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Dublin, CA - May 25, 2001 – Blaze Network Products Inc., an optical networking subsystem company, today announced it has joined the XENPAK Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) group to supply the industry with 10 Gigabit Ethernet devices defined by the MSA. The XENPAK MSA, announced by Agere and Agilent in March of 2001, supports IEEE 10 Gigabit Ethernet implementations, and specifies a uniform form factor, size, connector type and electrical pin-outs. All companies affiliated with the MSA expect to independently develop and market 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceivers based on this MSA. Member companies are expecting to ship 10-Gigabit Ethernet transceivers based on this MSA later this year. ...Blaze Network Products profile

Williston, VT. – May 25, 2001 – As a major step in reinforcing its leading position in the DRAM market, Infineon Technologies today celebrated the opening of its new 19,000 square-foot state-of-the-art design center in Williston, VT. Designed to focus on the development of high performance DRAM for the PC desktop, server and workstation markets, the center works closely with Infineon's Memory Products Division to support customer application, design and testing of new memory solutions. The new site is currently staffed with 15 design and test engineers with expansion capabilities of the facility to ramp up to 60 employees by 2002.

"The Vermont center demonstrates Infineon's continuing commitment to invest in research and is essential to maintaining our top ranking as a strategic DRAM supplier to our customers," said Dr. Andreas von Zitzewitz, Chief Operating Officer of Infineon Technologies AG. "We have enjoyed a long term strategic alliance with IBM in the Burlington VT. region for jointly developing high-performance DRAM products and we will continue our presence in the area with our existing Infineon team. We plan to increase this team substantially by attracting engineering talent from throughout the US". ...Infineon Technologies profile

San Jose, Calif.— May 25, 2001— Alacritech®, Inc. today announced that its founder and CEO Larry Boucher was recognized with the SCSI Founder award for his contributions to the development of the SCSI standard. The SCSI Trade Association (STA) presented this award at its SCSI 20th Anniversary Celebration held on May 21 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. An industry visionary, Boucher and his engineering team at Shugart Associates developed the SCSI interface in 1979, and it is now the industry standard for connecting storage and other peripherals to PCs and servers. Currently, at Alacritech, Boucher is facilitating the development and adoption of the emerging iSCSI protocol, which is expected to become the cornerstone of networking and storage convergence.

"My vision for a better architecture for building disk controllers was realized with the creation of SCSI, and we now continue to build upon that vision by assisting in the development of the forthcoming open iSCSI protocol," said Larry Boucher, founder and chief executive officer of Alacritech. "iSCSI enables the merger of two of the most successful computer standards-SCSI and Ethernet-therefore, the protocol sets the stage for the convergence of storage and network connectivity. Alacritech's TCP/IP acceleration technology will put the company squarely at the forefront of these converging markets."

Biography:- Larry Boucher is the founder and CEO of Alacritech, Inc., and a recognized leader in the areas of server adapter, storage, and networking technologies. In 1981, Boucher founded Adaptec, Inc., a global leader in innovative storage solutions. He took the company public in 1986, and served as its CEO for six years. In 1987, Boucher founded Auspex Systems, Inc., an enterprise server manufacturer. While CEO at Auspex, he pioneered a networked file system design that dramatically improved the performance of Unix- and Windows NT-based enterprise servers. This concept established the network-attached storage model. Boucher founded Alacritech, Inc. in 1997 to solve the server bottleneck issue. Under Boucher's leadership, Alacritech developed SLIC (session layer interface card) Technology®, the first scalable and fully compatible technology to offload TCP/IP protocol processing from the host CPU. Alacritech's TCP/IP acceleration solutions double the throughput of servers and network-attached devices, while simultaneously improving application performance. ...Alacritech profile

Burlington, MA - May 24, 2001 - Bus-Tech®, Inc. announced today it will exhibit their "iSCSI Appliance" product, called CauseWay, to access SAN-based storage. CauseWay is a flexible solution offered in a variety of configurations to meet the expanding and changing implementations of enterprise storage access needs. Bus-Tech will demonstrate CauseWay at the SAN Conference 2001 in booth number 417 to be held in San Jose, CA. on June 6-7, 2001.

