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HP and Emusic.Com to Offer Bonus MP3 Music Downloads to CD-Writer Customers
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - June 30, 2000 - Inc. today announced an innovative alliance with Hewlett-Packard Company.

Under the agreement, HP will purchase a minimum of approximately $3 million of downloadable music and services from EMusic to be bundled with future HP CD-Writer products. The agreement covers the next three calendar quarters, between July 1, 2000 and March 31, 2001.

"Digital music has become one of the most valuable, personal and popular forms of content -- something that every wired consumer enjoys collecting and listening to," said Gene Hoffman, president and CEO. "We are proud to work with HP in this significant alliance to deliver customizable music content with its well-regarded line of CD-Writers."

"HP research with CD-writer customers has shown that 80 percent of our customers use CD-writers to burn MP3 files from the Web and to create custom music CDs," said Christy Tappy, marketing manager for HP's CD-Writer business. "Through this alliance with EMusic, we can offer our customers access to thousands of legal MP3 music tracks from established artists across a broad range of music styles." ...HP profile, ...EMusic profile

OTG Software Introduces™ for Web-Hosted Storage and Content Management

BETHESDA, MD, June 29, 2000 – Complementing its robust and successful distribution strategy, OTG Software, Inc. today announced™, a new Application Service Provider (ASP) offering to sell and distribute its storage and content management products. provides a Web-hosted version of OTG's highly flexible and scalable storage solutions to customers who prefer to outsource their storage and data management systems. Now, with a much lower cost of entry, businesses that want to outsource storage management have an alternative to building storage in-house.

Using a Web-accessible, integrated solution for storing and managing any type of data, combines OTG's technological and professional services expertise with the hosting services of select ASP partners. For a monthly service charge, customers can now have their content reside outside of their in-house facilities at a secure, state-of-the-art, Web-hosted storage site. This arrangement meets organizations' requirements for extra storage, storage on demand, large-capacity storage, full-service storage or other flexible storage solutions with round-the clock access to data via the Web or virtual private networks. Unlike other Storage Service Providers (SSPs), OTG combines this outsourced storage capability with its leading content management products so that customers gain a full solution to their data management needs. ...OTG Software company profile

Kentron Technologies Announces New 1GB FEMMA DDR Registered Module Available For Sampling Q3-2000

Wilmington, MA, June 29, 2000 – Kentron Technologies, announced today the completion of the design of a 1GB Registered DDR module. Designed and developed based on the company's proprietary FEMMA (Foldable Electronic Memory Module Assembly) technology, Kentron has achieved a 1.5", 184-pin registered Double Data Rate (DDR) DIMM module.

Kentron's high bandwidth DDR module meets all PC2100/2600 JEDEC standard specifications. Designed and simulated to run on 100/133Mhz clock, Kentron's 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module, doubles the data rate transfer to 200/266Mb/s respectively. The module's 1.5" height provides the marketplace with a solution for those products requiring low profile DIMMs. Being part of the FEMMA family, the 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module incorporates characteristics that have been well recognized by the industry and it's governing bodies. The module is a cost-effective solution that achieves the highest densities and the best thermal properties. FEMMA is a patented, non-stacking technology, adaptable to present DDR chip packaging technology (TSSOPII), as well as the upcoming Ball Grid Array (BGA). The FEMMA technology has been tested and qualified on various motherboards running leading-edge chipsets.

"With the development and proliferation of the new DDR memory architectures in today's marketplace, this new high-density 1GB Registered DDR module further positions Kentron as a leader in high-density, high-bandwidth memory solutions" stated Michael B. Murphy, Kentron's Vice President of Business Development. The 1GB Registered FEMMA DDR module will be available for sampling in Q3, 2000. ...Kentron Technologies company profile

Genroco and VideoPropulsion Announce Stock Splits After Spinoff

SLINGER, WI - June 29, 2000 - GENROCO, Inc. a world leader in SAN technology along with its digital video transport subsidiary, VideoPropulsion, Inc., which will be spunoff to shareholders on Friday, announced that both companies will split their respective stocks the following Monday.

GENROCO shareholders of record as of June 30, 2000 will receive a dividend of one share of VideoPropulsion for each share of GENROCO owned. There are now approximately 4.6 million shares of GENROCO outstanding. GENROCO will undertake a 2 for 1 forward split and VPI will do a 4 for 1 forward split. Owners of GENROCO stock on July 3 will receive one new share of GENROCO common stock for each share that they hold, thereby doubling the amount of outstanding stock.

Upon completion of the stock split, there will be approximately 9.2 million shares of GENROCO outstanding with about 2 million shares in the "float". GENROCO executed a 3 for 1 split last fall. VPI shareholders of record on July 3 will take in an additional three shares of VPI stock for each VPI share, thus increasing the number of outstanding shares by a factor of four to roughly 18.4 million shares. Management now expects VPI shares to be listed on the OTC Bulletin Board in early July. The Boards of Directors of the two firms are performing the stock splits in order to increase the number of their tradable shares and reduce the price of a minimum one hundred share block of stock for small investors. ...Genroco company profile ...VideoPropulsion company profile

M-Systems Doubles Top Capacity of its FFD 2.5" Flash Disk Product Line

FREMONT, Calif., June 28, 2000 - M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. announced today the extension of its Fast Flash Disk (FFD) 2.5" product line with new capacities now up to 2,432MB for IDE and 2,688MB for SCSI.

This new maximum capacity is double the previous maximum of 1,216MB for IDE and 1,344MB for SCSI.

The FFD family of flash disk products contains a flash file system developed by M-Systems called TrueFFS. TrueFFS delivers state of the art error detection, error correction and wear leveling to M-Systems FFD flash disks and contributes to a calculated Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of more than 30 years, which is exponentially superior to that of raw flash. With their patented TrueFFS technology, reliability, endurance, performance and ruggedness, M-Systems' FFD products provide an ideal local storage solution to various applications, such as Telecom infrastructure network elements, video servers, in-flight entertainment products and military products. ...M-Systems company profile

Ricoh Announces 12X/10X/32X CD-R/RW Drive and Package

Tustin, CA, June 28, 2000… Ricoh has developed and will soon release a new series of CD-R/RW drive packages to support the newest, fastest CD-RW 10X rewriting standard.

The Ricoh ATAPI drive can record at 12X, rewrite at 10X and read at 32X, Ricoh's Disc Media and Systems-Center division (DMS-C) announced today at PC Expo. The Orange Book Part III, Volume 2, V1.0, released in May, set a new standard that increases the maximum speed of CD-RW operation up to 10X speed for recording and rewriting. (The previous standard set in Orange Book Part III, Volume 1, V2.0 defines operation at 1X, 2X, and 4X speed). Priced at $299, the MediaMaster package will be sold exclusively through the Ricoh DMS website. Timing for shipping and other details will be announced next month.

The package contains the MP7120A drive, general-purpose packet writing software (Prassi's abCD), and professional premastering/audio/backup software (Prassi's PrimoCD Plus), one Ricoh CD-R disc and one Ricoh high speed CD-RW disc. Other major features and benefits include:
  • High speed writing, rewriting and reading capabilities
  • Rewritability at up to 10X speed. This is more than twice as fast as the previous highest speed (4X).
  • An increased laser output combined with a high-precision pulse strategy, provides high reliability recording on CD-R media across speeds ranging from 2X to 12X.
  • Reading capability at up to 32X speed is possible with all three types of media: CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW
  • A newly developed compact, light-weight pickup module provides stable write operation while enabling access at the unprecedented speed of 120 msec.
  • A newly developed, high-speed controller, LSI provides superior packet writing performance through speedy, efficient buffer memory utilization.
  • High-reliability design optimizes write stability
  • A running OPC sets the optimum laser power continuously during write operation.
  • A large, 4 MB memory buffer for temporary storage of data during write operation prevents buffer under-run errors and increases the speed and security of high-speed recording.
  • Dust-proofing measures; such as, shielding of the pickup ensure a long stable operating life.
  • A full-featured audio capability
  • Equipped with S/PDIF terminals, the MP7120A is capable of outputting digital audio data.
  • Audio data can be read at up to 32X speed (DAE), allowing high-speed creation of WAV files.
  • Easy vertical Installation
  • It has increased degree of installation flexibility because it comes with a disc-holding function that allows the unit to be installed vertically as well as horizontally.
...Ricoh company profile

Knox Software Selects Bell Microproducts for Channel Distribution Partnership

Carlsbad, Calif. – June 28, 2000 – Knox Software Corp. announced today that it has signed an agreement with Bell Microproducts, Inc. to allow Bell to distribute the Arkeia® network backup and recovery software product line.

This agreement marks Knox's first partnership with a channel distribution specialist. Bell will serve as the master distributor for Arkeia resellers in North America. A leader in storage solutions for both industrial and commercial distribution, Bell Microproducts supplies storage devices, fibre connectivity products, SAN and storage management software as well as fully integrated, tested and certified system solutions. The company adds value through a broad range of services including mass storage system integration, the integration of complete computer systems, installation and pre- and post-technical support.

"The resellers and VARs whom Bell Microproducts serves are designing and delivering sophisticated storage solutions for their customers," said Don Bell, president and CEO of Bell Microproducts. "They look to Bell Microproducts to supply the products and the expertise that can help them get the job done. Knox Software is an excellent addition to our vendor line up because we can now offer resellers a cost-effective, high performance back up and recovery solution for emerging platforms like Linux."

"With Bell's strong focus on storage solutions and service, we felt it was the best partner to carry the Arkeia product line to the resellers around the continent," said Randy Thorburn, vice president, sales and marketing at Knox Software. "Bell has a very focused solutions sales model that will create integration opportunities for an advanced backup and recovery product like Arkeia." A proven solution for enterprise network backup requirements, Arkeia utilizes client-side compression and a unique multi-flow technology to deliver network backup and restore throughput rates that are 200 to 300 percent faster than rival software packages. Designed for heterogeneous network environments, Arkeia provides network client support for over 30 different hardware-OS configurations, including a recently announced hot backup client for Oracle8i databases running on Linux. The product also provides extensive support for robotic tape libraries and autochangers.

