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ANAHEIM, Calif. - October 31, 2001 - QPS Inc. today announced the completion of a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro UK, a subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, QPS will provide Ingram Micro UK with distribution rights to a broad cross-section of the QPS mass storage range. Products covered by the terms of the agreement will include QPS' FireWire range of external DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and CD-RW drives. The agreement will also provide Ingram Micro UK customers with access to the highly successful Que! range that has played such an instrumental role in supporting QPS' sales growth during the last two years.

"We are extremely pleased that Ingram Micro UK will be the distributor of our mass storage products in the United Kingdom," said Neil Ghadiyaram, director of international sales and vendor relations for QPS. "Our products have been well received internationally, and now we're assured of having a strong distribution and sales channel in an important market."

Following the launch of the agreement, Ingram Micro UK will look to support QPS' venture into the UK's mass storage marketplace by providing the vendor with a range of dedicated sales and marketing support initiatives. This activity will target the growing number of Ingram Micro UK resellers for whom the mass storage marketplace is now identified as a primary area of focus and opportunity. ...Ingram Micro profile, ...QPS profile

Editor's comments:- the UK computer market is approximately equivalent to 14% of the US market in value, so it's a useful extension to many US OEMs, particularly as they don't have to translate the user documentation. Another plus:- the UK is the only country in the G7 which isn't currently in recession...

MILPITAS, CA - October 30, 2001 - Panasonic and GEAR Software announced today that GEAR's highly acclaimed DVD recording products are compatible with Panasonic's 4.7GB DVD-RAM/R drive, the DVDBurner. Combined, the software and dual-technology drive bring rewritable and write-once DVD recording to the industry's broadest range of platforms. Supported operating systems include Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT 4.0, 2000, Linux and UNIX environments.

GEAR PRO DVD for Windows and GEAR PRO with DVD for Unix and Linux provide feature a familiar graphical user interface that enables easy drag-and-drop burning of AV and data files as well as directories to the Panasonic DVDBurner. Applications for these capabilities range from storing text, photos, multimedia files, databases, audio, video and backups to mission-critical archiving, title development, prototyping, and premaster testing.

"GEAR is excited about supporting Panasonic's DVDBurner," said Sam Plummer, GEAR Software's Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development. "GEAR PRO DVD for Windows and GEAR PRO with DVD for Unix already enjoy a wide following among DVD-RAM users, and we feel that the versatility of Panasonic's new DVDBurner will drive the demand even higher."

GEAR also expects that many software developers will also be seeking to embed GEAR's DVD-recording software API in a variety of applications that will target the new Panasonic DVD-RAM/R hardware. In addition to creating 4.7GB DVDs in the Universal Disc Format (UDF), GEAR PRO products support the creation of DVD volumes in ISO 9660 and Hybrid ISO/UDF formats using the Panasonic DVDBurner's Forum-standard DVD-RAM and DVD-R technologies.

With the reuseable bare or cartridge-protected 4.7GB DVD-RAM media users have ultra-high reliability, random-access editing/playback and more than 100,000 write/overwrite cycles. Because DVD-RAM is a physically addressed medium, data can be written to any location on the disc and users can move to specific segments of the disc to edit their work. For secure archiving and small-scale distribution, users can record to write-once 4.7GB DVD-R General media that can be played back by nearly every DVD drive, player and recorder in use today. The Panasonic DVDBurner writes to DVD-R General media at a full 11.08Mb/sec, meeting real-time video requirements.

Pricing, Availability Designed to support Panasonic DVDBurner and DVD-RAM drives with either a SCSI or ATAPI interface, GEAR Pro software is available for immediate delivery through GEAR authorized distributors and resellers worldwide with a suggested retail price of $699 for GEAR Pro DVD v2 and $1.499 for GEAR Pro for Unix. GEAR Pro DVD v2 supports Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT 4.0 and 2000. GEAR Pro for Unix supports Sun/Solaris, HP UX, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, Digital/Compaq and Linux.