Bus-Tech will demonstrate CauseWay in a SAN access configuration. A Linux server connected to CauseWay via point-to-point Gigabit Ethernet will use its newly developed iSCSI protocol driver to perform disk-to-disk file copies between the server's internal hard drive and a disk attached to a fibre channel port on CauseWay. Future connectivity support will include mainframe attachment.

CauseWay is Bus-Tech's first controller based on its new Embedded Systems Architecture (ESA). ESA is the common hardware/software architecture for a family of scalable, PowerPC-based network controllers. These controllers range from intelligent adapters to embedded blades to complete system solutions. The common architecture allows rapid product development and re-use of code across the entire controller family. CauseWay will offer attachment to a wide variety of networking/storage topologies including: IBM's Fibre Connection (FICON), IBM's Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON), Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI and Fibre Channel.

"The scalable ESA architecture offers highly configurable solutions which are ideally suited for the quickly changing needs of the data storage marketplace," said Ralph Armstrong, vice-president of product management at Bus-Tech. "ESA allows rapid development of customized products for our OEM customers."

Bus-Tech's plan is to offer Causeway as an Enterprise Storage product including support for both IBM's FICON and ESCON. Using FICON or ESCON, Causeway customers will be able to attach their System/390 class mainframes to corporate SAN resources using iSCSI. Mainframe connection to the SAN allows a number of Enterprise applications to be addressed including Data Sharing, Backup and Restore, Remote Data Access, and more. ...Bus-Tech profile

See also:- ESCON adapters for Sun, iSCSI

HONG KONG — 23 May 2001 — Seagate Technology announced today that its U Series disc drive has been integrated into the PDHercules Digital Recordable Jukebox ("PDHercules") from Perception Digital Limited. PDHercules is a new generation digital jukebox audio system, and is one of the first to employ a specialized Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip.

With the PDHercules, MP3 compression is now available without the use of a computer in a mass-market consumer product. The PDHercules compresses music from CD, cassette tape, vinyl record or other format into MP3 files and stores them on the built-in Seagate hard drive. Music from 500 of your favorite CDs is available at your fingertips for future playback. Music is stored via Perception Digital's patent pending Rapid Archive System using only 1/6 of the playing time—a 60 minute CD will take less than 10 minutes to be stored on the PDHercules. Its simple, user-friendly interface is equipped with many special functions, including Smart Search engine which lets you find music by song name, artist and album name. SmartMedia™ card compatibility enables music portability.

Seagate's U Series is the world's quietest hard drive for Personal Video Recorders and other consumer electronics devices. U Series drives are also the toughest in the industry thanks to Seagate's 3D Defense System, including SeaTools, SeaShell, SeaShield and G-Force Protection. ...Seagate Technology profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., May 23, 2001 - QLogic Corp. today announced testing of the world's first InfiniBand switch with IBM eServer Intel®-based systems. The QLogic InfiniBand switch is being used to connect IBM's eServer xSeries in cluster communication tests at the IBM eServer lab. QLogic is the first company to announce InfiniBand switch testing outside its own labs. QLogic's InfiniBand products promise to unify storage, networking and clustering, positioning them in the heart of the data center. Featuring 16 full-duplex data ports each running at 2.5 Gigabits per second, QLogic InfiniBand switches have an internal subnet manager, which means they are plug and play and do not require external management software. The switch supports both fiber and copper ports.

