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SUNNYVALE, Calif. - May 31, 2002 - Silicon Image, Inc. today announced that McDATA™ Corporation has incorporated the SiI™ 2020A™ Fibre Channel SerDes in its new 2 Gb/s Intrepid™ 6000 Series Director and Sphereon™ 3000 Series Fabric Switches. Leveraging Silicon Image's core high-speed, serial-link technology, the SiI 2020A offers the industry's lowest power consumption and superior jitter performance in the smallest footprint available.

The SiI 2020A slashes power consumption by as much as 75% compared to competitive offerings, enabling customers to build more efficient and cost-effective Fibre Channel switch products. As switch port densities increase, power becomes an increasingly critical issue. Packing a large number of SerDes on a single board or module typically requires the addition of special fans or heat sinks to counteract the resulting heat problems, adding greater cost and complexity to the switch. By significantly reducing the need for such cooling mechanisms, the SiI 2020A optimizes reliability while lowering system costs. ...McDATA profile, ...Silicon Image profile

Basingstoke, UK - May 31, 2002 - Hammer plc is offering the UK channel products from VERITAS Software's Backup, Clustering and Replication, File and Volume Management, and Application Specific families. VERITAS Software storage management solutions offer interoperability across diverse applications, servers, storage hardware and appliances and ranks among the top 10 software companies in the world, as measured by market capitalisation and revenue.

Commercial Channel Manager for VERITAS Software UK, Helen Wood, comments, "We chose Hammer because it is a strategic specialist and understands how to implement our current sales focus. Together, we are concentrating on partnering with key resellers, which Hammer already have eleven years relationship with, to develop true Data Protection sales opportunities. Backup is only one area within this portfolio of application availability and disaster recovery solutions. Hammer's newly established software team is staffed by software experts with long-term expertise of VERITAS, which will allow us to continue to be the largest storage management software provider in the UK." ...Hammer Distribution profile, ...VERITAS Software profile

May 30, 2002 - CST, Inc today announced shipment of the new "PC2700/DDR333-DIMM Clock Reference Board". This "Clock Reference Board", endorsed by JEDEC, is designed to serve as a test vehicle especially for memory module designers and module manufacturers. Its purpose is to "fine tune" memory module assembly during validation. The reference board is also targeted as a qualification vehicle for PC system producers.

The Clock reference board consists of a clock generator which generate several buffered clock output signals. The clock signals are routed to the DDR-DIMM module test socket and to the "Reference Net Circuit". An Oscilloscope is used for the waveform measurement at the DDR-SDRAM. These measured waveforms are then compared against measurement taken from the "Reference Net circuit" for time delays and skew. CST Inc built all the Clock Reference Boards in one batch to ensure consistency. A "Golden" Board will be maintained to support future builds. ...CST profile

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - May 30, 2002 - The organizers of the 9th annual Network Storage Conference have just announced a 50% discount off the full admission price for end-users and channels within the IT community. Persons qualifying for the discount include enterprise storage users, IT managers and systems administrators, VARs, distributors, systems integrators and overseas agents. This year's must-attend event will be held on June 17-20, at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, Calif. Details are obtainable by e-mailing conference organizers at:

"We are happy to offer qualified end-users and channels a discount to this year's conference," commented Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts and show chairman. "They are the life blood of our community and the discount is an acknowledgment of the important role that they play in the IT landscape."

More than 400 managers and top executives are expected to attend this year's event. This year, Adaptec, Hewlett-Packard, Quantum, EMC, Seagate and IBM will be among the participants, with scheduled keynote addresses from Robert Schultz, chief operations officer of Adaptec, and Tom Rallens, general manager at Hewlett-Packard.

The theme of this year's event is Secure Storage In a High Bandwidth Networking Infrastructure and will offer exhibits from a variety of leading-edge storage manufacturers, as well as a series of informative seminars, debates and roundtable discussions focusing on technology, end-user applications and financial issues as they directly relate to the storage industry. ...9th annual Network Storage Conference, ...Peripheral Concepts profile

Austin, Texas - May 29, 2002 - Banderacom, the leading fabless InfiniBand semiconductor company, today announced the appointment of Greg Dahl as vice president of marketing. Dahl brings extensive technology marketing experience to Banderacom, including executive positions with Tricord Systems and StorageTek.

"Greg's background in storage and systems brings additional depth to Banderacom's executive team," said Les Crudele, president and chief executive officer of Banderacom. "Greg has proven leadership in creating marketing strategies for companies in cutting-edge technology markets, and this has helped drive the success of some of the storage industry's best-known brands. His insight and experience will be essential as the first wave of InfiniBand servers deploy later this year."