"The Arkeia product line provides Bell Microproducts with an important piece to the overall storage solution message that we constantly promote to our resellers," added Don Purkey, director of BellStor, the Enterprise Storage Division of Bell Microproducts. "Our technical sales force has a great deal of experience in selling tape storage hardware. With the addition of the Arkeia software, Bell Microproducts can craft turnkey backup and recovery solutions for our resellers and their end users." ...Knox Software company profile

eVault Executes Letter of Intent with VytalNet

WALNUT CREEK, CA, June 27, 2000— eVault, Inc. the online data backup, storage and recovery solution for business, today announced that it has signed a formal Letter of Intent with VytalNet Inc., a leader in offsite data protection solutions headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Under the terms of the agreement, the resulting corporation will be known as eVault, Inc. The merger positions the company to become the premier provider of anytime, anywhere data access, using web-enabled, scalable data storage and state-of-the-art data protection recovery technology. These services, formerly only available as enterprise solutions, can now be offered to small and mid-sized businesses. The merger also results in a comprehensive global expansion with a significant presence across the U.S. and abroad.

"We are well positioned to capitalize on an area poised for explosive growth," commented Alston Noah, VytalNet's chairman of the board. "I'm very excited about the synergy created by our combination of cutting-edge technology, worldwide presence and web-enabled delivery."

"A company's data is its most important asset," said eVault CEO Robert Pollock. "With the combined capabilities of our two companies, we have the ability to provide a unique, fast, reliable solution utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Now you do not need to be sitting at your desk to have access to all of your data." "We can now transfer gigabytes of data over the web quickly and efficiently," Pollock continued. "Where transferring one gigabyte of data took nearly two hours by old methods, the new combined eVault solution moves that same data in less than a minute. This provides tremendous benefits and offers additional applications to our customers."

Both parties expect the deal to close within the next 60 days, subject to due diligence and definitive documentation. Under the merger, Pollock will remain as chief executive officer of eVault. VytalNet Inc.'s Milton Legg will be named chief operating officer of the new organization replacing Norman Smith who will be named executive vice president of technology solutions. eVault founder Philip Gilmour will serve as director of business development, and Alston Noah becomes chairman of the board of the new organization. ...VytalNet company profile, cloud storage

Palm will use new standard 64MB SD Cards

NEW YORK, NY June 27, 2000—SanDisk Corporation announced its support for Palm's decision to use the Secure Digital Card (SD Card) in future Palm brand products.

In addition, SanDisk welcomed Palm as the newest member of the Secure Digital Association (SDA), a consortium of companies SanDisk helped found to work to promote the widespread adoption of the SD Card. Palm also accepted an invitation from the SDA to become a member of its Board of Directors. The thumbnail-size SD card will start shipping in Q4 of this year in 32 and 64 megabyte (MB) versions, with plans for much higher capacity in the future. Proprietary security functions have also been incorporated into the SD card that facilitate the secure exchange of content between devices and the card. The security technology has been designed to comply with the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), making it an ideal solution for the transfer of digital content such as music and movies.

The SD Memory Card was introduced in August, 1999, by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE:MC), best known by its Panasonic brand name, SanDisk and Toshiba Corp. The new SD Association is an industry-wide association created to set industry standards for the card and promote its wide acceptance in digital applications including Internet music players, Internet appliances, cellular phones, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, handheld computers, automotive systems, set-top boxes and other products. ...SanDisk company profile, flash memory

ServerWorks To Deliver IBM's Memory eXpansion Technology in Next-Generation Core Logic for Servers

Santa Clara, Calif. - June 27, 2000 - ServerWorks Corp., today announced that it plans to incorporate IBM's recently unveiled Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) into its next-generation high-end core logic solutions.

The company anticipates that it will first offer MXT in a product now known by the code name "Pinnacle." ServerWorks has the right to sell products incorporating MXT technology to all its customers. IBM's new Memory eXpansion Technology doubles the effective memory capacity of computer servers, a breakthrough that can save Internet Service Providers and other large technology installations millions of dollars. The MXT-enabled memory controller within the ServerWorks core logic chipset compresses and stores data and instructions in main memory, thus increasing the effective size of the memory system. To accomplish this, MXT adds a new third-level cache that contains expanded (i.e., uncompressed) data and instructions, and then deploys the system's remaining physical memory as a backing store for this third-level cache. MXT utilizes highly sophisticated compression algorithms to expand and compress in nanoseconds the data moving to and from the third-level cache, and thus has little if any impact on overall system performance.

The ServerWorks MXT program marks the second time the company has worked with IBM to incorporate IBM technology into ServerWorks' core logic for Intel-based servers.

"Memory eXpansion Technology makes Intel-based servers work better, and that's what ServerWorks is all about," noted Raju Vegesna, ServerWorks' president and CEO. "We are excited to be working so closely with IBM to deliver this technology to our customers. By effectively doubling the memory capacity in each system, our "Pinnacle" ServerSets will give users the option of reducing costs while maintaining existing performance levels, or improving performance while maintaining current levels of expenditures." ...ServerWorks company profile

Interphase Accelerates Channel Strategy in Europe With Acal's Fibre Channel Solutions Group

DALLAS, Texas, June 27, 2000 -- Interphase Corporation today announced it has signed Acal Fibre Channel Solutions to sell and distribute its industry leading PowerSAN and SlotOptimizer adapter product families.

Through this agreement, SAN resellers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa will have full access to the Interphase Fibre Channel product offering. Through the new distribution partnership, Acal accredited resellers and integrators will have access to the entire Interphase Fibre Channel PowerSAN 2000 product line, featuring industry-leading connectivity for enterprise data backup and data warehousing, Internet Web hosting, and e-commerce applications. Targeted for a diverse range of storage connectivity applications, the PowerSAN 2000 family includes:
  • 5540 Single-port Fibre Channel HBA - A full duplex Gigabit Fibre Channel HBA designed to provide cost-effective storage connectivity for server-attached storage or basic SAN servers.
  • 5550 Dual-port Fibre Channel HBA - A high performance Fibre Channel HBA that provides two independent full duplex Gigabit Fibre Channel ports from a single adapter.
  • 5560 2-Gbps Fibre Channel HBA - A full featured, maximum performance Fibre Channel HBA that provides full duplex 2 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity for up to 400 MBps throughput.
The agreement with Acal also provides distribution rights for the Interphase 5570 SlotOptimizer adapter. This innovative solution offers both Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity from a single slot, providing a highly integrated multi-port adapter for web servers, rack-optimized servers and other enterprise systems with I/O slot limitations. ...Acal Fibre Channel Solutions company profile, ...Interphase company profile

Imation Focuses on Speed, Performance and Reliability at PC Expo 2000

NEW YORK - June 27, 2000 – A Grand Prix racing car replica will share the spotlight with many of the latest storage management offerings at the Imation Corp. exhibit in booth #4346 at PC Expo 2000, at Javits Convention Center in New York.

Imation recently announced its sponsorship of the Jordan Grand Prix Formula One Racing Team, which uses Imation products to store, manage and transfer data during high-performance testing and racing. Featuring a Grand Prix wind tunnel test car, Imation's PC Expo exhibit showcases a full range of products and services for computer users from the desktop to the data center.
  • The Imation USB Floppy Drive for Macintosh --a compact, portable option for adding a floppy drive to Macintosh computers. It enables use of floppy disks for backup, file transfer, software installation and more.
  • AltaVista Free Internet Access from Imation -- a promotion by which customers purchasing specially marked packages of Imation diskettes, SuperDisk diskettes, CD-R and CR-RW discs can receive AltaVista's free, unlimited Internet access.
  • The Imation Storage Solutions Program for Resellers -- a new, web-based program designed to provide VARs, dealers and integrators the training and tools they need to promote and sell Imation data storage media, hardware, and solutions. The program includes priority technical support, dedicated sales resources, demos and evaluation equipment and more.
  • The Imation Slimline IDE SuperDisk Drive -- available to resellers, integrators and OEMs, the half-height SuperDisk internal drive reads data up to 27 times faster than a floppy drive. It is ideal for notebook computers and other systems where a slim profile is required.
...Imation company profile

StorageApps Introduces SANLink™

Bridgewater, NJ — June 26, 2000 — StorageApps Inc., a leading provider of all-encompassing storage-based solutions, applications and appliances, today introduced SANLink, the world's first comprehensive packaged product to deliver the full business value of increasingly important SAN technology.

SANLink is a comprehensive, packaged storage solution that includes a full year of 24/7 service.

"The complexity and mission-critical nature of customer storage environments demand a solution that's far more than shrink-wrapped software on a CD-ROM," Petrozzo said. "There are some vendors who drop the software and hardware off and let the customer do the integration. That just doesn't work and certainly only causes customer frustration," he said. The StorageApps service model ensures customers aren't left alone to implement a storage management solution.

SANLink creates a storage-management layer in a company's infrastructure that enables operating system and storage device independence as well as virtually unlimited scalability. Among its many features, SANLink provides Data Mirroring, Point-In-Time Image, Virtualization and Security. These features enable SANLink to provide true any-to-any interconnection of server and storage elements, creating a virtual "pool" of storage that makes it far easier to store, share and manage information. SANLink is compatible with almost any network, host and storage infrastructure, including storage subsystems from EMC, Sun, Compaq, IBM and Dell. ...StorageApps company profile

Chaparral Network Storage Signs OEM Agreement With McData Corporation

Longmont, Colo., June 26, 2000 - Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. today announced that it had signed an OEM agreement with McDATA Corporation, a leading Storage Area Network (SAN) company.

McDATA chose Chaparral's Intelligent Storage Router for its high performance, manageability and server-free backup capabilities. McDATA's selection of Chaparral's Intelligent Storage Router is a significant accomplishment for Chaparral's strategy in the OEM market and a strong endorsement of Chaparral's routers.