The Panasonic DVDBurner is available for immediate delivery to OEMs, authorized channel partners and consumers. The industry-standard combination rewritable and write-once DVD drive has a street price of less than $500. ...GEAR Software profile

MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 30, 2001 – Quantum Corporation today announced that a California Superior Court has issued a Notice of Ruling stating that it will grant a preliminary injunction requiring Imation Corporation to pay Quantum royalties for the use of Quantum's trade secrets. The California State Court in Santa Clara County issued the Notice of Ruling yesterday afternoon in response to Quantum's application for a preliminary injunction. In making his ruling, the Honorable William J. Elfving, judge presiding, found:

"Quantum has demonstrated a reasonable probability of success on the merits of its case at trial. A preponderance of the evidence establishes that Imation is using Quantum's valuable trade secrets without authorization. When Imation first came to Quantum in late 1998, it was incapable of making high quality, highly reliable tape cartridges for use in Quantum's DLT tape™ drives. Over the last two years, Quantum has provided Imation with the trade secrets, tools and resources necessary to become a qualified manufacturer of DLT tape™ cartridges. As a result Imation's tape has improved dramatically from its poor quality in 1999 to the present version, which is of far higher quality. After two years of collecting Quantum's trade secrets and benefiting from their use, Imation has repudiated the License Agreement and is using Quantum's trade secrets without authorization."

Quantum filed its lawsuit on October 3 after Imation announced its intention to sell an unqualified tape media product based on Quantum's DLTtape IV technology and intended for use in DLTtape IV drives. In its lawsuit, Quantum charged that Imation had engaged in misappropriation of Quantum's trade secrets, in deceptive and misleading advertising and in unfair business practices. If Quantum ultimately prevails at trial, Quantum will be seeking a permanent injunction, as well as damages. ...Imation profile, ...Quantum profile

TORONTO - October 30, 2001 - StorageASP Inc. announced today that its data protection service, TERA-Back has been successfully certified by the SunTone Certification and Branding Program. StorageASP Inc. is one of a few storage service providers in North America that has achieved SunTone certification for its services under the newly developed storage specification. The SunTone program, led by Sun Microsystems, Inc., is a collaborative industry effort to define best practices and audit solution providers' infrastructure, operational practices, hardware, software, and overall service delivery. SunTone certification provides a quality "seal of approval," confirming that StorageASP's TERA-Back meets stringent scalability, availability, reliability and performance standards necessary for quality deployment of data protection services. ...StorageASP profile

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Oct. 30, 2001 - DataCore Software Corporation, the leading provider of storage virtualization and networking software, announced today that the company has raised over $30 million in its current round of funding. Vista Equity Partners, based in San Francisco, was the lead investor in the round. New Enterprise Associates and OneLiberty Ventures, the initial institutional investors, also made significant follow-up investments.

"DataCore has the most advanced storage virtualization and storage management offering in the market. Every user we contacted has achieved significant operational savings and a substantial return on investment. Satisfied customers, plus a growing list of major OEM and reseller relationships, made the investment decision in DataCore easy," stated Robert F. Smith, managing principal at Vista Equity Partners.

The company will continue to use its funds to significantly increase its customer base, grow and build upon major OEM and reseller relationships providing 'Powered by DataCore™' solutions to enterprise accounts and expand its global presence in North America, Europe and Asia. "Completing this major financing transaction during these uncertain times underscores the investment community's confidence in our business," said George Teixeira, president and chief executive officer of DataCore. ...DataCore Software profile

ORINDA, CA—October 30, 2001 - Dantz Development Corporation announced today a strategic relationship with The ASCII Group Inc., the world's largest community of independent computer resellers. This relationship positions Dantz as the premier backup software vendor for The ASCII Group's nationwide network of resellers. As a result of the partnership agreement, ASCII Group members gain VIP access to Dantz's channel sales and technical support staff, while Dantz will enjoy exclusive marketing opportunities and preferred product placement with participating ASCII Group member companies. Dantz immediately enhances its ability to provide products to the small and medium business (SMB) market, for which the majority of its backup software is expressly designed.

"Our clients are definitely experiencing a renewed interest in data recovery," said Jill Kerr, president of The ASCII Group Inc. "Their data is no less important to the continuity of their businesses than at the enterprise level. Our clients' demands are simple: they need reliable backup and restore systems that are affordable. Retrospect Backup meets that need."

Craig Isaacs, Dantz's vice president of sales, says that partnering with The ASCII Group will help Dantz reach small and medium businesses, which often do not have a dedicated IT staff. "The ASCII Group represents some 2,000 independent resellers who implement and manage backup systems at small and medium businesses," said Isaacs. "We're committed to delivering the backup tools that these businesses need, and The ASCII Group's leadership in the SMB arena is helping us reach our target market." ...Dantz Development profile, ...The ASCII Group

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - October 30, 2001 - Tricord Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRCD) today announced financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2001. Revenues for the third quarter totaled $110,000. Net loss, which excludes non-cash charges related to the accounting for Series E Preferred Stock, for the third quarter 2001 was $7.2 million, or $0.29 per share, compared to a net loss of $3.4 million, or $0.14 per share, for the third quarter of 2000 and $6.0 million, or $0.25 per share, for the second quarter of 2001. Net cash used by the Company during the third quarter 2001 was $5.4 million, compared to $6.3 million in second quarter 2001. Cash on hand at September 30, 2001 was $21.8 million.

