor Walker, VP, storage development, Sun Microsystems. ...STEC profile

Editor's comments:-
Sun already had experience selling STEC's SSDs which were integrated in the SpeedStor a rackmount SSD made for Sun by Superior Data Solutions .

Flash Memory's Next Shrink Now Shipping

Boise, Idaho - November 24, 2008 - Intel Corp and Micron Technology Inc. today announced mass production of their jointly developed 34nm, 32 gigabit MLC NAND flash memory device.

The process technology enables the industry's only monolithic 32Gb NAND chip that fits into a standard 48-lead TSOP. The new chip will cost-effectively enable high-density solid-state storage in small form factor applications including digital cameras, personal music players and digital camcorders. Additionally, it will enable more cost-effective SSDs, dramatically increasing their current storage capacity. ...Intel profile , ...Micron profile, Flash Memory

CommVault Announces Online Training and Certification Programs

Oceanport, NJ - November 24, 2008 - CommVault today announced a new web-based training program intended for personnel responsible for the day-to-day administration and management of its software.

The first of these classes, the CommVault Simpana Administration class, is also available at CommVault Education Centers and as a Customer Onsite course. This class is intended for users looking to improve the overall data access, protection and management capabilities for their data center operations. ...CommVault profile, Storage Training

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Looking for 2009 Storage Plan Inputs? ....................................
Editor:- traditionally this is the time of year when storage marketers realize it would be good to include some plausible projections, trends, quotes or even hard facts inside their otherwise "wishful thinking" based business plans for next year.

If you're in that predicament the market research page lists nearly 70 analyst organizations which cover the storage market.

And if you're looking at SSDs you're in luck - because there's an SSD analysts directory devoted exclusively to that very subject. But be warned. It's a very complicated market which will segment into many application strands during the coming years as the market gets bigger.

For many vendors - the outlook next year is dimmed under the shadow of recession. But excellent products and services which solve real customer needs conveniently or economically can actually do better in budget constrained circumstances.

Users too face problems. Because the Old Regime's expensive solutions are no longer affordable - users are forced to look at alternative suppliers and technologies. And although it's hard work and uncomfortable researching new ways of doing things - and thinking in new ways - it can lead to greater efficiency.
the 10 biggest storage companies in 2012 Many parts of the storage market will emerge bigger and stronger after several years of recession - while others (which were already past their use-by- date anyway) will shrink and disappear. We've been here many times before - see what happened last time in - Storage Winners and Losers from the 2000-2003 IT Recession

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