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NVELO, Inc. is a pioneer in innovative storage software, bringing new intelligence into storage subsystems to break the I/O bottleneck in today's computing systems. Formed as a spin-off company during the acquisition of Denali Software by Cadence Design Systems, NVELO started with world-class engineering and management teams from Denali. R&D on its flagship product "Dataplex", began within Denali in 2007, and is now in the process of being introduced to the market through Computer OEM's and SSD vendors. NVELO is a privately held company with company headquarters in Santa Clara California. For more information, visit

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  • editor's comments: September 2011 - NVELO entered the SSD market in in August 2010 and was an early supplier in the market for SSD specific software. The company - operates in the consumer part of the SSD caching / auto tiering market.

    Many other companies now compete in this part of the market too.The SSD software acceleration market will fragment into several different parts:- consumer vs enterprise, OS, support for virtual machines etc. Although some ISVs sell directly to end users - most have business models which purport to sell to SSD oems - although in reality - storage history has shown that most successful new storage software companies get acquired by hardware companies.

    The type of software sold by NVELO and others could transform the notebook SSD market in 2012 - following 6 years of high promises and low achievements which didn't set the SSD consumer market on fire.
NVELO - recent mentions in SSD market history

in August 2010 - NVELO launched Dataplex - a software product aimed at PC oems - which provides SSD ASAP functionality inside a notebook.

Dataplex will begin shipping from select Tier 1 PC OEMs in 2011. NVELO is currently in discussions with leading HDD and SSD vendors to enable aftermarket sales and bundling options for Dataplex, and has begun development of an enterprise version of Dataplex for server systems.

In July 2011 - NVELO announced it had $6.6 million in series A funding to support its business development in the PC segment of the SSD caching / SSD ASAP software market. Equity investors include SSD controller company - Cadence .

In September 2011 - OCZ launched its Synapse Cache Series 2.5" SATA SSDs for Windows 7 environments. The new SSDs (64GB / 128GB, R/W speeds upto 510/550MB/s, 80,000 IOPS) integrate NVELO's Dataplex cache / SSD ASAP software to dynamically manage the SSD in conjunction with standard hard disk drives. When used to support a pre-existing terabyte hard drive - the overall performance for popular PC benchmar tasks can be 4x to 6x faster - as the software learns the where the hot data is for that user's PC - according to benchmarks and data in OCZ's related white paper (pdf) . No data migration or OS installation is required.

In December 2012 - Samsung acquired NVELO.
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"if successful - NVELO's product will render obsolete most hybrid drives aimed at the notebook market."

editor's comment at product launch (August 17, 2010)

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Samsung acquires NVELO
Editor:- December 14, 2012 - Samsung today announced that it has acquired NVELO whose SSD ASAPs (caching) technology is designed for the notebook SSD market.

SSD software sells more SSDs. And that idea has been behind many of the SSD company acquisitions in the past year.
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What you see isn't always what you get.
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