"Despite the difficult market conditions, we made progress during the third quarter in acquiring customers with our initial Lunar Flare NAS product," said Joan Wrabetz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tricord Systems. "We have learned from our early successes, and we are adjusting our product, sales, and channel efforts to focus on the needs of customers in those market segments with the highest likelihood of success. In addition, we continue our aggressive efforts to expand the feature set of Lunar Flare NAS and develop additional product offerings."

"We also took action in September to adjust our operating expense levels," said Wrabetz. "These actions will enable us to reduce quarterly operating expenses by approximately $2 million, while continuing to invest significantly in ongoing product development and customer service." ...Tricord Systems profile

Editor's comments:- the problems for anyone getting into the NAS market nowadays is the fierce competition, but it looks like the company has more than enough cash to see it through the recovery even if that takes another year. Tricord also announced earlier this month, that it has appointed a bunch of European resellers, including:- Solution Centre (UK) who were demonstrating the Lunar Flare product at Storage Expo, CYCMA (Spain), CCG Europe BV (The Netherlands) and NewNet (France).

Munich, Germany / Alexandria, Virginia, USA – October 30, 2001 – Infineon Technologies, the world's leading supplier of ICs for chip cards, today announced that it is supplying secure microcontroller chips used in smart cards now being issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The Infineon chip is a component of the only currently available smart card that meets the stringent requirements specified by DoD, including FIPS 140-1 Level 2 Certification by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The DoD Common Access Card (CAC) is being rolled out as the single standard means of physical identification, building access and computer network access for approximately four million civilian and military employees and outside contractors. ...Infineon Technologies profile

DUBLIN, Calif., October 29, 2001 - Sanrise Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries announced today the release of storagetone Data Management Software Suite (DMSS) Version 4.0. Storagetone DMSS sets a new standard for open systems storage management software, eclipsing existing offerings present in today's marketplace. This release represents the latest edition of its industry leading, enterprise-wide, storage management tool set that enables optimal utilization of existing storage resources, and manages heterogeneous storage devices across the breadth of a given organization. sanrise's storagetone DMSS solves the lifecycle challenges associated with the planning, migration, management and operation of a comprehensive storage environment. sanrise began shipping storagetone DMSS Version 4.0 today.

"With the advanced storage management features of storagetone DMSS, we've greatly simplified life for storage administrators," said Rick Clark, vice president of information technology at sanrise. "They no longer need to be proficient in dozens of disparate SAN-vendor management products and instead can dramatically increase their effective utilization of existing storage resources using a centralized and comprehensive storage lifecycle management tool. DMSS 4.0 sets a new benchmark for enterprise-wide storage management which positions sanrise as the definitive vendor neutral market leader in this space."

The entire software platform is written using industry standard Java which provides scalability and portability across different storage infrastructures deployed worldwide. This allows sanrise to offer superior functionality and flexibility over competitive offerings. Storagetone DMSS is comprised of three major components:
  • Storagetone Operating System (OS): the world's first transactional storage operating system that provides the back office infrastructure to manage enterprise storage resources
  • Global Storage Intelligence (GSI) the SAN administrator used as the 'mission control' for all lifecycle events in an enterprise SAN environment
  • Mystoragetone: the Web-based management portal and e-care interface that provides real-time reporting and charting of a business unit's storage resources and associated servers across a given enterprise
...Sanrise profile

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA - October 29, 2001 - InfiniCon Systems, Inc. today announced a product development alliance with Banderacom, the fabless InfiniBand™ semiconductor company. The two companies will collaborate to develop and deploy InfiniBand-based products that enhance the performance, scalability and manageability of computer and storage networks.

"InfiniCon Systems is developing a sharable I/O subsystem using Banderacom's industry-leading IBandit InfiniBand architecture and silicon products," said Phil Murphy, president and co-founder, InfiniCon Systems. "This alliance enables InfiniCon Systems to develop the highest performance InfiniBand enabled sharable I/O subsystems for medium to large data centers. Our offering will reduce total cost of ownership and improve scalability and manageability."