"Whether you are implementing SANs today to improve application performance, share storage, or share backup resources, you need the ability to easily interconnect heterogeneous storage channels," says Michael Peterson, President of Strategic Research Corp. "McData's integration of the Chaparral SCSI-to-Fibre Channel routers gives their customers a "best-of-class" solution." Chaparral's FS1310 routers will be combined with McDATA's ED-5000 Directors to offer a complete FabricReadyä storage solution to end-users. McDATA has certified Chaparral's Intelligent Storage Routers through McDATA's FabricReady program, which is designed to ensure product interoperability and reliability. During McDATA's testing phase, Chaparral Intelligent Storage Routers performed at twice the speed of other router products and demonstrated their ability to provide reliable connectivity to next generation storage systems.

"McDATA selected Chaparral as an OEM partner because of the combination of price and performance of Chaparral's Intelligent Storage Routers, coupled with the product's advanced, integrated backup applications capabilities," said Mark Stratton, McDATA's director of system integration services. "Chaparral's responsiveness in resolving technical issues during the qualification was the type of commitment that we are looking for in a partnership as we deploy large scale enterprise FabricReady solutions."

The Chaparral FS1310 router provides the high-speed, reliable connection between SCSI and Fibre Channel in mission-critical SAN applications. The FS1310 router offers several options for configuration and management, including Local Area Network (LAN) and in-band and out-of-band management. Chaparral Intelligent Storage Routers also feature an embedded Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows third-party OEMs and integrators to develop their own set of management tools and to easily integrate these tools with Chaparral routers. ...Chaparral Network Storage company profile, ...McDATA company profile

Oak Technology Launches Industry's First and Most Highly Integrated Controller Solution for 16x CD-R/RW Drives

Sunnyvale, Calif. — June 26, 2000 — Oak Technology, Inc., a leading provider of embedded solutions for the optical-storage and digital-imaging markets, today created a new level of performance for recordable/rewritable compact disk (CD-R/RW) controller solutions with the launch of its highly integrated OTI-9795 16x controller for the PC and consumer audio markets.

Offering the industry's fastest 16x write speed with 40x read capability, the OTI-9795 significantly raises the bar on CD-R/RW system performance. Combining the new single chip 16x controller with Oak's OTI-9071 analog front-end processor and a hardware and firmware reference design creates the industry's most fully integrated, flexible and cost effective system solution that improves the OEM's time-to-market.

According to market analyst firm IDC, the CD-R/RW market continues to experience rapid growth, with annual drive shipments estimated to approach 60 million in 2003. Key factors driving this growth include heightened demand for custom audio CDs, proliferation of downloadable music content over the Internet, increased need for storage of digital-camera images, and ongoing cost reductions for both CD-R/RW drives and recordable/rewritable disk media.

The OTI-9795 builds on the strengths of its predecessor, the OTI-9790 8x write/32x read controller, adding substantial improvements in performance and functionality to fulfill the demands driving the market. The OTI-9795's 16x write capability halves the time needed to burn a full CD to approximately 5 minutes, from the 10 minutes needed by current 8x drives. Migration to the new solution can be accomplished quickly and painlessly due to the compatibility of the two controllers' architecture, dramatically improving time-to-market. In addition, the OTI-9795 can accommodate the needs of OEMs requiring a 12x write solution due to its backward compatibility and ease of migration, and with the analog front-end provided by the OTI-9071, delivers a complete system solution for OEMs' next-generation drives. ...Oak Technology company profile, storage glue chips

SBS Technologies And Delphi Engineering Group Enter Partnership Agreement To Market, Sell And Manufacture Fibre Channel HBAs

Albuquerque, NM June 26, 2000 - SBS Technologies, Inc. and Delphi Engineering Group have announced a partnership agreement by which SBS will market, sell and manufacture Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs).

The HBAs for PCI, PCI mezzanine card (PMC) and CompactPCI are based on Delphi's industry-leading real-time Fibre Channel technology. Terms of the agreement are confidential. The new Fibre Channel product line for servers, workstations, and embedded computers in real-time networking and storage area network (SAN) applications are based on Delphi's proprietary high-bandwidth, low-latency firmware and software running on industry-standard QLogic Fibre Channel controller chips. Targeted for the Communications, Military Aerospace, Medical Imaging, Industrial Automation, and Scientific end-user markets, the new Fibre Channel product line has an extensive suite of device drivers and software support for all major operating systems commonly used in those markets including VxWorks, Lynx OS, Windows NT, UNIX, and Sun platforms. A multi-platform source-level application programming interface (API) is also available for embedded and system developers wishing to create custom applications.

The new Fibre Channel product line will be produced and supported out of SBS' St. Paul, Minnesota facility that specializes in high-performance, low-latency connectivity products for embedded computing. "There is excellent synergy between Fibre Channel HBAs, our connectivity product capabilities and the desires of the market. This partnership enables us to significantly broaden our offering of complementary high-speed communications solutions for our customers," said David Greig, Vice President of SBS Technologies Computer Group. ...SBS Technologies company profile

StorageSoft and ICS Agree on Partnership to Distribute Drive Image Management and PC Deployment Software

LOUISVILLE, Colorado, June 22, 2000 - StorageSoft Inc., today announced its partnership with Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS), to distribute ImageCast IC3 to their customers.

ImageCast IC3 is the leading image and deployment management software used for new PC builds, OS migrations, and application installs. ImageCast IC3 is used by corporate IT, PC manufacturers and OEMs worldwide to clone or deploy multiple PCs simultaneously from one central console. ImageCast IC3 reduces the cost to own and manage multiple PCs by offering remote system management, rapid PC deployment and integrated pre and post PC configuration and customization. ImageCast IC3 enables scheduling capabilities for automated tasks to allow for application installs and image deployment to occur when convenient, without user interruption. Automated tasks can be scheduled for an entire network and restored to any networked PC in minutes instead of hours.

"ICS recognizes the value imaging software brings to hard drive duplication customers. By integrating ImageCast IC3 into ICS' suite of offerings, ICS has upgraded to the most comprehensive image management and deployment software product on the market today," said Gonen Ravid, CEO of Intelligent Computer Solutions. "StorageSoft's ImageCast IC3, along with the ICS Image MASSter line of hardware products offers a complete array of imaging options for all levels of customers." ...StorageSoft company profile

Rambus validates NEC's RDRAM

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- June 22, 2000- NEC Corporation and NEC Electronics Inc. have received the first validation issued by Rambus Inc. for a 288 Mb (megabit) Direct Rambus® DRAM (RDRAM) device.

The validation was awarded to NEC's µPD488588 288 Mb direct RDRAM product and can be viewed at . NEC's 18-bit data path 288 Mb µPD488588 provides ECC and interleaved device mode (IDM) functions, and is available in Rambus inline memory modules (RIMM™) that mount 4-16 devices in densities ranging from 144 MB to 576 MB.

The device utilizes a tape FBGA (µBGA) package as used with the 128 Mb RDRAM that is now in volume production. With 512K word x 18-bit x 32-bank organization, the device provides 4-bank interleave operation, enabling banks to be switched-even during processing-and achieving a maximum data transfer rate of 1.6 GB (gigabytes) per second at a data transfer frequency of 400 MHz. Each bank provides a page size of 2 KB. The validation by Rambus puts NEC on schedule to have engineering samples by the end of July and customer samples by mid August. ...NEC company profile, rethinking RAM

VERITAS® Software Provides Alternative to Expensive Hardware Controllers in HP Kayak PC Workstations

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 21, 2000 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced that Hewlett-Packard Company will be the first vendor to bundle VERITAS VxCACHE, a specialized software solution designed to improve disk I/O performance, in its dual-processor HP Kayak XU800 PC Workstations.

Seamlessly integrating into either the Windows 2000 LDM (logical disk manager), which is based on VERITAS Volume Manager™ technology, or standard Windows NT 4.0 Disk Administrator, VERITAS VxCACHE extends the abilities of the standard disk-management tools and provides cache-accelerated RAID-0 at no additional cost to the customer. HP will ship VxCACHE under its FastDISK™ branding, offering customers improved performance at better prices within the Windows NT workstation market.

"VERITAS VxCACHE provides to HP a highly integrated price-performance solution, which in turn, benefits the customer who can now avoid paying for costly high-end hardware disk controllers for software enhancement," said Howard Dratler, vice president and general manager, HP Division, VERITAS Software. "HP's market-leading position in the NT-workstation segment offers VERITAS Software the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that VERITAS VxCACHE eliminates the need for proprietary hardware solutions; our solution also seamlessly integrates with the Windows 2000 LDM."

VERITAS VxCACHE delivers substantial performance gains to the high-end Windows workstation environment by optimizing disk head movement during system I/O. Particularly well-suited to high-end workstation applications that require fast sequential access to read and write large files, VERITAS VxCACHE minimizes disk head movement (a primary bottleneck in overall system I/O performance) to accelerate data access speed. VERITAS VxCACHE provides this performance boost as a pure software solution, completely eliminating the need to implement a costly and difficult-to-manage hardware solution to achieve similar results. ...VERITAS company profile

INRANGE Technologies Named to EMC's E-Infostructure Interoperability Program

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, JUNE 21, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has joined EMC Corporation's expanded E-Infostructure Interoperability Program.

The program formalizes certification efforts of both organizations, who have been working together since 1993 when INRANGE first extended EMC's SRDF disk-mirroring system over standard telecommunication lines. Today's announcement includes the EMC Symmetrix Storage System offering and the INRANGE IN-VSN Family of Virtual Storage Networking offerings. As part of the expanded interoperability program, EMC has opened an enlarged "E-Lab" interoperability testing facility, which strengthens EMC's ability to perform exhaustive stress tests of all Enterprise Storage Networking (ESN) components. INRANGE is one of 13 vendors with product offerings qualified under the expanded E- Infostructure program.

