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SAN JOSE, Calif.—May 21, 2001— Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. announced today that according to new industry research published by IDC, the company continues to extend its lead in the Fibre Channel hub and switch market and gained market share by all measures: factory revenue, units and port count. According to the IDC data, in 2000 Brocade accounted for 93% of all fabric switch factory revenue and port shipments and a majority of the overall SAN infrastructure market. IDC believes fabric switch port shipments will experience a compounded annual growth rate of 69% from 2000 to 2004. In addition, IDC estimates that by 2004, fabric switches are expected to account for more than 67% of all SAN infrastructure ports shipped.

The IDC Report "2001 Worldwide Fibre Channel Hub and Switch Market Forecast and Analysis, 1998-2004," which will be published by IDC later this month, ranks Brocade as the number one provider of Fibre Channel fabric switches in 2000 and 2001. The report also shows the Fibre Channel switch market growing rapidly with factory revenues forecasted to reach more than $1 billion in 2001, or 60% more than 2000. ...Brocade profile, ...IDC profile

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., May 21, 2001 ­ Tandberg Data Inc. announced today it will show Tandberg Data's new opto-magnetic tape storage technology, O-Mass, at the IDC Storage Forum in San Jose, Calif., on May 23-24, the first public presentation in the US. The O-Mass presentation, entitled "Breaking the Limits of Traditional Tape Technology ­ Applying Optical Technology to Magnetic Tape" covers the technology enablers that will result in a first generation O-Mass product, available during 2003, with a native storage capacity of 600 GB at 64 MB per second increasing to 2.4 TB at 256 MB/sec by the third generation ­ all on a single 5.25" cartridge.

Common for all the products will be access times of less than 3.5 seconds and media costs of less than $0.1 per GB. And, using today's existing building blocks, O-Mass products have a current technology potential of 10 TB at 1GB/sec.

"We firmly believe that O-Mass products and technology will be central to solving some of the issues that will face the industry in the near future," said Gudmundur Einarsson, CEO of Tandberg Data. "This conference allows us the opportunity of presenting, and gaining acceptance for O-Mass technology amongst the storage industry's top executives." ...Tandberg Data profile

May 18, 2001 - What do readers actually seek on STORAGEsearch? We know that some of you find this kind of information useful.
Brocade Extends Lead In Storage Area Networking Market

Tandberg to Present O-Mass Technology in the USA

What readers seek on STORAGEsearch revealed

Dell is #4 in worldwide storage capacity shipped

Meta Group: EMC's Product Enhancements Get NASty

Ideal Hardware aims to be #1 NAS Distributor in Europe

INRANGE is Fastest Growing FC Hub and Switch Maker


nStor Breaks New Ground with NexStor Systems

HP reports second quarter results

Imperial Announces Remote Monitoring on SSD Accelerators

Merlin Software Expands Sales and Marketing Team

BakBone Software Completes Financing Round

VERITAS Shows Interoperability for HP, Oracle and Sun

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Megabyte saw great potential for speeding up his quest using infinitely strong rubber band technology.


Re: STORAGE is a discontinuous market

Discontinuous = "Being without sequential order or coherent form" - is one of many definitions from But in this article I'm using the term in its formal marketing sense, as in a market which breaks links or has no roots with the past.

Here's an easy question for you...

When was the last time your company bought its web hosting services from the same company which made your PC's?

For most of you, the answer will be "never" and you probably think this is a nutty question, and that my brain has finally cracked. Yup, those mice were just were first symptom.

Fact is, that most of the discontinuous new markets which emerged in computing during the last 20 years didn't replace anything else, they were, by definition, "new". You know PC's... The web... If they replaced anything at all it was probably equipment or services which weren't part of the computer industry. But mostly they created new markets. Anyway, you might ask:- How can I claim that the storage market is discontinuous? It's been around for decades. Definitely a case of eating too much bad cheese.

Well, I'm guessing that in about 5 years time, if I asked the question - When was the last time your company bought its storage systems from the same company which made your PC's and servers? The answer, for 90% of you would be "never". And that's where the discontinuity comes in.