Under the terms of the agreement, Banderacom will provide InfiniCon Systems with its IBandit target channel adaptor (TCA) development system as well as upgrades and early silicon samples of IBandit products for evaluation and qualification. InfiniCon Systems will incorporate Banderacom's IBandit TCA as part of its sharable I/O subsystem. The two companies will collaborate on industry compliance and compatibility testing, and product qualification activities.

"Banderacom's dedication to world-class InfiniBand silicon design and our early entry into the InfiniBand market allow equipment manufacturers such as InfiniCon Systems to quickly develop and deploy these important technologies," said Les Crudele, president and CEO, Banderacom. "As data center demands increase for improved speed, density, scalability and manageability, high performance InfiniBand solutions from industry leaders like Banderacom and InfiniCon Systems are available to meet these challenges."

InfiniCon Systems will incorporate Banderacom's IBandit 4X (10 Gigabit) links into its sharable Fibre Channel and Ethernet line cards. These line cards will be part of InfiniCon Systems' intelligent sharable I/O subsystem that allows non-disruptive exploitation of existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet infrastructures by InfiniBand capable servers. ...Banderacom profile, ...InfiniCon Systems profile

Howell, NJ – October 29, 2001 – Syred Data Systems today announced it has appointed Dror Nahumi as President and Board member. As President, Mr. Nahumi will oversee Syred operations, business development and overall corporate strategy. Mr. Nahumi's background includes the management of various technology companies. In his last position as the president of I-Link, a next generation communication service provider, he led a staff of 260 employees and had budget responsibilities of $40 million.

"The addition of Dror Nahumi to our company has already proved to make significant difference in our ability to support Syred's growth and penetration into the storage market", said Simon Fridmann, CEO and Founder of Syred, "Dror brings the necessary leadership, credibility and experience in building technology companies". "As storage and communications integrate in various technological fronts, Syred is well positioned to support this integration cycle as an end-to-end storage provider", said Mr. Nahumi, "The company is set to present its technological leadership to the market". ...Syred Data Systems profile

October 29, 2001 - Redmond, Washington. Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) today announced that it has shipped its 50,000th FastStor tape library, the revolutionary entry-level DLT/LTO tape storage platform designed to deliver cost-effective, high-density data backup to the open system market. FastStor libraries are shipped both under the ADIC brand and through a number of leading system OEMs including Dell, Fujitsu Siemens and IBM.

"The 50,000 unit milestone is a significant one for any tape automation platform, and FastStor continues to hold a leadership position," commented Robert Abraham, President of Freeman Reports. "In 2000, ADIC led this segment of the tape automation market with a 52% market share."

ADIC's FastStor libraries provide the capacity and performance needed to support a full month or more of unattended backup, allowing smaller installations to enjoy the cost, capacity and up-time benefits traditionally associated with enterprise-level data protection systems. The compact units hold 7 or 22 tapes in an extremely dense, desktop or rack-mountable chassis. In a rack setting, FastStor units allow the mounting of up to 22 cartridges, more than 1.5 TBs of data storage, in only 5 rack units (less than 9 vertical inches). FastStor libraries are available with DLT 1, DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000 and LTO Ultrium drives, delivering throughput speeds of up to 108 GB/hour. List prices for FastStor start at $4,795. ...ADIC profile

MELVILLE, N.Y., October 29, 2001 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that Mark III Systems, Inc. of Bellaire, Texas has signed on as a strategic solution provider to leverage IPStor™ to offer mission-critical storage services such as capacity-on-demand, replication, mirroring, active-active failover, and zero-impact backup in addition to support, education, consulting, and systems integration services. Mark III Systems is a total solutions provider, combining leading-edge products with expert support to ensure maximum benefit from their customer's technology investment. Mark III Systems also provides on-site and off-site server and storage programs, creating custom storage packages by offering a host of world-class services designed to simplify integration and maximize system uptime and utilization.

"Our complete solution philosophy is driven by our high standards. To support those standards in every situation, we make sure the products proposed work seamlessly with one another," said Bill Rickert, Mark III System's vice-president of business development. "Mark III is proud to include IPStor in its portfolio of high performance storage solutions."