INRANGE maintains its own testing facility and program, the INRANGE Interoperability Initiative (I3), which has been providing SAN component testing and verification on S390 and open systems platforms for nearly a decade. The I3 facility supports implementation programs for INRANGE's IN-VSN family of virtual storage networking solutions, which lays the infrastructure for building large-scale storage networks locally that can be extended globally. ...INRANGE company profile

M-Systems Unveils Diskonchip® Dimm2000 Flash Disk Designed for Cost-Effective Use in Low-Profile Applications

FREMONT, Calif., June 20, 2000 - M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. today announced the release of the new DiskOnChip® DIMM2000.

Complementing the existing DiskOnChip product line, the DiskOnChip DIMM2000 is a 16 to 256 MB flash disk that is less than 4mm thick. Its standard 144-pin DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) configuration allows it to be placed inexpensively within applications that require local storage with a low profile. DiskOnChip DIMM2000 is the newest member of the DiskOnChip family of flash disks, which includes DiskOnChip 2000 and DiskOnChip Millennium, available in 32-pin DIP and TSOP packages.

"With our new DiskOnChip DIMM2000, we are responding to the needs of the market," said Yigal Ben-Zeev, DiskOnChip product line director, M-Systems Ltd. "This new configuration allows product developers to integrate DiskOnChip technology into the thinnest of designs with a standard cost-effective low profile socket. This enables customers to keep their costs low while enjoying all of the benefits of our proven TrueFFS technology with its ease of design." ...M-Systems company profile, SSDs on a chip

Storage Networking Leaders Collaborate on New File-Access Protocol

Sunnyvale, CA - June 20, 2000 -- Network Appliance, Inc. announced today that it is working with Intel Corporation and Seagate Technology on a new protocol for direct, memory-to-memory file access that will dramatically enhance the performance of Internet, collaborative, e-commerce, and database applications.

The protocol, called Direct Access File System (DAFS), is designed to enable a new generation of high-performance, low-latency storage networks. DAFS establishes new levels of scalability and functionality, as well as the ease of use demanded by today's 24x7 computing environments.

High-performance, scalable storage infrastructures that provide low total cost of ownership and cost-effective data management are a primary computing concern. End-to-end Internet content delivery is increasingly vital to businesses and consumers alike. The DAFS technology vision is to employ intelligent storage appliances based on open standards to deliver enterprise-class functionality and features required by time- and mission-critical applications- at a fraction of the cost of traditional, proprietary mainframe and data center clustering technologies. ...Network Appliance company profile

XIOtech Announces Reseller Agreement with Integrated Mass Storage Systems to Expand Presence in U.S. Government Markets

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., June 20, 2000 -- XIOtech® Corporation, today announced that Integrated Mass Storage Systems (IMS Systems) is now a certified reseller of XIOtech's enterprise storage products.

Through IMS Systems, XIOtech's MAGNITUDE(tm) SAN is now listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule for the first time, which will enable XIOtech to expand its presence in the government sector.

One of XIOtech's business objectives is to more than quadruple sales of its SAN solutions to local, state and federal government accounts over the next two years. Under the terms of the reseller agreement, IMS Systems will sell the MAGNITUDE and REDI software family to both the federal government and commercial IT markets. IMS has nearly ten years of experience in providing storage solutions, now including new technologies such as SAN, NAS and Information Continuance products to these important markets. Value-added services such as complete design, integration, training and support of the XIOtech products will also be available directly through IMS Systems. ...XIOtech company profile, ...IMS Systems company profile

Livevault Corp. Secures $17 Million in Equity Financing

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.-June 20, 2000- LiveVault Corp. today announced that it has secured $17million in equity financing from several new strategic partners, including Dell Ventures, Iron Mountain Inc. and, Inc.

The investment will support the launch of LiveVault services that provide continuous data protection for servers and database applications over secure Internet and private IP connections. The new participants in the round join several existing corporate investors, including ADIC, Comdisco, and Sumitomo. Iron Mountain, the lead investor in the round, is an international full-service provider of records and information management services and plans to offer continuous Internet-based data protection services through its Arcus Data Security Division. In addition to Iron Mountain, both Dell Ventures and are participating in the round as new investors. Dell, a world leader in Internet commerce and a leading provider of products and services for the Internet infrastructure, will also be the provider of Internet servers and primary storage for LiveVault's Internet backup services., a leading provider of digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet solutions, will provide private network and Internet backup services to its small business customers nationwide, and broadband Internet connectivity to LiveVault and Iron Mountain customers.

"With this investment round, LiveVault Corp. is taking real-time server backup to the Internet," said John Butler, LiveVault CEO. "We have the technology, the business partners, and distribution channels to become the leader in Internet-delivered server data protection services." ...LiveVault company profile

IBM Triples Capacity of World's Smallest Hard Disk Drive

SAN JOSE, CA. . .June 20, 2000. . . IBM is tripling the capacity -- but not the size -- of the world's smallest hard disk drive, paving the way for a new generation of "go-anywhere" pervasive-computing devices and applications.

Packing one gigabyte (GB) of data storage capacity on to a disk the size of an American quarter, IBM's newest Microdrive can hold up to 1,000 high-resolution photographs, a thousand 200-page novels or nearly 18 hours of high-quality digital audio music.

Underscoring the dramatic pace of development in the storage industry, IBM introduced the world's first gigabyte-capacity disk drive, the 3380, in 1980. It was the size of a refrigerator, weighed 550 pounds (about 250 kg) and cost $40,000. The Microdrive announced today is smaller than a matchbook, weighs less than an ounce and will be available for less than $500.

Free Retrospect Exchange Backup Agent Protects Live Microsoft Exchange Servers

ORINDA, CA--June 19, 2000 - Dantz Development Corporation announced today Retrospect® Exchange Agent, a new software application that performs unattended backups of critical Microsoft Exchange Servers required to operate on a 24/7 schedule.

Unlike other Exchange backup agents, the Retrospect Exchange Agent operates as a stand-alone backup application and peacefully coexists with other backup software, including VERITAS Backup Exec and Computer Associates ARCserveIT.

"Exchange administrators are no longer locked into expensive, proprietary backup solutions. Retrospect Exchange Agent provides complete protection for Exchange databases at no cost," commented Craig Isaacs, Dantz vice president of sales and marketing. "Our solution can save organizations hundreds of dollars for each Exchange server deployed, regardless of backup software choice."

Dantz is making the Retrospect Exchange Agent available for free to publicize the outstanding line of Retrospect Backup products, including Retrospect Workgroup Backup and Retrospect Server Backup. The software is available immediately from ...Dantz company profile

Plextor® Accelerates CD-Rewriting with 12/10/32A CD-RW Disk Drive

SANTA CLARA, CA, June 19, 2000 -- Plextor Corp., today announced the immediate availability of the PlexWriter 12/10/32A internal CD-ReWritable drive.

The PlexWriter 12/10/32A, which features 12X write, 10X rewrite, and 32X max playback speeds, is the fastest CD-RW device available on the market today. The 10X-rewrite speed leaps over conventional 2X and 4X CD-RW speeds, enabling end users to rewrite an entire 650MB CD-RW in just over seven minutes.

The PlexWriter 12/10/32A is also the first Plextor CD-ReWritable drive to feature BURN- Proof™ technology, which prevents buffer underrun write errors from occurring when data flow to the drive is interrupted during the recording process. The drive stops recording whenever these errors occur, and resumes recording the next frame immediately after the last recorded frame, once the buffer gets filled. This not only reduces the need for internal buffer memory, but it also enables end users to run other software applications while they record CDs. ...Plextor company profile

Software Enhancement to LSC's QFS File System Software Enables Cost-Saving SAN Solution

June 19, 2000, St. Paul, Minnesota… A new enhancement to LSC's QFS file system software enables multiple Solaris (UNIX) system file servers to share the same data on the same disk drives, was announced by LSC, Incorporated today.

St. Paul based LSC is a provider of enterprise data storage software. "The advantage of the Shared Readers/Single Writer functionality is that the same physical file system can be configured and mounted directly on multiple Solaris systems simultaneously to enable true file sharing in a SAN environment," according to Ernst M. Mutke, director of product and field marketing.

With the Shared Readers/Single Writer enhancement, one system can mount the file system as a Reader/Writer and all other remaining system servers can mount the same file system as readers. This improves work load-balancing and avoids bottlenecks -- especially for demanding internet applications. In a system failure, the file system can be re-mounted on any of the Reader systems as a Reader/Writer. QFS automatically updates the metadata (or inodes) and disk blocks when a file is closed. Once the inode and file blocks have been written to the physical disk (synced), the Readers can access the file locally to take full advantage of the Fibre Channel or SAN network.

QFS, LSC's high-performance, fast recovery file system was designed to maximize the performance of the file system in conjunction with the underlying disk technology and hardware. QFS provides the benefits of raw disk speed with the administrative ease of a file system. It can be implemented as a stand-alone file management system, or integrated with LSC's core storage management product, SAM-FS, for a complete online, near-line, and offline storage management configuration. LSC's data storage software products also enable computer servers to communicate directly or in clusters with a variety of high speed fibre channel attached peripheral devices -- disk, tape and optical drives -- and in a variety of environments, including SAN and network attached storage (NAS). The software license fee for QFS starts at $12,500. (Prices are determined the class of server used.) ...LSC company profile

SAN DataDirector SAN Appliance Supplies High-Bandwidth Capability to Streaming Media Companies Utilizing Mixed Operating System Environments

South Plainfield, NJ, June 19, 2000 - CrosStor Software, Inc. today announced CrosStor SAN, OEM software that brings multi-protocol filer capability to storage area networks (SANs).

CrosStor SAN allows OEMs to develop storage appliance solutions that merge the performance superiority of SANs with the convenience and simplicity of NAS file sharing. CrosStor SAN delivers enterprise-class functionality—secure Microsoft and UNIX data-sharing, high availability and advanced volume and storage management features—within a software architecture that runs on standard hardware. With CrosStor SAN, OEMs can create consolidated, IP- and Fibre Channel-based storage solutions that leverage the best of NAS and SAN technologies. CrosStor SAN is an extension of CrosStor NAS, the storage industry's only storage-centric NAS operating system for OEMs. "SANs have been successful in centralizing and managing high-speed data storage operations at the disk level but have no concept of a file system or file sharing," explained Gordon Harris, CrosStor's CTO and Vice President of Development. "Bringing CrosStor NAS into the SAN meets this challenge and gives our OEMs the flexibility of creating NAS, SAN and combined storage solutions on a common code base."