"Banderacom is uniquely positioned as an early performance leader in InfiniBand," said Dahl. "The Banderacom team has done a great job of delivering solutions into this high-growth space and I look forward to helping further drive Banderacom's leadership position."

Dahl was most recently vice president of marketing and business development for Tricord Systems, where he was responsible for establishing the company as a leader in storage management and appliances, as well as developing new solutions through OEM partnerships. Prior to this, Dahl was vice president of sales and marketing for StorageTek's Storage Networking Business Group where he oversaw the SAN business. ...Banderacom profile

Enterprise Storage Strategies Conference Vienna V.A. - May 29, 2002 - Precise Software Solutions announced today that Precise's patented real-time TruStor quota management technology has been licensed by Microsoft Corp. to enhance its existing disk space quota management technology in a future version of the Windows operating system. TruStor is the real-time quota management technology in Precise/StorageCentral SRM. This addition will enable Microsoft Windows customers to experience the benefits of controlling storage growth with Precise's real-time quota management technology, reaffirming Precise/StorageCentral SRM as the leading Windows-based solution.

In 2001, Microsoft licensed and embedded Precise's quota management technology into the Windows Powered line of products developed specifically for leading manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, and IBM to build NAS devices. Under the terms of the agreement announced today, Microsoft plans to incorporate Precise's patented TruStor Windows quota management technology into a future version of the Windows operating system. Precise's quota management technology is a highly effective SRM solution that allocates reasonable amounts of storage space for users, applications, and devices, providing high availability and controlled storage growth through automated alerts at critical thresholds.

"Having the ability to manage disk space quotas at a fine-grained level and across the enterprise is very valuable to our customers," said Ben Fathi, director of Core File Services at Microsoft. "Working with Precise to provide its TruStor quota management technology to every Windows operating system customer highly complements the value of our solution." ...Microsoft profile, ...Precise Software Solutions profile

OAKDALE, Minn. - May 29, 2002 - Imation Corp. today announced that the company, Quantum Corporation and Maxell have settled all legal claims between the companies over the qualification, production and sale of DLTtape™ media products. Quantum and Imation also have committed to completing qualification of Imation as a manufacturer of DLTtape media. As a result of the settlement, Imation has dismissed its antitrust lawsuit against Quantum and Maxell. All counterclaims filed by Quantum and Maxell arising from this dispute have also been withdrawn as part of the settlement. The settlement will benefit Imation's ongoing business results. Imation also announced its intention to enter the market with Super DLTtape products as part of this settlement.

Quantum and Imation issued the following joint statement regarding the settlement: "Both companies are pleased that this dispute has been settled. We reaffirm our commitment to serving the needs of customers for high quality, reliable tape products and expanding the DLTtape media market in a competitive environment. We also look forward to Imation's continued participation in this market as a manufacturer of DLTtape media once it completes qualification."

"This settlement is a win-win for all parties," said Bill Monahan, Imation Chairman and CEO. "It is positive for Imation, our shareholders and customers as it enables us to compete profitably in the DLTtape and Super DLTtape™ markets in 2002 and beyond. The settlement also gives us a solid basis to work with the other companies to strengthen the DLTtape market." ...Imation profile, ...Maxell profile, ...Quantum profile

Sunnyvale, CA - May 28, 2002 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced it has been selected by the InfiniBand™ Trade Association (IBTA) steering committee to be a sponsoring member of the IBTA. This announcement highlights the company's ongoing commitment to develop and promote technology standards that could fundamentally change the way network storage solutions share, store, and access information.

Network Appliance has been developing technologies and storage solutions that leverage the performance and flexibility of InfiniBand including DAFS, a file access protocol developed by more than eighty member companies and spearheaded by Network Appliance. DAFS technology was designed specifically to utilize transport technologies like InfiniBand to dramatically increase data availability, scalability, and flexibility across the network. This is especially important for global enterprise users that must continually store and rapidly access critical information including financial databases, manufacturing blueprints, or satellite mapping images. ...InfiniBand Trade Association profile, ...Network Appliance profile

WESTBOROUGH, MA - May 28, 2002 - TidalWire Inc. and McDATA Corporation today announced terms of an agreement whereby TidalWire will acquire McDATA's Host Bus Adapter business effective June 1, 2002. The strategic relationship between the two companies leverages McDATA's industry-leading SAN hardware, software management and support with TidalWire's superior HBA fulfillment and support capabilities. Under the terms of the agreement, McDATA will outsource its Host Bus Adapter business to TidalWire and has appointed TidalWire as its provider of HBA services worldwide. McDATA previously managed customer HBA requirements internally.