"We are pleased QLogic has chosen to work with us to advance the development of InfiniBand architecture and products," said Dr. Tom Bradicich, director, eServer xSeries Architecture & Technology, IBM. "The new InfiniBand standard traces its lineage back to the channel technology originally pioneered by IBM on mainframe computers in the 1960s. IBM eServer will leverage this legacy and incorporate technologies such as InfiniBand into industry standard servers." ...QLogic profile

Mountain View, CA, May 23, 2001 - Legato Systems Inc. has won a substantial contract from London Underground, one of the world's most advanced and biggest public transport systems. The contract, forming part of a substantial IT infrastructure project currently underway at London Underground, is for Legato® NetWorker®, the company's enterprise wide storage management solution. As part of the overall IT infrastructure project London Underground is rolling out a new standardized operating environment, which includes a server end and backup system. The total Legato installation will cover more than 5,000 seats within the organization.

"Our requirement was for automated backup at remote sites without the need for manual onsite intervention. NetWorker offers centralized administration thus avoiding intervention, cutting down on costs and the manpower needed to run the system. This, along with the fact that Legato solutions offer safe and effective back up, has given us considerable peace of mind that our critical data is well protected," stated Alan Archer, technical architect at London Underground.

London Underground is a major business with 3 million passenger journeys made a day serving 275 stations over 253 miles of railway. With this volume of traffic and corresponding level of critical data, there is an increasing demand to ensure the reliability of backup systems. The system itself has the ability to store between six and seven terabytes of data each day. Once completed, the implementation will involve full enterprise wide backups per week and differential backups everyday. ...Legato Systems profile

Editor's comment:- I don't know if you ever read those old Sherlock Holmes stories. I've got a couple of the original Strand magazines in which they first appeared over 100 years ago. What impressed me about some of the stories was the speed with which he was able to get around the country by rail. It's a fact that victorians like Holmes and Watson could travel around the UK faster then, than it's possible today by rail or road, because of congestion. If you've ever been a tourist here you'll know that any kind of technology which can monitor and keep this stuff moving is very welcome, above or below ground.

ANAHEIM, Calif., May 23, 2001 - Rick Ruskin, Executive Vice President of MTI Technology Corporation has been selected to join a panel of storage industry leaders for an Issues Roundtable discussion entitled "RAID, NAS, SAN, IP, Fibre Channel – Where Do They All Fit in Today's Storage Systems?" The SAN Conference 2001 - roundtable, which will be held at Parkside Hall in San Jose, Calif., is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, June 5th. James Opfer of Dataquest/Gartner Group will serve as chairperson.

A longtime champion of SANs, as well as clustering technology, Ruskin will be joined on the panel by such other industry veterans as Mike Flannery of SanOne; Tom Petrocelli of Entrada Networks; Eyal Felstaine of SANRAD; Tom Rauscher of Digi-Data; Mark Delsman of Adaptec; Erik Ottem of Gadzoox Networks, Bill Terrell of Troika Networks and Glenn Rhodes of TrueSAN Networks. ...MTI Technology profile

LUMBERTON, NJ, MAY 23, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies today announced general availability of the IN-VSN™ Virtual Link/9000 Fibre Channel Extender - "distance technology" that lets SAN managers extend fibre channel traffic across wide area networks to support disk mirroring, storage sharing, centralized backup, and other key business applications. The ability to allow SAN traffic to traverse existing ATM and IP networks is becoming a key imperative for companies with multiple locations.

Users can deploy the VL/9000 between INRANGE's FC/9000™ Fibre Channel Director and remote storage devices - or between a host and remote storage devices - to cost-effectively bridge sites and make distributed systems appear and perform as if they were located on the local SAN. In its initial offering, the VL/9000 supports Unix and NT server environments, providing full gigabit per second Fibre Channel and Ultra 2 SCSI networking over unlimited distances across ATM backbones. Support for Gigabit Ethernet networks is expected to be available at the end of the second quarter, 2001. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - May 22, 2001 - John Harwer, President of Bridge Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ Small Cap Market: BRDG) a data storage and communication components company, today announced the signing of a comprehensive financing agreement that provides Bridge with a $27,000,000 worldwide financing package. This financing will enable Bridge to continue with the execution of its growth plans, both domestically and internationally. Bridge is having a formal opening on May 27, 2001, of its new 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China, near Shanghai. This facility will manufacture power supplies initially for the Asian market. For the balance of 2001, continued growth is envisioned both in our core manufacturing business and in our China and Asia channel marketing business. ...Bridge Technology profile