OEMs implement CrosStor SAN on top of CrosStor NAS appliance platforms, using CrosStor SAN Controller and server agent software. CrosStor SAN Controller appliances connect directly to the SAN, coordinate disk access to shared files, manage access for Microsoft (CIFS) and UNIX (NFS) file sharing protocols, and perform SAN administration functions. CrosStor SAN Controller software includes an easy-to-use, point-and-click resource manager to configure SAN disk access, to add more storage, and to work with or without existing zoning fabrics. "CrosStor SAN Controller software provides a straightforward, single point of management control for SAN files and resources," added Harris. CrosStor SAN delivers the performance required for mission-critical, enterprise storage through a distributed architecture designed to move data as fast as possible over the Fibre Channel protocol (FCP). SAN-connected servers run lightweight CrosStor SAN Agent software, which communicates with CrosStor SAN Controller software to coordinate access to files. After minimal message exchange, servers access and write data directly to and from SAN disks at maximum (SAN) speeds. "Network storage consolidation needs the intelligence of NAS and the speed delivered by SAN," Harris stated. "The distributed CrosStor SAN Controller/SAN Agent architecture accomplishes both through a solution that does not decrease or bottleneck SAN performance for the sake of file sharing." ...CrosStor company profile

Advanced Computer & Network Corporation receives Red Hat Linux certification for the JetStor II-LVD(tm) RAID array.

PITTSBURGH, PA - June 19, 2000 - Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) today announced that it has received Red Hat Linux 6.2 certification and is now included on Red Hat's Hardware Compatibility List for RAID storage systems.

Red Hat's Hardware Compatibility program provides customers with assurances of compatibility and integration when deploying Red Hat Linux operating environment.

"We are very excited to be the very first company in the 'storage' category to get the JetStor II-LVD RAID certified with Red Hat Linux 6.2," said Gene Leyzarovich, President of Advanced Computer & Network Corporation. "This certification is an important step in our continuing effort to support the growing Linux market and open-source community."

To achieve "Red Hat Ready" status, hardware peripherals and systems undergo a rigorous compatibility testing process performed by highly trained Red Hat Technicians. Successful systems and peripherals are deemed "Red Hat Ready" and earn the right to use the Red Hat Ready logo, the only official symbol of Red Hat Linux hardware compatibility. When a product displays this logo, customers are assured of its compatibility with Red Hat Linux and can make more confident buying decisions. The hardware certification list can be accessed via the following URL: . ...AC&NC company profile

new VP at Dataram

Princeton, NJ—June 19, 2000—Dataram Corporation today appointed Mark Bresky to the newly created position of Vice President of Information Technology.

Mr. Bresky was most recently the company's Director of Information Technology and has played a key role in the development and strategic I.T. planning for Dataram over the past eight years. As Vice-President of Information Technology, Mr. Bresky will be responsible for overseeing and implementing the main thrust of Dataram's corporate business plan for Fiscal Year 2001. This will entail upgrading Dataram's corporate wide business applications by selecting and installing a new Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). Paramount to a fast growing business, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications enable companies to become more efficient and expedient because they integrate the entire company with a single application. ...Dataram company profile

Eurologic Systems Takes The Lead In Network Storage Capacity, Scalability, And Price/Performance Through Integration Of Seagate's Cheetah 73GB Disc Drives

BOXBOROUGH, MA, June 15, 2000 - Eurologic Systems today announced that its network storage systems are now available with Seagate Technology's new 73-Gigabyte disc drive, the Cheetah

Because of the enormous capacity of the Cheetah 73, Eurologic will be able to offer its customers the ability to achieve storage capacities of 584 Gbytes within a single shelf.

"As enterprises generate and store ever more data, and as instantaneous, round-the-clock access to that data becomes critical to business success, the ability to quickly and cost-effectively acquire and scale up capacity is essential," said Paul Marnane, Product Marketing Manager for Eurologic. The drives are currently shipping as an option in Eurologic's XL500 SCSI and Voyager SCSI Enhanced network storage systems, and will be available in the XL600 SCSI and XL500 Fibre, systems by July of this year. ...Eurologic Systems company profile, Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market

IDC report says IBM is #1 Provider of Storage Services

SOMERS, N.Y., June 15, 2000 -- IBM is the storage industry's services revenue leader in the fast-growing SAN and storage services marketplace, according to an industry analysis report by IDC, a Framingham, Mass. based research firm.

IBM generated over $3.6 billion in services revenue worldwide in 1999, while Hewlett-Packard was a distant second with $1 billion, followed by Compaq, $825 million; StorageTek, $719 million; EMC, $350 million; and Sun Microsystems at $150 million in worldwide revenues.

"We believe that IBM is in a particularly strong position to expand its storage services business," concluded the report, which forecast worldwide storage services spending to jump from $21 billion in 1999 to more than $40 billion in 2003. "...As storage becomes more critical to its customers and the choices pertaining to storage become more complex, IBM is beginning to market its storage services more proactively, especially in the SAN space." The IDC Report, titled "Storage Services: An Analysis of Market Opportunities and the Competitive Landscape," identified SANs as a key driver in the storage services market, and also predicted storage consulting to grow at 32.6 percent annually between 1999-2003, compared with the overall market rate of 19 percent annual growth. The IDC report repeatedly cited IBM's new "SAN focus" which "...has created a new opportunity for providing consulting, implementation, and management services pertaining to storage and has raised the visibility of these services overall."
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Dataquest Ranks Emulex Number One in Worldwide Supplier Revenue for Fibre Channel Host Adapters

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 14, 2000 - Emulex Corporation, the world's largest independent supplier of fibre channel host adapters, announced today that a recent report by Dataquest, a Gartner Group Company, confirmed Emulex as the leader in overall Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) revenue.

In its report titled "Fibre Channel SAN Components: Rapid Growth Transition in 1999", Dataquest ranked Emulex first in worldwide supplier revenues, at 30% of the total market for fibre channel host bus adapters in calendar year 1999, nearly double its closest competitor. In addition, Dataquest ranks Emulex second in overall FC SAN component revenue, closely following Brocade Corporation.

"Emulex was one of the early leaders in Fibre Channel HBA's," said James Opfer, Dataquest analyst and author of the report. "Their current revenue leadership reflects their strong position in the market for PCI-based host adapters deployed in high end storage area networks. In addition, strong partnerships with many of the other SAN players should help Emulex to maintain a leadership position," he added.

Vixel Announces Support for Sun Microsystems' Effort to Drive MultiVendor Switch Interoperability

Bothell, WA, June 14, 2000 - Vixel Corporation today announced its support for Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s multi-vendor switch interoperability initiative in storage area networks (SANs).

Increasing interoperability among multiple vendors is part of Sun's Storage for the New Net Economy strategy, which includes an integrated focus on new products, services and programs to deliver the highest quality end-to-end storage solutions to customers.

"Encouraging interoperability among switch vendors is an important element of Sun's network storage strategy, and Vixel's established leadership in the SAN market makes the company a welcome participant in our effort to increase interoperability," said Janpieter Scheerder, president, Sun Network Storage. "Interoperability issues must be addressed before SANs can reach their full potential and before adoption can flourish."

Sun Redefines Storage for the Net Economy

PALO ALTO, CA - June 14, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today continued its drive for market share in the rapidly growing $30 billion plus network storage market.

Armed with open, network-based and massively scalable servers in the mid 1990s, Sun attacked the traditional mainframe market. Sun is now poised to address the same customer frustrations and technology limitations with an innovative, new approach to storage. Today, Sun unveiled a host of new systems, sophisticated local and remote data protection software, a full suite of customer care services and support programs, and a number of key storage partner programs and open standards endorsements. Sun's new approach has three basic components:
  • a breakthrough modular building block disk storage system, the Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 array; about the size of a desktop PC, it can store up to one-third of a terabyte. A single building block delivers the industry's most scalable storage solution - for entry-level workgroup to high-end enterprise requirements and everything in between. The Sun StorEdge T3 array has a "no single point of failure design. When configured as a pair, every component is redundant, making the T3 extremely reliable and dramatically increasing data availability. By simply stacking the building blocks, the solution scales from 324 gigabytes to 88 terabytes. With each incremental pair of Sun StorEdge T3 array's, you get more capacity, improved availability and greater performance. In typical configurations Sun claims that the Sun StorEdge T3 array is one-half to one-third the price of an equally configured EMC system.
  • data protection software that allows companies to manage their data from any location on multivendor arrays;
  • a full suite of storage-specific services aimed at ensuring total data integrity, ranging from 24x7 predictive monitoring and preemptive response to capacity planning, performance tuning and architecture/prototype/implementation consulting.

"IDC estimates that the disk storage systems market will reach $46 billion by 2003, up more than $16 billion from 1999," said John McArthur, Vice President of Storage Research at IDC. "Today's announcement represents a significant enhancement to Sun's Networked Storage vision. As one of the leading suppliers of enterprise servers with a renewed focus on storage, Sun is increasingly well positioned to compete for networked storage opportunities."

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ECCS Introduces SANStar, the Only Network Storage Engine that Unifies NAS and SAN Networks

Tinton Falls, NJ - June 13, 2000 - ECCS, Inc. today introduced SANStar™, the only network storage engine that unifies disparate data- including Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) - for full, secure, file-aware storage, delivering continuous access to shared data files and programs.

The SANStar storage engine, which will debut at the NETWORK STORAGE 2000 conference June 19-21, 2000, in Monterey, CA, alleviates data storage problems that have blocked organizations' full access to information and that have increased system costs.