Effective June 1, McDATA field sales representatives will direct customer HBA requirements and technical support to TidalWire. For its part, TidalWire will dedicate trained sales and technical support staff to provide McDATA-referenced customers with expert pre- and post-sale HBA product information, as well as extended warranty technical support. TidalWire will maintain extensive inventory positions of HBA Attach Kits on McDATA's approved product matrix and ensure same-day shipping and delivery services to customers worldwide.

"For over five years, TidalWire has dedicated itself to becoming the leader in storage networking product distribution," said Jeff Brandes, TidalWire president and CEO. "Our focus on total customer SAN success has gained us the trust and support of industry leaders like EMC, Emulex, JNI and QLogic. McDATA's selection of TidalWire for its HBA distribution is a clear indication of our success at building a true world-class infrastructure for our partners. We are excited and look forward to extending this high-growth HBA business with McDATA." ...McDATA profile, ...TidalWire profile

ORINDA, CA - May 28, 2002 - Dantz Development Corporation announced today that the Maxtor MaxAttach™ NAS storage servers have been certified by Dantz with the award-winning Dantz Retrospect backup software. Because the MaxAttach NAS is based on Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server Appliance Kit operating system, it has quickly attracted best-in-class backup solutions. Dantz Retrospect is a significant new offering for MaxAttach customers because of its unique Progressive Backup technology and its built-in support for detecting and backing up notebook computers.

Retrospect provides comprehensive backup support to MaxAttach NAS storage servers in two different scenarios. Firstly, Retrospect can be run on the MaxAttach NAS products to backup networks of Windows and Macintosh desktops, servers, and notebooks to the MaxAttach storage server or to a local SCSI tape backup device. Alternatively, Retrospect can back up files from the MaxAttach NAS to a tape backup device attached to a separate backup server. ...Dantz Development profile,...Maxtor profile

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - May 28, 2002 - Imperial Technology announced today it is working with QLogic Corporation to make SANs more affordable. Small and medium businesses can set up an entry-level application accelerator for applications such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, using the QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 1000 and an Imperial file cache accelerator for less than $35,000.

Imperial's SANaccelerator® is a storage-centric architectural component where critical "hot files" are locked into a dedicated cache to ensure they are instantly available 100% of the time. In transaction-intensive database and OLTP applications, Imperial's accelerators quickly eliminate I/O bottlenecks and improve system throughput, thereby reducing the need for additional servers and increasing productivity.

"Companies with large databases or transaction-oriented applications can save significant hardware dollars by architecting-in the SANaccelerator from the beginning," said Robert David, president and CEO of Imperial Technology. "In many cases, substantial savings occur from reduced CPU-based licensing fees, server hardware, and storage array requirements. In fact, some of our clients have freed up more than 60% of their servers after the installation of our accelerators."

The QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit 1000, a turn-key SAN infrastructure, is comprised of everything a small- to medium-sized business needs to get started in connecting their first storage network, including QLogic SANbox™ 8 port switch, four SANblade® 2200 Series HBAs, fiber optic cables and GBIC connectors, device driver software, documentation and computer based training CD. Combined with Imperial's SANaccelerator the system provides a total performance package. The QLogic SAN Connectivity Kit is fully certified for interoperability with the MegaRam and SANaccelerator products.

"This is a perfect example of a SAN solution that a small or medium business can use to accelerate application performance while reducing hardware and management costs," said Frank Berry, vice president of corporate marketing for QLogic. "Enterprises can also use a configuration to get their feet wet in Fibre Channel storage networking and scale up to larger more sophisticated configurations as their needs grow." ...Imperial Technology profile, ...QLogic profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - May 28, 2002 - Quantum Corp. today announced the formation of Quantum Academy, a new program that focuses on increasing revenues to resellers through best-in-class marketing and sales support tools. By combining the most successful features from Quantum's former SnapAccess and M1500 reseller programs, Quantum Academy program offers resellers of its Storage Solutions Group products a single comprehensive source for online training, technology, product and marketing information. Together, Quantum Academy program and Quantum's portfolio of tape automation and NAS products will allow resellers to fulfill customers' storage solution needs from the desktop to the data center. ...Quantum Academy, ...Quantum profile

PHOENIX, AZ. - May 28, 2002 - Adtron Corporation introduces the highest capacity hard disk storage subsystem available on a single slot cPCI 6U plug-in card. The card provides direct attached storage for real-time applications, including factory automation, test and measurement, and control system computing platforms operating in environments that permit the use of hard disk drives. Product model SC6H integrates a SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM and up to 120 GBytes of hard disk storage on a single cPCI card.