As our readers know, during the last few years technical developments have meant that there is no particular reason that your data has to reside in the same box as your server, or even be managed by the same operating system. As long as you can get at the data fast enough when you want it, and it's easy to back up, manage and maintain, that's all that really matters. It doesn't matter if the processors inside your storage boxes are Pentium, SPARC or PowerPC. It doesn't matter if the operating system inside your storage boxes is Windows, Solaris or Linux... and it doesn't matter if your browser is IE or Netscape.

What does matter, is that your company is probably going to spend more of your IT budget on those storage boxes, than you spend on servers, or even maybe desktops.

If you look back 3 or 4 years, storage was a little bit of other parts of the computer market. Every computer maker sold some storage as part of their product line, and in most cases they could expect to be the main supplier of storage systems to their their end-users. Most of the 3rd party independent storage companies accounted for only a tiny part of end-user sales. Most independent storage companies were smaller, in revenue terms, than the companies which made PC's or servers.

When we started STORAGEsearch in 1998, we talked about a "STORAGE market" but it didn't really operate as a cohesive market. It was a lot of little independent markets each of which was being serviced by specialist or niche technical journals. Mac storage, PC storage and mainframe storage were usually different products, marketed differently and not easily interchangeable currency. To add to the market fragmentation, companies also specialised in storage for pre-press, and other vertical applications.

Nowadays, we all own a mountain of data, and even SME's need to look at "big iron" products like tape libraries, jukeboxes, RAID and NAS. The "STORAGE market" is starting to develop its own identity, and it really doesn't matter whether your servers have "Intel inside", or are "SPARC driven" or run on elastic bands. Your needs as users are starting to converge. The companies which are solving those needs are not necessarily the same companies you have been used to doing business with. Another clue is that venture capitalists are throwing bucketfuls of money in new storage start-ups (a subject which will be discussed in my next Squeak! article). That's why I think this market is going to be discontinuous, and quite interesting for those of us who spend most of their time working in it.

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Antares Microsystems produces a full line of SBus and PCI I/O boards for SPARC and SPARC-Compatible workstations and servers including those built by Sun Microsystems, Tatung, Fujitsu, Force, Themis and others.

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Readers tend to use the search-engine when they can't find what they want quickly enough in the directory. Looking at search patterns is a good way of seeing what people actually find important. BTW we added "Infiniband" as a new directory index today. more about STORAGEsearch

Austin, Texas - May 17, 2001 - Strong increases in shipments of enterprise systems and sizable market-share gains in all global markets, product categories and customer segments highlighted Dell's fiscal first-quarter 2002. Dell achieved 27-percent year-over-year growth in worldwide unit shipments, expanded its volumes at nearly seven times the estimated industry rate and became the world's leading supplier of computer systems. Shipments of Dell PowerEdge servers increased 50%, as the company gained almost three points of global market share and ranked No. 1 in U.S. servers for the first time. Revenue for the period, which ended May 4, totaled $8.0 billion, up 10 percent from one year ago. Net income was $462 million, or 17 cents per share, essentially flat with the same fiscal-2001 first quarter, as Dell continued to successfully execute its strategy for profitable share growth amidst lower-than-expected industry demand for computer systems and services in the United States.

In the storage segment... Total storage capacity shipped by Dell during the quarter grew more than 130%. For external storage products, the capacity increase exceeded 200%. The company ranks No. 6 in storage sales, but No. 4 in terms of capacity shipped, illustrating how Dell is bringing its price-for-performance capability to the relatively young, fast-growing category. ...Dell Computer profile

May 17, 2001 — EMC's enhancements of CLARiiON and Celerra have reinforced the company's "formidable" information storage portfolio and will enable them to maintain market leadership for the next 12 months and beyond, according to recent analysis from Meta Group, an IT research and consulting firm. CLARiiON's new NAS capabilities enable the storage system to effectively compete in the mid- to low-end storage market, Meta Group wrote in a two-part research note, "EMC Gets NASty," published April 23 and May, 1, 2001. Those enhancements include increased scalability for block and file access and controller-based software qualities. CLARiiON FC4700 offers fiber channel connectivity for block serving, while the IP4700 provides TCP/IP connectivity for file serving.