The SANStar architecture gives users access to the data and files stored throughout their networks because it operates within different networks, including SAN and NAS, as well as Direct Attached Storage (DAS), and works within numerous environments, like Windows NT, UNIX and Linux, all at the same time. While SANStar provides centralized control and maintenance, it also locates and delivers - for the first time - individual files of information over networks to any remote or central console, computer or thin client. SANStar achieves maximum performance because it separates information processing from data and utilizes fiber channel speeds.

Cisco & Brocade Enter Joint Technology Agreement to Interconnect Storage Area Networks Over IP-Based Metropolitan & Wide Area Networks

June 13 2000 - SAN JOSE, Calif. Cisco Systems Inc. and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. announced today a multi-phased technology development agreement that will enable customers to seamlessly interconnect SANs over Internet protocol (IP)-based metropolitan and wide area network infrastructures.

The Cisco/BROCADE agreement will facilitate the interconnection of islands of SANs over IP-based metropolitan area network (MAN) and wide area network (WAN) infrastructures. It will enable the deployment of high-performance SANs spanning multiple remote physical locations and make possible new types of SAN applications that previously could not be implemented over long distances, including disaster recovery, remote data replication, remote data backup, and digital content distribution.

In the first phase of the multi-phase technology agreement, the two companies will jointly develop a Fibre Channel interface for Cisco's Catalyst 6000 family of high-performance multilayer switches. In addition, BROCADE and Cisco will certify the interoperability between BROCADE SilkWorm Fibre Channel fabric switches with Cisco dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) products, which will enable SAN-to-SAN connectivity over high-speed fiber optic MANs. Cisco and BROCADE have also agreed to develop additional switch-to-switch connection products in the future to further expand customers' options for connecting BROCADE Fibre Channel-based SANs across Cisco networking infrastructures, supporting a variety of high-speed network interfaces. All products resulting from this agreement will be compliant with ANSI T11 standards.

"More and more of our traditional enterprise customers are realizing the tremendous advantages afforded by adopting e-business strategies—a business model that dramatically increases their need to store, protect and quickly access vast amounts of electronic data," said James Richardson, senior vice president of Cisco's Enterprise Line of Business. "Our open, standards-based model has allowed us to extend the Cisco end-to-end networking reach to SANs, which in turn provides our customers with both investment protection and agility to quickly deploy emerging network business solutions. An example of this ability, the results of our relationship with BROCADE will enable our mutual customers to optimize their existing IP-based networking infrastructure to interconnect high performance, Fibre Channel-based SANs across the enterprise."

Chaparral Signs Commercial Distribution Agreement With Tech Data

Longmont, Colo., June 13, 2000 - Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. announced today a distribution agreement with Tech Data Corporation.

Chaparral's G-Series and K-Series external RAID controllers and FS1110 and FS1310 Intelligent Storage Routers will be incorporated into Tech Data's extensive line of Storage Area Network (SAN) components and storage solutions. Tech Data Corporation and its subsidiaries serve more than 100,000 technology resellers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

CrosStor Releases New SAN Solution

STREAMING MEDIA EAST [Booth 223] – June 13, 2000 – Delivering a competitive advantage to streaming media providers, DataDirect Networks, Inc. will demonstrate a high bandwidth SAN that allows multiple host systems, regardless of operating system, access to shared data storage resources.

The heterogeneous platform support is one of the many benefits of using DataDirect Networks' revolutionary SAN DataDirector™, the world's first SAN appliance, an intelligent, self-contained SAN (storage area network) infrastructure device that incorporates all the key functionality of current SANs into a single integrated, reliable, plug and play appliance. Using this advanced appliance approach, the SAN DataDirector SAN appliance makes it easier to build and manage a SAN, bringing a wide range of next generation features to SANs including a rock solid infrastructure that delivers unmatched Quality of Service (QoS), high bandwidth performance, sharable and scalable resources, and fortress-like security.

Windows NT and Windows 2000 present specific challenges to IT professionals tasked with designing multiple operating system SANs. In first generation SANs using both Windows NT and Unix, many data center administrators have found that duplicating hardware and creating separate storage entities for NT and non-NT systems is the only strategy. The SAN DataDirector SAN appliance brings the benefits of storage virtualization, storage pooling and powerful LUN management to the SAN, enabling resource sharing among multiple NT, Linux and Unix systems.

Exabyte Announces OEM Agreement with Land-5

BOULDER, Colo., June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Exabyte Corporation today announced that LAND-5 will feature Mammoth-2 (M2(TM)) tape drives and libraries as its preferred backup technology with the icebox(TM), InstaNAS(TM), UltraPod(TM) and iCEbox(TM) StoragePod(TM) Plus universal Network Attached Storage (NAS) products.

The Linux storage provider chose M2 for having the highest transfer rate on the market, excellent storage capacity and its early adoption of Fibre Channel into its M2 tape drives.

Scalable to more than ten terabytes of Fibre Channel RAID storage, LAND-5's NAS products offer a range of highly reliable storage solutions for workgroups, departments and small enterprises. Transparent file access for Windows NT, UNIX and Linux clients is supported by a powerful thin server with optimized Linux software and a Web browser interface.

Gadzoox® Networks Introduces Axxess Product Line, a Networked Storage Pool Solution for Open Systems

SAN JOSE — June 12, 2000 — Gadzoox® Networks, Inc., a leading provider of SAN (storage area network) products, today introduced Axxess™, a new family of products for Networked Storage Pools™ that brings different vendors' storage systems together in a single, scalable, cost-effective storage resource.

With Axxess, it is now practical to mix different vendor's storage into one manageable Networked Storage Pool. Axxess consists of three key elements: the modular, high-performance Capellix modular SAN Fibre Channel switch; an Axxess Engine, the enterprise hardware base with high-performance cache with DataCore's storage pooling software; and a Connection Kit, which includes the Fibre Channel interface cards and connection software.

The Axxess solution provides the ability to allocate storage resources connected to the SAN to any server on an as-needed basis, thus utilizing storage more efficiently. Due to the increased ease of storage allocation and backup, most data centers will find they can manage more storage per person, resulting in lower total storage cost. Axxess also applies the high data transfer speeds afforded by the Fibre Channel SAN along with cache built into the storage pool to provide very rapid access and high performance. Backup is simpler and more efficient due to Fibre Channel's 100 MB/second speeds, and because each environment in the pool of storage is backed up, rather than separately, at the device level.

Networked Storage Pooling Network providers are moving to storage pooling to consolidate storage in an open architecture that is vendor interoperable, not dependent on a single vendor nor restricted to one operating system. NSP virtualizes storage into logical volumes that are allocated to servers, with no need for physical reconfiguration or downtime. Thus, different vendors and operating systems can be consolidated into a single, logical view. Benefits include: Reduced costs through efficient utilization of storage resources. Management cost is also reduced by providing tools for storage administration to be more efficient. High availability storage can now be placed in a non-proprietary, standards-based architecture that places mirrored data into redundant network configurations. Backup is simplified by consolidating the process by backing up the pool instead of each device individually. The addition of snapshot further enhances backup by reducing the window of time required to perform backups to just a few moments instead of hours. Performance is enabled by using large amounts of cache combined with load balancing to get the most from storage investments.

3ware's Escalade Exceeds 100 MB/s Performance, Establishing New ATA RAID Controller Record

PALO ALTO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) - June 12, 2000 - 3ware, designers of the most scalable ATA RAID controllers, unveiled a breakthrough performance of its new Escalade(TM) 3W-6400 controller, the world's first ATA RAID board to achieve sustained streaming reads of 101 MB/s and writes of 85 MB/s.

In independent tests, Escalade's record-breaking performance exceeded published numbers for Ultra SCSI 3 on 32-bit PCI busses. The test environment used the 3W-6400 PCI RAID controller connected to four internal ATA66 Quantum Fireball Plus LM drives in a 533 MHz Pentium III system. The independent testing environment proves that the combination of a 3ware controller and ATA (also known as IDE) drives meets and even exceeds a typical SCSI subsystem in several areas: sequential read performance, sequential write performance, mirrored performance, cost per MB of storage and cost per access. These tests also demonstrate the high-performance and compatibility of ATA RAID controllers with the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.

"3ware's new Escalade controller performed extremely well in our test environment," said Jim Gray, director of Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center. "We were pleased to see an ATA RAID board exceed speeds we have seen with SCSI controllers." Microsoft and 3ware conducted the series of tests using Microsoft Windows 2000 and 3ware's new controllers, extending the performance evaluations conducted in 1997 with earlier generation software and hardware

MicroNet Announces RAIDbank® 2000

Irvine, Calif., June 8, 2000 - MicroNet Technology, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation today announced RAIDbank 2000, a high-performance, platform-independent 0/1/3/5/0+1 RAID solution.

Although RAIDbank 2000 is a sophisticated, powerful, and easy-to-manage RAID system, it offers the lowest price per gigabyte of any MicroNet RAID solution. RAIDbank 2000 is scalable and houses up to 10 high performance SCA hard drive modules ranging in capacity from 18 to 36GB each for a total capacity up to 360GB per unit. The RAIDbank 2000 base unit comes standard with 3 hard drive modules that are each 18 or 36GBs in capacity. Additional drive modules can be purchased initially, or as data storage needs increase. Each drive bay features a locking mechanism for increased security. The system features a high-performance Ultra2 SCSI RAID controller capable of achieving transfer rates up to 80 MB/sec.

Designed to provide exceptional resilience and fault tolerance, the RAIDbank 2000 RAID controller supports RAID levels 0/1/3/5/0+1 to meet any application requirement. RAIDbank 2000 supports an online "hot spare" capability for drive rebuilds without user intervention as well as the ability to interchange or "hot swap" drive modules while the system is active. Redundant hot swappable fans and load-sharing power supplies ensure data reliability in case of a power supply failure or changes in the safe operating environment. If a drive or other redundant component should fail, audible alarms will sound and visual indicators will direct the user to the troubled component.

