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Indilinx - an OCZ Technology Group company

Indilinx was founded in 2006 by flash memory pioneers who helped launch Samsung's enormously successful NAND flash memory business. Indilinx members were responsible for starting and overseeing Samsung's NAND flash software development center and its NAND flash product planning team, as well as leading the development and launch of Samsung's first solid state drive products, paving the way for a NAND flash revolution.

Indilinx products and solutions comprise advanced solid state drive controllers, SSD reference designs, and software, which enable the rapid development and deployment of high performance solid state drives. Indilinx's technology powers a wide range of storage solutions, from cost-sensitive consumer devices to performance-optimized systems demanded by mission-critical enterprise applications. Indilinx is headquartered in San Jose, California in Silicon Valley and the company's primary R&D center is located in Bundang, South Korea. For more information, please visit:

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Indilinx recent mentions in SSD market history

In August 2008 - Indilinx unveiled its Barefoot SSD controller with 230MB/s read speed and 20,000 IOPS. Indilinx and MOSAID co-presented their strategic cooperation in the development of high-performing SSD controllers for the next generation DDR type flash memory. The SATA 3 interface will provide 600MB/s.

In October 2009 - a report in said Indilinx's SATA 3 SSD SoC may not ship till 2011 - a year later than originally planned.

In June 2010 - Indilinx announced it was supplying SSD controllers for use in a hybrid storage module - called the HyDrive - designed by Hitachi-LG Data Storage - which includes a 32GB flash SSD integrated with a Blu-ray optical drive.

In March 2011 - OCZ announced it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Indilinx for for approximately $32 million of OCZ common stock.

In September 2011 - OCZ announced it is supplying custom 7.5mm high 128GB SATA SSDs which use its Indilinx Everest SSD controller to LG for use in its in LGP220 ultra-thin notebooks.
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How big was the thinking in this SSD's design?
Does size really does matter in SSD design?

By that I mean how big was the mental map? - not how many inches wide is the SSD.

The novel and the short story both have their place in literature and the pages look exactly the same. But you know from experience which works best in different situations and why.

When it comes to SSDs - Big versus Small SSD architecture - is something which was in the designer's mind. Even if they didn't think about it that way at the time.
click to read the article - Big versus Small SSD  architectures For designers, integrators, end users and investors alike - understanding what follows from these simple choices predicts a lot of important consequences. the article
Bad block management in flash SSDs
This is an introduction to the thinking behind one of the many vital functions inside a flash SSD controller.

Native media defect quality in new flash memory chips has grown steadily worse in the past 10 years as geometries have shrunk.
click image to read the article - principles of bad block management in flash SSDs This article enumerates the scale of the problem and explains how intrinsically dodgy flash memory is transformed into dependable flash SSDs which you can entrust with your data. the article 1.0" SSDs 1.8" SSDs 2.5" SSDs 3.5" SSDs (c)PCI(e) SSDs rackmount SSDs

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