Meta Group noted that information storage continues to be a critical infrastructure component to support business requirements and enterprise applications, and estimated that storage-related costs will constitute up to 80% of server purchases through 2004. While EMC and other competitors will continue to offer "mix-and-match" NAS and SAN capabilities, Meta Group predicted that with EMC's combined product enhancements, the company will emerge as the NAS market leader by the end of 2001. ...EMC profile

UK, May 17, 2001 - Ideal Hardware aims to be #1 NAS Distributor in Ideal Hardware aims to be #1 NAS Distributor in Europe. By 2003 20 per cent of all servers shipped will be NAS devices, equating to $6.7 billion (source: IDC). Ideal envisage the huge potential of this explosive market and has announced its focus and investment into the NAS market in a drive to be the No. 1 NAS distributor in the UK and Europe. Ideal has implemented a number of initiatives which address the emerging storage requirements of its customers and positions it as a one-stop-shop for all NAS solutions. Ideal's NAS team, headed up by newly appointed group product manager Mike Collins, is dedicated to bringing education, clarity and expertise to resellers in the ever-evolving market of storage solutions.

Mike comments: "The increasing demand for more storage now and in the future is inevitable. Analysts predict that over the next few years 75 per cent of all IT spend will be on storage with NAS being the fastest growing segment. Our NAS team is there to help customers successfully deploy and manage their NAS solutions giving us a distinct competitive advantage. "Our competitors in the UK and Europe are talking about NAS but few are investing enough. Ideal is not only investing heavily in the market but is building a fully integrated portfolio that will allow customers to choose the NAS solutions that best fit their market. We also offer fully interoperable SAN solutions which complement and enhance the rest of our storage offerings. I forecast that over the next three years we will see our NAS sales double every 12 months as more and more businesses recognise the benefits of this technology on the efficient operation of their business."

With plans to continue enhancing and developing its NAS portfolio of products and services, Ideal already offers a range of interoperable NAS and SAN solutions from premier vendors such as Snap, Sun Cobalt, Auspex, and Maxattach from Maxtor. ...Ideal Hardware profile

LUMBERTON, NJ, MAY 17, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies accounted for 15% of factory revenue within the fibre channel director-class switch market in 2000, according to IDC's Storage Systems Report published yesterday. The IDC report, "2001 Worldwide Fibre Channel Hub and Switch Market Forecast and Analysis, 1998-2004", also predicts that INRANGE will likely be the fastest growing storage networking company for 2001, on the strengths of its product offerings, market timing, and sales model.

A new entrant to the fibre channel hub and switch market in 2000, INRANGE's success is driven by rapid acceptance of its IN-VSN FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director. The IDC report shows that combined fibre channel hub and switch market revenues grew to $694 million in 2000 in factory revenue, a 194% increase over 1999. The director-class category of the market outpaced this phenomenal growth, increasing nearly 280% to $198 million, and is expected to grow by approximately 90% again in 2001.

"With the market growing 194% in 2000, INRANGE entered the market at an opportune time," noted IDC Research Analyst Eric Sheppard. "Their ability to interface directly with customers has also been instrumental in their growth. It gives them broad insights into product deployment cycles, and has allowed them to get their director to market before OEM qualifications." ...IDC profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile

See also:- Fibre channel switches & hubs

May 17, 2001 - Looking ahead to next week's big event - IDC StorageVision Forum... Robert Infantino, President and CEO of Astrum Software, will provide insights into how storage resource management (SRM) can be used to predict and prepare for future storage infrastructure capability at this year's IDC Storage Forum.