RAIDbank 2000 can be managed in three ways. A comprehensive and user friendly host-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is included for use in DEC Alpha, DOS, Linux, NetWare, Novell, SCO Unix, Sun Solaris, UnixWare 7, Windows NT and Windows 95/98 environments. The system can also be managed through the terminal utility via a serial interface allowing seamless interaction with the system without the use of a dedicated application or workstation for complete platform independence. Lastly, the RAIDbank 2000 LCD panel at the top of the unit provides quick and easy system management to configure, administer, and monitor the array's performance.

"RAIDbank 2000 delivers a high level of RAID 5 performance and complete flexibility at an extremely affordable price. When compared to similar RAID products, RAIDbank 2000 competes head to head from a feature/benefit standpoint and even prices out at a few hundred dollars less," said Christine Kunkle, MicroNet RAIDbank 2000 product manager. RAIDbank 2000 is backed by MicroNet's 24 hour, 7-day a week Help Desk service technicians. MicroNet's experienced support team is trained in all major operating systems and platforms and can be reached via a hotline number where the problem will be evaluated and the course of action determined. RAIDbank 2000 will begin shipping in volume in June 2000 and will be available from qualified resellers and VARs. The SRP of RAIDbank 2000 with three 18GB drives starts at $6,030 and ranges to $16,530 when housed with ten 36GB drives. Additional drive modules are $645 for an 18GB drive and $1,225 for a 36GB drive.

Spectra Logic Announces SANTAPE™ Fibre Channel Interface Enclosure For Stand Alone Tape Drives

BOULDER, Colo., June 7, 2000 - Spectra Logic Corp. announced today the availability of SANtapeTM, a Storage Area Network (SAN)-ready Fibre Channel interface and enclosure for stand-alone tape drives.

Spectra Logic's SANtape enables companies to utilize existing tape products in Fibre Channel environments. Fibre Channel connectivity improves cabling distances, scalability and manageability in multiple server environments.

"Very few tape technologies are offering a native Fibre Channel interface," said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic. "Many are in development, but not ready today. SANtape is a welcome solution in datacenters that have invested in specific drive technologies but need the enhanced connectivity of Fibre Channel today."

Two models of the SANtape are now available. The SANtape 100 offers a low-profile enclosure for a single 3 ½" half-height tape drive. Current supported tape devices are Sony Electronics' AIT-1 and AIT-2 as well as several popular 4mm DDS products. Without a tape drive, SANtape carries a suggested retail price of $1,595 (US). Spectra Logic offers the SANtape 100 with a single AIT-2 tape drive at a list price of $5,995 (US).

The SANtape 200 consists of a larger 5 ¼" full height enclosure which is capable of supporting either one full height tape drive or autoloader, or two half-height tape drives. SANtape 200 has been designed so that integrators and OEMs can simply drop in a tape drive, attaching only SCSI and power connectors to the drive. SANtape was designed to support current and future generations of Sony Electronics' AIT along with other drive technologies such as DLT, LTO, Benchmark, Ecrix, Exabyte and several popular DDS tape drives. Without a tape drive, it carries a suggested retail price of $1,795 (US).

StorageTek Announces The Horizon Library Management System For Resource-Sharing and Remote Library Monitoring

LOUISVILLE, Colo., June 7, 2000 - StorageTek™ today announced the StorageTek Horizon Library™ Management System, a family of software products that delivers consistent and independent management and monitoring capabilities to direct-attached and storage area network (SAN)-attached open systems tape libraries.

The Horizon Library Management System offers strong resource-saving monitoring and management tools that integrate with network management and provides true scalability, low cost-of-ownership and high-level manageability for SCSI-based tape libraries.

By combining software management tools with independent software vendor (ISV) storage and systems management framework applications, the Horizon Library Management System enables optimal control over automated tape library systems, tape drives and media. The Horizon family includes the Horizon Library Manager, the Horizon Framework Library Monitor and the Horizon L-Series Library Monitor. The Horizon Library Manager is supported by backup applications to enable sharing of tape libraries across multiple heterogeneous servers and ISV applications. The result is an unprecedented level of ease and flexibility in library sharing and significant cost-savings in remotely managed client server tape libraries with or without a SAN.

Horizon Library Manager Horizon Library Manager is the first product to be delivered as an outcome of the StorageTek and VERITAS alliance announced in 1999. The Library Manager uses the widely accepted StorageTek ACS API to centrally manage the robotics of SCSI tape libraries, allowing for seamless sharing of tape libraries between multiple heterogeneous NT and UNIX application servers. This unique capability makes the task of adding servers to a tape library very easy and enables low-cost scaling of the tape library resource. The Library Manager also simplifies the task of migrating from one backup application vendor to another by allowing both applications to share the tape library resource during the migration period.

The Horizon Library Manager uses single-point administration and intuitive, web-based GUIs, allowing for true library control. It runs on Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms, with ports to HP-UX, AIX, WIN2000 and Linux planned for future releases. Other applications also can be hosted on the same platform with Library Manager, saving the customer money by not requiring dedicated computer resources to perform this function. Horizon Framework Library Monitor With Framework Library Monitor, customers can monitor from one location multiple StorageTek SCSI tape libraries from the three major systems management framework environments. All StorageTek TimberWolf" and L-Series libraries can be monitored via Computer Associates Unicenter TNG, HP OpenView Network Node Manager and IBM Tivoli NetView. The Framework Monitor allows users to check the status of a large number of libraries attached to a network via standard SNMP technology. The Framework Monitor product is tightly coupled with these three frameworks and allows existing framework users direct access to detailed library status and information.

Peripheral Concepts to Host Network Storage 2000

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.- (BUSINESS WIRE) - June 7, 2000 Peripheral Concepts to Host Network Storage 2000.

The explosion of e-commerce and e-services has revolutionized the way corporations store and manage data, with profound repercussions on enterprises, vendors and customers. Storage is at the heart of this nascent economy where time-to- market, data accessibility and product scalability are of essence. This business model gave birth to a new guild of service providers who use and redistribute large amounts of storage. Network Storage 2000 will examine this disruptive paradigm and provide attendees useful insight into who buys what from whom; what the issues and the challenges are; how SAN and NAS fulfill storage requirements; and how the concepts of the network appliance and data tone will impact the storage industry. The Network Storage 2000 event, now in its seventh year, will be held in Monterey, Calif., from June 19 to June 21. Network Storage is the industry's premier conference covering storage industry trends and issues. The conference brings together more than 300 leading industry experts, IT professionals, vendors and investors who will discuss issues and consummate deals that shape the future of the storage industry.

Network Storage 2000 will open at 1 p.m. on Monday, June 19, with a keynote address by Janpieter Scheerder, President, Network Storage, Sun Microsystems. On June 21, Michael Ruettgers, President and CEO, EMC Corporation will be the luncheon keynote speaker. On Tuesday afternoon, Network Storage 2000 will host its annual Executive Roundtable assessing the network storage industry.

Hitachi Storage Expert Hu Yoshida Outlines New Storage Paradigm

6th June 2000 - Dataquest StorageTrack 2000 - Speaking at a Gartner Group storage conference being held here this week, data networking expert Hubert Yoshida, Vice President of Data Network Solutions at Hitachi Data Systems, today described for the first time a new network paradigm for e-commerce.

Citing parallels between the historical growth of the telecom industry and the emerging e-commerce industry, Yoshida outlined key issues, including the need for rapid growth management (scalability) and the provision of fast, continuous service for customers, and how switches enable the connectivity for both telephony and e-commerce. To address bottlenecks in scalability and speed posed by current storage architectures, Yoshida proposed a new data storage paradigm in which data is passed through switching networks internal to storage subsystems, as well as through externally attached switching fabrics such as storage area networks (SANs). The configuration he outlined outperforms traditional models by a wide margin.

"Enterprise business solutions require the optimum combination of networking technologies, including SANs, LANs and WANs," said Yoshida. "SANs are only part of a larger network paradigm Hitachi Data Systems calls the Freedom Data Network. This combines the benefits of server and storage networks and provides six to 10 times the performance of traditional Internet protocol LAN configurations."

"With the growing flood of data arriving at subsystem controllers, the shared-bus architecture used in most current storage subsystems will inevitably become a performance bottleneck. A strategic way to meet the continuing demand for scalability is to deploy a network of internal switches that direct the data through many possible paths on its way from the controller to the disk drives," said Yoshida.

As very large-capacity disk drives come to market for future generations of storage subsystems, these disk drives themselves may become bottlenecks to system performance. "Adopting dual-ported Fibre Channel interface technology is the way to get faster back-end performance out of systems using the large disk drives," he said. Yoshida also commented on the Intel-led CPU-to-network connection standards initiative, Infiniband. Infiniband standards, which are now being defined, bring the concept of switching into the processors to replace the shared peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus. Products reflecting these standards will not be available for several years.

"The direction is clearly toward switching for scalability," said Yoshida, "with switching for scalability being driven down from networks, to SANs, to internal controllers and processors. Do you care to guess who will be the first to provide a switched storage controller?" Yoshida closed by stating that no matter who eventually develops the switched storage controller, Hitachi Data Systems Freedom Data Networks and Freedom Storage Products already lead the market in meeting the scalability and availability needs of today's large data networks that support e-commerce. Hitachi Data Systems will introduce its latest high availability storage product in late Q2 2000.

XIOtech Reconfirms Support For Windows 2000 as its Magnitude SAN Earns Designed For Windows Logo Certification From Microsoft

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., June 6, 2000 - XIOtech® today announced that its MAGNITUDE(tm) SAN has earned the Designed for Windows Logo certification for Windows 2000 compatibility from Microsoft Corporation.

Customers who have already deployed, or wish to deploy, the MAGNITUDE SAN as their centralized storage architecture, can confidently migrate to the Windows 2000 platform or easily integrate Windows 2000-based systems into their current - often heterogeneous - infrastructures. When Windows 2000 was launched last February, XIOtech had already conducted tests in its own labs to ensure compatibility of the MAGNITUDE with Microsoft's new operating system. Now, having completed rigorous testing at Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs, the MAGNITUDE was awarded the Designed for Windows Logo - the highest level of certification that Microsoft offers for devices used with its Windows 2000 operating system.