"Mark III Systems is a leading storage solutions provider in the Texas area, and with the addition of vital storage services from IPStor, customers can turn to them for a truly one stop shop experience," said Wayne Lam, FalconStor vice president of marketing. "Together, FalconStor and Mark III will bring their customers the benefit of comprehensive, ready-to-deploy solutions without having to look any further."

Mark III Systems joins a growing list of worldwide partners that are being enlisted by FalconStor to introduce IPStor to a wide range of business markets. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Mark III Systems profile

Hoboken, N.J. - October 29, 2001 – NSI® Software today entered the NAS market with the introduction of its Double-Take® for NAS Devices, the only shipping replication product for Windows-powered appliances. The new product provides the data replication technology needed by Fortune 500 companies to protect both server and NAS devices in data critical environments. The company also announced that Compaq is the first company to select and promote the widespread deployment of Double-Take for NAS Devices.

Enterprises relying on NAS to protect critical data and applications can now exploit the replication power of Double-Take to cost-effectively move and protect data to an off-site location anywhere in the world with minimal impact on network or system performance. In addition, through its partnership with NSI Software, Compaq will support NSI Software's Double-Take for NAS on all shipping Compaq NAS products.

"Compaq's Universal Network Storage solutions provide highly scalable, high performance and continuously available network attached storage for departmental and enterprise architectures", said John Young, vice president of Compaq's Network Attached Storage division. "Our relationship with NSI Software will allow Compaq customers to benefit from the comprehensive host-based data replication features of Double-Take for NAS."

Available immediately, NSI Software's Double-Take combines continuous real-time data replication and automatic failover capabilities to provide high-availability, enhanced backup and rapid disaster recovery for NAS devices. Moving forward, Compaq and NSI Software will work together on joint marketing initiatives that offer customers easy means to attain Double-Take and Compaq NAS solutions. ...NSI® Software profile

Bloomington, Minnesota - October 29, 2001 - Software Engineering Corporation, SENCOR, today announced that their engineers have been working on a Linux port which is expected to be complete during the first quarter of 2002.

"We're excited to work with an operating system as open and stable as Linux." said John Canessa, SENCOR's VP of Engineering, "This port will make SENCOR Storage Software easier for Linux-based corporations to support." Jim Lagergren, SENCOR's Director of Strategic Alliances said, "We have had several discussions with some OEMs and ASPs using our solutions, this seemed to be the next logical step."

Software Engineering Corporation currently manufacturers enterprise-wide storage software for organizations which allow users to concurrently manage multiple, distributed RAID and automated libraries from any combination of manufacturers utilizing any combination of storage media (i.e., tape, DVD, MO, CD). SENCOR Storage Software is currently deployed on Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. ...SENCOR profile

Atlanta, Georgia - October 29, 2001 – LSI Logic Corporation today announced the addition of an intelligent, four-channel IDE RAID host bus adapter to its industry-leading line of RAID products. The MegaRAID i4, targeted for cost-sensitive storage environments, offers the same advanced RAID functionality found in today's high-performance PCI SCSI RAID solutions.

"The addition of a truly intelligent IDE RAID solution to the LSI Logic family of MegaRAID adapters allows us to offer our customers an even broader mix of RAID products," said Phil Bullinger, vice president and general manager of the LSI Logic RAID Storage Adapters division. "Its extensive OS support and RAID capabilities of 0, 1, 5 and more position the controller to be the industry's premier high performance, low-cost RAID solution."

With built-in Intel® i960RS I/O processor support, the MegaRAID i4 brings a truly powerful yet low-cost RAID solution to the storage marketplace. The MegaRAID i4 offers two dual channel IDE controllers and supports up to eight drives per adapter. Its half-size form factor makes it the ideal solution for OEMs and system integrators with tight space requirements.

For increased ease of use and flexibility, the MegaRAID i4 features a powerful online RAID management utility (FlexRAID®) giving MegaRAID users expanded flexibility in changing logical drive configuration without interrupting data storage activities. Other standard MegaRAID capabilities offered include: background initialization for faster RAID 5 array setup; Auto Resume, which picks up array rebuild or reconstruction where it left off, if the system shuts down; and random logical drive deletion capabilities without bringing the system down. ...LSI Logic profile

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Megabyte versus the suits
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In the mysterious case of Megabyte and the gray suits, Megabyte had an unfair advantage. He waited until his opponents had worn themselves out attacking the wrong target."

Guest Nibble

How an $8 billion company knocked 8 hours off its backup cycle by using StorageCentral SRM to prune obsolete data from the network...