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., May 22, 2001 – StorageApps Inc. today announced the opening of its world-class laboratory in Wayland, Massachusetts, where product design and engineering are done for the company's industry-leading products used in data storage networks. The laboratory facility is designed to accommodate approximately 100 engineers. The laboratory has an extensive test area that includes about 150 multi-user computer servers, 50 different storage devices and 125 data switches. The massive, multi-million dollar collection of computer equipment from Compaq, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Sun, and others fills space about the size of a baseball infield.

"What we do – delivering interoperability – is in theory very simple, but in reality quite difficult," said Mike Feinberg, chief technology officer, StorageApps. "It's one thing to talk about interoperability, but delivering that to customers takes a major investment in equipment and time to perform the necessary testing. What distinguishes us from others is that we are delivering this capability to customers today and are enhancing the technology with new features." ...StorageApps profile

Editor's comment:- I used to manage a systems integrator in the 1980's, and know that when you're writing software for lots of 3rd party products, it's not enough to do a quick five minute test on some loan equipment. You've got to live with the systems, just like the end-user. I applaud this kind of investment, as done by StorageApps. I guess they're paying engineers more nowadays, so this kind of facility costs a bundle.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 22, 2001 - Rimage Corporation today announced a new advanced line of automated publishing systems which includes new software, robotics and a breakthrough printing technology. Initial shipments will begin in midsummer with volume shipments projected for later this year. Called the Producer II, the new line is based on a completely new design that incorporates the Everest CD-R/DVD-R printer (also announced separately today), which delivers unsurpassed, better-than-magazine-quality, print resolution equivalent to 160 lines per inch.

"The Everest-enabled Producer II line, which has been under development for more than two years, totally eclipses what is currently available in both CD-R and DVD-R printing and duplication technologies," according to Dave Suden, chief technology officer of Rimage. "All aspects of the system - software, robotics, and printing - have been optimized to deliver a new level of performance."

"Graphic design houses, software publishers, service bureaus, digital video producers, financial, medical and educational institutions that desire CD-R and DVD-R automated publishing capabilities combined with photo-quality artwork for their customers are among the principal markets that will benefit from these state-of-the-art duplication systems," said Ken Klinck, vice president sales and marketing for Rimage.

The Amigo II, a single-drive publishing system will be priced at $11,450. The two-drive Protégé II system will be offered for $21,450. The four-drive Autostar II model will be sold for the same $32,200 price as the Autostar I, currently on the market. All current Producer systems will continue to be manufactured and sold. ...Rimage profile

FREMONT, Calif. ­ May 22, 2001 ­ MaxOptix Corporation today unveiled its latest DVD-RAM library, a scalable multi-terabyte library that delivers the random accessibility, high-reliability and durability of optical disk technology at a price-per-megabyte that is comparable with tape libraries. The new MaxOptix MXDVD-Enterprise Library provides a scalable design that allows customers to keep pace with their expanding storage needs. The base model, which features 436 media slots and a minimum of two 9.4 gigabyte DVD-RAM drives, can be scaled up to a maximum of 1,840 media slots and up to 64 DVD-RAM drives, for a total capacity of more than 17 terabytes.

The new MaxOptix MXDVD-Enterprise Library is supported on Windows NT/2000, Solaris and other major UNIX platforms. The library is available now, with prices starting at $38,100. ...Maxoptix profile

TUSTIN, CA - May 22, 2001 - In a move to enhance its position in the corporate marketplace, NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) has announced a volume end-user licensing program for all of its CD-R/RW backup and recording software products. Included in the program are DriveBackup!, Backup NOW! and CD Maker 2000. Under the Volume Licensing Program, there are seven levels of earned discount pricing, and a minimum purchase of 10 licenses.