"With interoperability such an important issue in the SAN industry, we feel it is important to achieve the highest level of certification from all of our industry partners," said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech. "Our customers can be assured that XIOtech will maintain its interoperability with Microsoft products now and in the future and that we will continue to deliver a manageable, highly available and scalable storage solution that supports the use of Windows platforms for mission-critical applications and data."

The XIOtech MAGNITUDE SAN is a complete, architected SAN that conforms to open system standards, supporting as many as 192 servers with multiple operating systems simultaneously. These operating systems include Windows 2000, Windows NT, IRIX, MacOS, UnixWare, NetWare, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and AIX.

M4 Data Introduces MagBak Series of Scalable DLT Autoloaders

Melbourne, Florida - June 6, 2000 - M4 Data, Inc. announced the MagBak™ series of scalable DLT autoloaders, the only autoloaders providing a seamless upgrade path to the scalable MagFile™ DLT library system.

M4 Data recognized a need in the market for autoloaders that are upgradeable to true multiple-drive libraries. MagBak scalable autoloaders fill this need with 10-cartridge and 24-cartridge autoloaders, each easily upgradeable to a full-library MagFile 20. When more data storage capacity or library performance is required, a MagBak autoloader is simply upgraded, not replaced, protecting one hundred percent of the initial hardware investment. MagBak architecture is based on the popular MagFile DLT library system introduced last year.

The MagBak series comprises 10 and 24 cartridge models, a choice of a single DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000 or Benchmark DLT1 cartridge tape drives, front magazine loading, and desk top or rack mount configurations, all in a low-profile 7-inch height. MagBak 24 is the highest capacity DLT autoloader on the market, storing up to 1920 GB (1.92 Terabytes) capacity at 2:1 data compression, a full month's worth of unattended backup data. MagBak 24 also contains a fixed cleaning cartridge slot; an optional barcode reader is available for faster inventories. The capacity and performance of MagBak 24 is ideal for large LAN's, multiple work groups and enterprise servers that require high storage capacity and 21.6 GB/hour performance.

Research Shows That Storage is Vital Part of E-Strategy

Aldermaston, June 5th 2000 - Recent research by Auspex Systems reveals that many IT departments are yet to make the move to e-storage, but have an eye on the ball.

The survey was conducted at Internet World last week, and commissioned by Network Attached Storage pioneers, Auspex Systems. The research shows that:
  • Over 90% of respondees had experienced over a 50% increase in data storage requirements over the last year with nearly 30% needing over 200% more storage than the previous year. Over 63% cited the Internet has having had the greatest impact on that
  • Over the coming year, over 91% of respondees anticipated increases in excess of 50% with a total 50% expecting requirements to increase by over 100%. Over 65% indicated again that the Internet would have the greatest impact on that.
  • Over 53% of respondees have or will be implementing storage as a key part of the company's Internet Infrastructure
  • Over 34% of companies have an e-storage strategy with a further 33% considering this.
  • Manageability scores top as the key element in an E-storage strategy (50%) followed closely by Availability (47%) and Scalability (43%) (Multiple answers from some respondees)

Rob Killen, UK Country Manager at Auspex Systems explains: "With increasing pressure to provide the business advantage to companies via the Internet, the storage building block as part on the critical path to e-commerce success is gaining mind share. IT professionals are acutely aware of the importance of Network Attached Storage or more specifically Web Attached Storage as part of the competitive edge. Web Attached Storage with Auspex's NS2000 provides the manageability, availability and scalability that is crucial as part of an e-storage strategy. This storage model is being implemented by key ISPs such as Easynet, but they are closely followed by the corporate Internet and Intranet provider."

The research survey was conducted in May 2000 at the Internet World exhibition in London. It comprised 108 IT Managers from across all industry sectors.

About the company:- Auspex Systems is a leading provider of network data-access solutions for All the Data, All the Time™. Auspex specialises in Network Attached Storage (NAS) specialist offering fast, scalable and robust NAS solutions and consultancy to data intensive industries such as ISPs, software development, financial institutions, oil, gas and manufacturing.

Seagate Ships First Ultra ATA/100 Disc Drives

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., June 5 - Seagate Technology, Inc. today announced it is shipping the new Ultra ATA/100 interface on its Barracuda ATA II disc drive, the industry's fastest desktop PC disc drive, to select OEM customers.

Additionally, Seagate is working with Promise Technology to demonstrate the new level of power the Ultra ATA/100 interface brings to speed-hungry applications like ATA RAID. Promise is using Seagate's Barracuda ATA II disc drives to showcase its new Ultra100 host adapter, FastTrak100 two-channel ATA RAID 0/1 adapter, and SuperTrak100 four-channel ATA RAID 0, 1, 3 & 5 controller this week at the Computex tradeshow in Taipei. Seagate today also introduced Ultra ATA/100 technology on its new U Series 5 disc drives. Today's announcements deliver on the Company's promise to provide higher bandwidth for networked PCs and for small business PC-based server and home networking applications.

Genroco Announces Timetable to Spin Off Videopropulsion

SLINGER, WI - June 2, 2000 - GENROCO, Inc., a world leader in Storage Area Net- work (SAN) technology, announced the schedule to spin off its wholly owned digital video subsidiary, VideoPropulsion, Inc. (VPI), to stockholders next month.

GENROCO shareholders of record as of June 30, 2000 will receive one share of VideoPropulsion for each share of GENROCO owned, with any restrictions on original GENROCO shares passing through to the resulting VPI stock. VPI, when distributed via share dividend to holders of GENROCO stock, is expected to shortly begin trading publicly as a separate company through the Electronic "Pink Sheets". Management will seek a listing on the NASD OTC Bulletin Board as soon as possible. The new firm is considering opportunities to sell shares to employees and outside investors. GENROCO submitted a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Form 10SB application for VPI in March and is now in receipt of an SEC "no comment" letter allowing VPI to begin independent operation as a reporting public company.

"VPI is now ready for an exciting life of its own," said Carl A. Pick, Chairman, President, and CEO of GENROCO, who will also act as Chairman for VideoPropulsion. "We believe that this new company will be a bright star in the emerging digital television marketplace." In 1995, GENROCO created a Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) product line based on the technology used in its traditional high performance storage and networking host bus adapters (HBAs). DVB HBAs are used as the interface to deliver MPEG transport streams from video servers to cable headends, satellite uplinks, and a wide variety of equipment for the digital video studio. By 1998, this business operated as a division of GENROCO. Last year, the Company created VideoPropulsion, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary and put all of its video transport assets into the new entity. When VPI is spunoff, GENROCO will be positioned to concentrate on its core SAN market while adding to shareholder value with a firm fully focused on the arising digital television indus try. VideoPropulsion will provide its line of VDOPro ( hardware and software offerings which have been selected as the technology of choice in UNIX and Windows NT video servers and digital video systems by firms such as Open (BIB), SGI, Sun, Compaq, and others. The Company will also resell GENROCO's Fibre Channel networking products into the digital video market.

Quantum Begins Volume Shipments of 10,000 RPM Atlas 10k II Disk Drives

MILPITAS, Calif., June 1, 2000 – Quantum Corporation's Hard Disk Drive Group today announced that it has begun volume shipments of Atlas™ 10K II 10,000 RPM disk drives to its major OEM customers.

The Atlas 10K II family offers a 4.7 ms seek time and up to 73.4 GB capacity – nearly doubling the available capacity. The Atlas 10K II drive is the optimum choice for Windows NT or UNIX enterprise and departmental servers, as well as high-performance workstations running 2-D graphics, 3-D video, and other high I/O applications. Features:
  • Industry's fastest seek time – 4.7 mS
  • Available in 9.2 GB, 18.4 GB, 36.7 GB, and now 73.4 GB capacities
  • "Quiet Drive Technology" with "Quiet Seek" mode for low acoustic output
  • Quantum "Data Protection System" for embedded drive diagnostics
  • Quantum "Shock Protection System II" for improved reliability
  • High sustained sequential throughput – 41 MB/sec
  • On-the-fly disk calibrations
  • five-year limited warranty.

Pricing and Availability The 9 GB, 18 GB, 36 GB, and 73 GB capacity drives for the Atlas 10K II are available immediately in both SCA-2 (80-pin) and Wide (68-pin). Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the new Quantum drives are: 9 GB - $325, 18 GB - $480, 36 GB - $720, 73 GB - $1300

AMI Launches Ultra 160M and IDE RAID, Backplanes and Server Appliance at Computex

ATLANTA - Thursday, June 1, 2000 - American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) today announced the release of its Server Appliance, Ultra 160M SCSI and IDE RAID controllers, AMIBIOS and dual CPU server/workstation motherboard at Computex Taipei '2000. Asia's largest IT event runs June 5 through June 9 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

HyperDisk, an IDE solution for desktops, workstations and entry-level servers, brings the true RAID concept of high performance, continuous data redundancy and protection to the desktop. A simple and cost-effective way to increase the performance capability of IDE hard disk drives, HyperDisk allows users to double drive performance or data security at a fraction of the overall cost of SCSI RAID solutions. HyperDisk has an easy setup, allowing users to employ all their applications and store files with confidence.

RAID, Inc. and Bay Digital Join Forces to Expand RAID Technology in the Graphics Industry

Lawrence MA - June 1, 2000- RAID, Incorporated, a leader in custom RAID manufacturing, today announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Bay Digital to promote RAID, Inc.'s high-performance storage solutions to Bay Digital's clients in the Graphic Arts industry.

Bay Digital, located in Belmont, Calif., will now offer the full line of RAID, Inc. products and services to its customers. RAID, Inc. has established a reputation for providing Fibre Channel and SCSI-based arrays, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and tape backup, and also specializes in remote management of storage solutions. The alliance between the two companies will enhance the market presence of both RAID, Inc. and Bay Digital in the Graphics Arts industry.

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