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Mercury logoMercury Systems

Founded in 1981, Mercury Systems is a leading commercial provider of secure processing subsystems designed and made in the U.S.A.
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Who's who in SSD? - Mercury Systems

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - May 2016

Although I expected that Mercury Systems could one day become a company of interest to my readers it took a long time. I first became aware of Mercury in 1991 when they introduced a VMEbus i860 processor card. That year overlapped the end of my time as a VMEbus systems integrator and the start of my 25 years (so far publishing career) which began with the SPARC Product Directory.

The first mention of Mercury Systems in was in 1999 - the context being as a supplier in the SAN systems market. But despite hearing from over 2,000 other storage companies in the years which followed I didn't hear anything of interest for my readers from Mercury for another 17 years. Although when I did - that was interesting!

That happened in March 2016 -was Mercury Systems announced it would acquire the secure military SSD business of Microsemi as part of a $300 million deal which closed in May 2016.

As a result of this acquisition Mercury Systems now has a very well respected rugged and secure SSD family which uses no hold up capacitors in its design. This type of SSD architecture enables faster power up boot to ready times than regular cached designs and has a different set of operating and reliability characteristics too. For more about the differences see this article.

What will Mercury Systems do with the new product line and how will the legacy rugged secure SSD product lines be marketed? That's not clear yet although I assume that the SSDs will find their way into systems related offerings (boards, boxes and storage offered by Mercury).

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In March 2016 -was Mercury Systems announced it would acquire the secure military SSD business of Microsemi as part of a $300 million deal which closed in May 2016.

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Mercury's 3D BuiltSECURE memory will take to the skies
Editor:- September 11, 2017 -Mercury Systems today announced it received a $8 million order from a leading defense prime contractor for BuiltSECURE high density secure memory devices manufactured at its DMEA-trusted facility in Phoenix, Ariz. The high-speed memory devices will be integrated into active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar systems deployed on an advanced airborne military platform.

BuiltSECURE high density secure memory devices use Mercury’s 3D packaging technology to transform a 2D array of discrete memory devices into a single, vertically stacked, dense ball grid array (BGA) package. Delivering space savings up to 75%, the memory devices are also precision engineered to withstand the harshest of operating conditions encountered during military operations.

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Microsemi's secure SSD business to be acquired by Mercury Systems
Editor:- March 23, 2016 - Mercury Systems has agreed to acquire the secure SSD business of Microsemi as part of a $300 million deal which includes several other business units focused on the defense electronics market which altogether employ approximately 275 people based at facilities in Phoenix, Ariz., Camarillo, Calif., San Jose, Calif., and West Lafayette, Ind.
As we've seen in other parts of the SSD market - the business models and continuity of product lines can suddenly change if they are acquired.
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"See how optimizing processors for SSD can gain a 2x to 250x speed-up on popular functions as well as reduce the energy consumed by a similar amount! "
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Microsemi fills key gap in TRRUST-Stor line
Editor:- August 14, 2015 - Microsemi recently added a low power MO-300 mSATA SLC SSD to its TRRUST-Stor® family of secure / military SSDs.

The MM3064AN2R-M001 can be sanitized according to the NSA 9-12 protocol in less than 2 minutes.
Microsemi rugged MO-300 mSATA SSD
"In the advanced deep sleep low power mode, the SSD is only using 150mW and can be 'instant on.' said Bill Sorrentino, tactical marketing manager for Microsemi's Memory and Storage business.

"This feature will enable longer field life for battery powered applications. In addition, it will cut down on cooling required for products where heat is a concern."

...Later:- 2 weeks later - Microsemi expanded their secure rugged SSD range still further with a new XMC form factor SSD - the MXMCM256 - which has upto 512GB SLC in an air cooled or conduction cooled XMC mezzanine. Details include:-
  • XMC x2 PCIe interface per ANSI/VITA 42.3-2014
  • XMC SATA interface (configurable)
  • R/W speeds upto 185 MB/s
  • Continuously running built-in self-test
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