"CD-R/RW drives continue to spread into the corporate market at a staggering pace," said Bill Yao, president and CEO of NTI. "Most systems shipped today include 8x speed (or higher) CD-RW drives. We have had a significant increase in inquires from small, medium and large corporate prospects who need backup software for these drives. Many of these companies intend to deliver CD-RW backup and disaster recovery solutions on a departmental, enterprise and mobile computing basis. Our volume licensing program offers corporations a scalable, cost-effective solution that can be deployed throughout the organization on CD-RW equipped PC's and mobile computers."

NTI products are available, under the Volume Licensing Program, through leading North American resellers such as Insight Electronics, Softchoice and SoftPlus -- as well as national distributors such as Ingram Micro. NTI plans to expand the licensing program to Europe, Asia, and South America during the next several quarters. Detailed licensing information can be obtained directly from Todd Corl at 714-259-9700, x210. ...NewTech Infosystems profile

SUNNYVALE, CA AND KFAR SABA, Israel - MAY 22, 2001 - AMD and M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. today announced a strategic agreement to jointly develop sophisticated high-density Flash data storage solutions for the rapidly growing mobile data storage market. Building on AMD's leadership in manufacturing, packaging, and Flash technology; and M-Systems' award-winning DiskOnChip® technology, this collaboration is intended to create embedded data storage products optimized for high-performance mobile and other applications. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will jointly develop and market Flash data storage solutions.

The combination of AMD's advanced low power Flash with M-Systems' widely-supported and easy-to-use TrueFFS® (True Flash File System) technology is expected to create solutions which offer high-performance, small form-factors and an extremely cost-effective interface. This suite of products will be designed to offer the functionality and ease-of-use of a hard drive, with the superior speed, performance, low power consumption and reliability of AMD's Flash memory. Cellular telephones, wireless devices, hand-held PCs, automotive PCs, and other mobile products that need to quickly store and retrieve large amounts of data, can greatly benefit from the small form factor and cost-effective interface of the solutions the two companies plan to develop. Offering integrated security features with extensive data storage capabilities, these products will be designed for mobile-commerce applications such as the secure digital music initiative.

"AMD believes that there is a burgeoning market for high-capacity embedded data storage devices in advanced portable products," said Walid Maghribi, AMD's senior vice president and president of the company's Memory Group. "The growing need for small, low-power, rugged and secure storage solutions that are capable of holding large quantities of data, audio and video files, represents a tremendous opportunity for Flash memory. AMD has partnered with M-Systems to develop this new Flash-based data storage solution to address the mobile market's unique needs." ...AMD profile, ...M-Systems profile

Aldermaston, UK - May 22, 2001 – Auspex Systems are sponsoring a series of practical half-day briefings aimed at users reviewing their data storage needs, as well as those already using NAS or SAN technology. Held in conjunction with Quantum | ATL and Veritas this free road show, starting in Harrogate on the 5th of June, focuses on the business benefits of implementing NAS technology. Dates and locations include:-
  • 5th June – InTechnology's headquarters, Harrogate
  • 7th June - Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen
  • 12th June - Auspex's European headquarters, Aldermaston
  • 14th June – InTechnology's City Office, London
For more information, and to register E-mail or call Connie Truscott in the UK on 0118 940 7300 ...Auspex Systems profile
Blaze Joins Xenpak 10 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Multi-Source Agreement

Infineon Opens DRAM Development Center in Vermont to Support the High-end Server and Workstation Markets

Alacritech CEO Larry Boucher Recognized as SCSI Founder at SCSI 20th Anniversary Celebration

Bus-Tech to Exhibit iSCSI at SAN Conference 2001

Seagate strengthens its consumer electronics market share leadership with its award-winning U Series disc drive

QLogic Begins External Testing of First InfiniBand Switch

London Underground Updates IT Infrastructure with Legato's Leading-Edge Backup and Remote Site Solutions