Tom Fairhurst, Network Administrator, Boise Cascade, International Falls, Minnesota relates his experience with StorageCentral SRM

article contributed by Steven Toole VP of Marketing for WQuinn

StorageCentral SRM paid for itself right out of the box. It helped reduce our primary file server's full backup window by 30% and, likewise, reclaim about 25% of the wasted space on that server. These two events helped us to better prepare for moving our files to our new storage Xiotech Magnitude SAN. Now, StorageCentral SRM is going to help us keep the cost of this very active file area under control as we pay for only the SAN space we need. Up until now, about 1,200 employees at our plant stored their home directories on a Windows NT, 70-gigabyte Gateway file server. It also houses some shared departmental directories and one directory used by the entire plant. However, the window for a full backup had grown to about 24 hours.

Before we could even think of moving any files to the SAN, we felt it necessary to audit the contents of this server by running StorageCentral SRM reports showing the characteristics of files. Reports, such as duplicates, files older than a year, files by media type, and usage by share, enabled us to pinpoint pockets of wasted space and to isolate the problem. Apparently, most of our employees had been dumping every file they had to their home directory just in case they needed a file down the road. Immediately we launched a clean-up campaign, telling everyone we'd be allocating 150-megabytes for home directory space, and holding everyone to his or her space allocation. We added that they'd have a month to go through their files and get rid of what they didn't need or to us see about having files burned to CD.

If a home directory exceeded the 150-megabyte amount, I used StorageCentral SRM to send the employee a report via (an Excel spreadsheet) listing his or her files. Making sure employees didn't move their files in the departmental shared folders became a key concern to us. Once a week we ran StorageCentral SRM reports to see if the size of the home directories decreased and the size of the shared folders increased. Everyone cooperated; the helpdesk phone didn't get many calls. Those employees who truly needed more space got it. Within a month, we freed up about 20 gigabytes of wasted space. Overall, for every employee whose files we archived, we had six employees who found they didn't need to keep a lot of files.

Reducing this amount of space enabled us to chop eight hours off our backup window. So, we could now do a full back on Friday night rather than waiting for the weekend. During the week, we backup only the changes since the last backup. Next, we turned on StorageCentral SRM's ability to monitor the amount of space everyone used. As employees reach 90 percent of their space allocation, StorageCentral SRM sends them a message saying how much space they have left, and what they need to do in order to free up space. If employees hit their space limit, they can save what they are working, but must free up space or call the helpdesk. Employees understand the reason they need to stay within their limit and take the appropriate measures to do so. Meanwhile, we'll need to use StorageCentral SRM on the SAN to maintain good file management practices to shrink our backup window even further. In fact, since the tape library will be directly attached to the SAN, we can backup files faster than relying on files traveling across the network. To this end, the logistics of avoiding backing up unnecessary files means more to us than the shrinking cost of disk space.

We also plan to use the same type of home directory space allocation and monitoring procedures on the SAN. Of course, we plan to put in similar procedures for shared departmental folders. By running StorageCentral SRM reports across each shared departmental folder, we can easily determine how much space we should allocate to each folder. We also plan to have the alerts go to those employees who are responsible for each folder. StorageCentral SRM's file blocking feature will help us automatically to enforce some of the company's policies for where employees can store their files. For example, employees aren't supposed to store digital images in their home directories, but in shared departmental folders for digital images. With StorageCentral SRM, we can set filters on certain media file types, and designate the areas that are to be blocked from storing these files types, or designate those areas that can accept these file types. If employees try to save a blocked file type in their home directory, they'll get a warning message saying why they can't store that file.

Our initial research about StorageCentral SRM gave our us the impression it was a top-rated product. Our experience with StorageCentral SRM confirms this to be true.

about the customer site:-

...Boise Cascade Corp, based in Boise, Idaho, ranks as the country's largest integrated manufacturer and distributor of paper and wood products. The company is also a major U. S. distributor of office products and building materials. Boise Cascade owns and manages more than 2 million acres of timberland in the U.S, ensuring the protection of all wildlife, plants, soil, and air and water quality. The company's premier pulp and paper mills make their home in International Falls, Minnesota. In fact, the company is one of the largest employers in northern Minnesota. Boise Cascade had revenue of $8 billion for fiscal year 2000.

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LSI Logic Storage Systems, one of the largest and fastest growing storage companies in the world, builds and markets the fastest storage systems and most sophisticated storage applications for today's data-intensive, multi-vendor computing environment.
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