Infantino will present "Storage Resource Management – Predicting the Future" on Thursday, May 24, from 11:10 AM to 12:00 Noon, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California. Infantino's discussion will focus on the need for SRM solutions that help manage storage and system resources efficiently and effectively to stay ahead of an organization's demand on IT. He will present the case that SRM is an intelligent defense against rising storage management costs, minimizing unplanned downtime and optimizing storage resources. He will also educate the audience on how to evaluate current storage assets and discuss success strategies for predicting future storage needs and aligning it to IT infrastructure. ...Astrum Software profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — May 16, 2001 — nStor Technologies today raised the performance bar with the introduction of the NexStor family of Ultra160 SCSI storage systems. Comprised of the 802S/1202S JBOD modules and the 3000S series of RAID systems, this new family powerfully addresses the needs of the SCSI market with industry-leading levels of density, scalability, and performance.

The NexStor 802S and 1202S are JBOD storage systems that provide tremendous storage capacity in a very compact space. The NexStor 802S can support up to eight 1-inch or 1.6-inch drives, providing up to 1.44 TB of storage capacity in only 2U of rack space when utilizing 180 GB drives. The 1202S can support up to twelve 1-inch drives, providing a total of 432 GB of storage capacity in the same 2U form factor. To keep the disk drives (10,000 or 15,000 RPM) cool in such densely packed storage systems, nStor's patent-pending 2U enclosure provides excellent airflow to keep drive temperatures well within recommended ranges.

For companies that require a full RAID solution, the NexStor 802S and 1202S provide an easy upgrade path to the NexStor 3150 SCSI RAID system. ...nStor Technologies profile

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 16, 2001 - Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) today reported financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2001. The company reported second quarter revenue of $11.6 billion, compared to $12.0 billion in last year's second quarter, a decrease of 4% as reported (flat before the effects of foreign currency) and a decline of 3% sequentially.

"Our results continue to be impacted by significant macro-economic challenges and particular weakness in consumer and capital spending in the US and Europe," said Carly Fiorina, chairman, president and chief executive officer. "But we can't pin all of our issues on the economy. We've previously acknowledged the work we're doing in our enterprise business to reinvigorate channel and go-to-market programs. The systemic, structural changes we are making in these areas are not quick fixes, but we're making steady improvement day by day."

Of special interest to STORAGEsearch readers in this release... HP's leading-edge XP storage business posted 60% revenue growth. Overall storage revenues grew a modest 4% due largely to slow growth in HP's mature tape business. HP's OpenView services management software, up 24%, continued to drive software revenues, which increased 9%. ...HP profile

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - May 16, 2001 - Imperial Technology today unveiled Remote Access Monitor, a powerful module that enables remote administration and 24x7 monitoring of its MegaRam™ accelerators from anywhere in the world. Remote Access Monitor greatly enhances system management capabilities in co-location facilities and lights-out environments by using SNMP functionality to communicate with standard enterprise system management packages. Remote Access Monitor supports industry standard SNMP V1 and V2C, assuring compatibility with the industry's premier network management suites such as HP OpenView, Tivoli, and CA-Unicenter. Remote Access Monitor delivers immediate early indications of system irregularities using SNMP traps and Management Information Bases. In the event that a MegaRam metric strays from pre-defined tolerances, the Remote Access Monitor issues a notification to the network management console, enabling immediate notification and appropriate action. Conditions that are monitored include the status of the redundant power supplies and batteries, fans, backup disk, temperature, memory, controller boards, and interface ports.

"Remote monitoring in data centers and in lights-out environments is a critical component of effective system management", said Farid Neema, President of Peripheral Concepts, Inc. "The use of tools such as Imperial's Remote Access Monitor leverage the existing infrastructure and deliver value to enterprises." ...Imperial Technology profile

BURNABY, British Columbia, May 16, 2001- Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. today announces the recent expansion of its sales and marketing team with the appointment of two key positions. Joining the company to the positions of Channel Account Manager and Channel Marketing Manager are Cheryl McReynolds and Sarah Ormerod. This dynamic duo will drive the development and execution of reseller and partner marketing strategies and sales programs for a new line of technology products expected to launch this summer.

According to Kevin O'Reilly, VP of Sales and Marketing, "The reseller channel is extremely important to Merlin with our focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. Cheryl and Sarah bring a depth of experience in developing and managing the reseller channel, experience that will enable Merlin to provide a world class channel."