Rick Ruskin of MTI Technology Corp. Named to SAN 2001 Issues Roundtable

INRANGE Enables Long Distance SANs With Fibre Channel over WAN Technology

Bridge Technology, Inc. Obtains $27 Million Global Financing

StorageApps Opens World-Class Laboratory

Rimage Announces Advanced Producer II Line of Automated CD-R/DVD-R Publishing Systems

Maxoptix Debuts Multi-Terabtye DVD-RAM Library

NTI Introduces Volume Software Licensing Program

AMD and M-Systems to Collaborate on High-Density Embedded Storage Solutions for Mobile Markets

Free data storage briefings in the UK from Auspex, Quantum | ATL and Veritas

earlier news (archive)
Megabyte saw great potential for speeding up his quest using infinitely strong rubber band technology.


Re: STORAGE is a discontinuous market

Discontinuous = "Being without sequential order or coherent form" - is one of many definitions from But in this article I'm using the term in its formal marketing sense, as in a market which breaks links or has no roots with the past.

Here's an easy question for you...

When was the last time your company bought its web hosting services from the same company which made your PC's?

For most of you, the answer will be "never" and you probably think this is a nutty question, and that my brain has finally cracked. Yup, those mice were just were first symptom.

Fact is, that most of the discontinuous new markets which emerged in computing during the last 20 years didn't replace anything else, they were, by definition, "new". You know PC's... The web... If they replaced anything at all it was probably equipment or services which weren't part of the computer industry. But mostly they created new markets. Anyway, you might ask:- How can I claim that the storage market is discontinuous? It's been around for decades. Definitely a case of eating too much bad cheese.

Well, I'm guessing that in about 5 years time, if I asked the question - When was the last time your company bought its storage systems from the same company which made your PC's and servers? The answer, for 90% of you would be "never". And that's where the discontinuity comes in.

As our readers know, during the last few years technical developments have meant that there is no particular reason that your data has to reside in the same box as your server, or even be managed by the same operating system. As long as you can get at the data fast enough when you want it, and it's easy to back up, manage and maintain, that's all that really matters. It doesn't matter if the processors inside your storage boxes are Pentium, SPARC or PowerPC. It doesn't matter if the operating system inside your storage boxes is Windows, Solaris or Linux... and it doesn't matter if your browser is IE or Netscape.

What does matter, is that your company is probably going to spend more of your IT budget on those storage boxes, than you spend on servers, or even maybe desktops.

If you look back 3 or 4 years, storage was a little bit of other parts of the computer market. Every computer maker sold some storage as part of their product line, and in most cases they could expect to be the main supplier of storage systems to their their end-users. Most of the 3rd party independent storage companies accounted for only a tiny part of end-user sales. Most independent storage companies were smaller, in revenue terms, than the companies which made PC's or servers.

When we started STORAGEsearch in 1998, we talked about a "STORAGE market" but it didn't really operate as a cohesive market. It was a lot of little independent markets each of which was being serviced by specialist or niche technical journals. Mac storage, PC storage and mainframe storage were usually different products, marketed differently and not easily interchangeable currency. To add to the market fragmentation, companies also specialised in storage for pre-press, and other vertical applications.

Nowadays, we all own a mountain of data, and even SME's need to look at "big iron" products like tape libraries, jukeboxes, RAID and NAS. The "STORAGE market" is starting to develop its own identity, and it really doesn't matter whether your servers have "Intel inside", or are "SPARC driven" or run on elastic bands. Your needs as users are starting to converge. The companies which are solving those needs are not necessarily the same companies you have been used to doing business with. Another clue is that venture capitalists are throwing bucketfuls of money in new storage start-ups (a subject which will be discussed in my next Squeak! article). That's why I think this market is going to be discontinuous, and quite interesting for those of us who spend most of their time working in it.

Continuous Computing Corporation
Continuous Computing Corporation, established in 1998 with headquarters in San Diego, is the leading provider of Voice-over-packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers.

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