"Adtron developed the SC6H specifically to meet the capacity requirements and cost sensitivity of commercial cPCI applications. This model combines two low cost standard IDE hard disk drives into one SCSI logical unit to deliver high capacity and to take advantage of the SCSI storage support built into real-time operating systems. This approach makes it very easy to install, update and maintain a cPCI-based storage subsystem," says Alan Fitzgerald, President of Adtron.

The SC6H SCSI-based subsystem may be configured for operation either through the cPCI bus using the onboard SCSI controller with boot BIOS ROM, or through the system SCSI host via J5 as an ultra-wide LVD or SE SCSI peripheral. Simple installation and single slot size eliminates external drive mounting brackets and cabling, thereby increasing overall system integrity. OEM pricing for an 80 GByte system is $1,200. Lead time is stock to eight weeks ARO. ...Adtron profile

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 28, 2002 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced the successful interoperability testing of StorageSmart, by IBM ProFibre Storage Array family of RAID subsystems, with FalconStor's IPStor software. The ProFibre line is designed for environments that require fast data transfer and high data availability, such as SAN, NAS and clustered server database platforms. IPStor complements ProFibre with SAN-based services over Fibre Channel, IP/iSCSI, and NAS-based service over the NFS and CIFS protocols. Combining ProFibre with IPStor can provide a robust networking storage infrastructure solution that offers high availability, performance, security, scalability and a complete set of storage services for rapid data recovery.

"Our customers value the high performance backend storage architecture and worldwide support offered with the ProFibre line and the flexibility that IPStor provides for provisioning network attached storage via protocols like Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS," said Corey Preville, chief operating officer at storage integrator Cordata, Inc. "Using IPStor software and ProFibre RAID subsystems together, we can deliver an outstanding high availability storage solution with the flexibility and performance that our enterprise customers demand." ...FalconStor Software profile

May 28, 2002 - a new article by M-Systems was published today on, called "Rugged & Reliable Data Storage: Solid-State Flash Disks (F-SSD) overview". All solid state disks are not created equal and it's important to understand the wear out and stress factors which may limit the operational life of these products when used in military environments. However, when used correctly they may typically outlast a winchester drive by a factor of about 3 times. In smaller storage capacities the SSD takes up less space, is lighter, uses less power, runs faster and quieter.... and may in fact cost less than the alternatives. ...M-Systems profile

Milpitas, Calif. - May 28, 2002 -LSI Logic Storage Systems. is addressing customer concerns about data protection by adding extensive replication features to its SANtricity™ Storage Manager software. SANtricity Storage Manager enables centralized administration, consolidation and online management of customers' storage. With the release of SANtricity 8.20 and its expanded replication capabilities, customers can minimize the potential for data loss through real-time remote volume mirroring between two different storage arrays. An exact copy of critical data can be mirrored from the primary data center to a remote location using high-speed Fibre Channel connections.

"Backup and protection of critical information assets are vital concerns in today's business environment," said Flavio Santoni, vice president of sales and marketing, LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. "Our SANtricity Storage Manager software has historically delivered an exceptional level of data protection. Now, with version 8.20, we are delivering on our promise to provide our customers with a complete replication suite that has a remarkably low total cost of ownership and can be used without expensive upgrades to existing storage platforms."

The SANtricity 8.20 remote volume mirroring feature is available now for LSI Logic's E4600 and E4400 storage systems and complements existing snapshot, SANshare™ Storage Partitioning and Dynamic Volume Expansion capabilities. Snapshot provides an immediate point-in-time image of a volume, while SANshare Storage Partitioning enables storage consolidation in heterogeneous server environments. Dynamic Volume Expansion allows existing volumes to be increased in size online without host reboot or other disruption to service. ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

Kanata, Ontario, Canada - May 28, 2002 - Dy 4 Systems, a division of Force Computers has introduced the first Fibre Channel PMC module that is user-configurable to operate in two-channel (dual independent) or single-channel (dual redundant) mode. Known as the PMC-643, it supports Class 2 and 3 Fibre Channel (FC) and also a broad suite of standards-based protocols that include SCSI, IP and VI (Virtual Interface). VI is an ANSI standard providing a lightweight, low-latency protocol for data communications and has strong industry support.

In two-channel mode, the PMC-643 offers two fully independent Fibre Channel connections and can support operation of SCSI and IP or SCSI and VI on each connection. In single-channel mode, the PMC-643 employs a port bypass switch for failover protection and is capable of supporting concurrent operation of all three protocols. Furthermore, retimers employed in the module minimize jitter to data signals by retiming the data to the local reference clock.