Cheryl McReynolds brings more than eighteen years of successful IT business experience to the position of Channel Account Manager. Cheryl has been involved with several successful Vancouver start-ups, including Zadall Systems Group (now owned by TechRx), and Crystal Decisions (formerly Seagate Software and Crystal Reports). In her most recent position at Ingram Micro Vancouver, she gained four years of sales management experience, managing an inside sales team, the software licensing team, and over 4,000 technology resellers in western Canada. Cheryl will initially focus on establishing a North American reseller channel designed to ensure the success of Merlin's technology products with resellers.

In her role as Channel Marketing Manager, Sarah Ormerod brings to Merlin a formal marketing background, and IT experience in both the digital imaging and education markets, including positions with Photonet (formerly InMedia Presentations), Ingenuity Works Inc. (formerly VR Didatech), and Chancery Software Ltd. She holds dual degrees from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, including a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. With a strong understanding of IT marketing, Sarah will initially focus on the development and execution of marketing strategies and programs which support Merlin's resellers and partners. ...Merlin Software Technologies profile

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - May 15, 2001 - BakBone Software™, Inc. (TSE: BKB, OTC: BKBOF), a global provider of storage management software, today announced it has completed a round of financing for three million shares. The total value amounts to CDN$15 million, all of it raised from management and existing investors. The use of proceeds will be applied towards, but not limited to, the expansion of BakBone's sales and marketing operations, debt reduction and general working capital.

Archie Nesbitt, BakBone's Board Chairman, said, "Our capital market strategy is taking solid form, and maximizing shareholder value is our primary goal. As we move forward, we will build on our success through a clear go-to-market strategy, enabling us to capitalize on expanding our market share. Gartner Group says the market for storage management software is projected to exceed US$14.7 billion by 2004. BakBone is well positioned to exploit that growth through its aggressive business model. BakBone has the potential to rapidly grow into a segment leader."

Harry Brayne, a director with BakBone and former managing director of NetVault Ltd., acquired by BakBone in March of 2000, will become managing director for the Company while the Company searches for a president and chief operating officer to succeed Jack Corrao. Corrao will leverage his 15 years of experience in strategic sales and alliances to head the newly established global business development division, which includes OEM sales and strategic alliances.

Tony Cerqueira, BakBone's Chief Executive Officer said, "The strides BakBone has made in its first year are truly unparalleled. We have achieved traction through our strategic relationships with the leading channels and vendors throughout the data storage industry. Our commitment to our alliances and OEMs is exemplified by who leads that division, and Jack is the best in the industry for the job. At the same time, we view this as an opportune time to expand our executive management team with the best talent possible." ...BakBone profile

LONDON - May 15, 2001 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced expanded support for the HP, Oracle and Sun platforms at its annual European user's conference. The company is showcasing new platform solutions and demonstrating multivendor interoperability at the conference, addressing the needs of companies implementing computing and storage solutions across multiple hardware and software platforms. These companies can maximize the return on investment in their storage hardware and servers and optimize staffing resources by leveraging software management solutions that deliver improved interoperability.

"Justifying storage purchases based on dubious claims of improved productivity may work in a robust economy, but not when companies must scrutinize every purchase," said Phil Goodwin, program director, META Group. "Instead, IT organizations must demonstrably deliver more -- manage more storage this year than last year, manage more storage per employee, deliver more usable information with less downtime. The secret to improving storage return on investment is not limiting storage growth, but rather implementing the tools and infrastructure to manage more on a pound-for-pound basis."

At VERITAS VISION 2001-EMEA, VERITAS Software is announcing:
  • The complete portfolio of VERITAS Software solutions for Hewlett-Packard Co.'s HP-UX 11i operating system platform
  • The new VERITAS Database Edition for Oracle/Advanced Cluster solution to maximize availability for Oracle Parallel Server environments
  • An expansion of the relationship and breadth of solutions offered by VERITAS Software in conjunction with Sun Microsystems.
...VERITAS profile

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