Designed for defense and aerospace applications where high system throughput, speed and reliability are needed, the PMC-643 doubles the data transfer rate of many existing PMC modules to 400MBytes/sec. by incorporating the Qlogic ISP2312 intelligent FC controller. Total throughput is 2Gbits/sec. via the front panel or 1Gbit/sec. through the backplane on rugged conduction-cooled models. In addition, the new PMC-643 maximizes true high-speed communications capacity by connecting to the host basecard through a 64-bit, 66MHz PCI bus—the fastest available.

The PMC-643 is supported by Dy 4's PowerPC™ 7410 processor-based single board computer and builds on the state-of-the-art FC controller technology pioneered by Dy 4. Available in air- and conduction-cooled models, the PMC-643 supports VxWorks® and drivers are available for the SCSI, IP and VI protocols. PMC-643 modules will be available July 2002. Pricing starts at US$3,875. ...Dy 4 Systems , ...Force Computers profile

San Jose, CA - May 28, 2002 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced its participation in the EMC Developers Program™. With this relationship, TrueSAN is working with EMC to bring the advanced storage management capabilities of TrueSAN's Cloudbreak Storage Operating System to storage network infrastructures based on EMC's information storage systems. As a member of the EMC Developers Program, TrueSAN gains access to EMC's WideSky™ APIs as well as interfaces for EMC's CLARiiON® and Symmetrix® information storage systems and software.

"Our relationship with EMC underscores our mutual commitment to open storage management," stated Tom Isakovich, President and CEO of TrueSAN. "This important milestone for TrueSAN supports our goal of providing enterprises with an end-to-end solution for simplifying and optimizing heterogeneous storage networks. By partnering with industry leaders such as EMC, TrueSAN is ensuring that SANs remain open and deliver on their ROI promise." ...EMC profile, ...TrueSAN Networks profile

TOKYO, JAPAN - May 28, 2002 - Elpida Memory, Inc. announced today the availability of high-performance WTR (Wide Temperature Range) Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices for use in automotive GPS, remote communications, and industrial applications. The WTR SDRAMs offer the same functionality and compatibility as standard SDRAM devices, but operate at a much wider range of ambient temperatures (TA= -40 to 85°C) versus standard SDRAM (TA= 0 to 70°C). This makes Elpida WTR SDRAMs ideal for any type of high-performance system that is subject to harsh temperature extremes.

"High-performance computing has expanded from the desktop into many different form factors and operating environments, and there is a strong demand for SDRAM modules that perform flawlessly under a wide range of environmental conditions," said Jun Kitano, director of Technical Marketing for Elpida Memory (USA) Inc. "Elpida is responding to these demands with WTR SDRAMs that are robust enough for almost any application. By utilizing the most advanced circuit design techniques, our WTR SDRAM products offer the same performance and compatibility as standard SDRAMs, but under extreme temperatures."

Elpida's WTR SDRAMs achieve high-speed data transfer using a pipelined 133 Mhz Synchronous DRAM architecture. They are available in 128-Megabit and 256-Megabit densities, and even with their WTR SDRAM functionality, customers are not required to implement a specialized SDRAM controller. This simplifies testing for motherboard and system vendors who design for both standard and rugged environments. The products are packaged in 54-pin TSOP (II). ...Elpida Memory profile
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earlier news (archive)
Fastest growing companies
Squeak! - The fastest growing profitable storage companies in the US - 2002.
For a pro, like Megabyte, picking winners was just a question of pulling the right handles.

Nibble: Is the Recovery Going to be Worse for Storage Vendors than the Recession?

In looking over the financial reports from hundreds of US storage companies in recent weeks, I couldn't help feeling a sense of unease. Those storage companies which are growing and making money are a rare breed.

Is the IT Recession really over?

Well, apart from some headline basket cases, it seems that way. There are more disk drives being shipped than ever before, and there are plenty of companies with very high revenue growth rates. The only problem is, that almost no one is making any money out of selling computer systems or storage. We're reporting daily on new rounds of VC investments going into storage companies, so that's another sign that the market is on an upward curve. I worry that we could be heading into a kind of doomsday scenario where demand for storage grows, and the amount spent on storage increases but still no one manages to make any profit.

Organizations do crazy things sometimes. In World War I, after years of trench warfare produced no gain in territory, the allies made the cynical calculation that if they continued to pour men into bloody battle at the same rate as the Germans, they would still win the war, simply because they could afford to lose more men.

There are more companies than ever fighting for market share in every product category. That's good for buyers because they can shop around for bargain products which exactly suit their needs. Most startup storage companies are finding that the new, unique product ideas which they thought up two to three years ago when writing their business plans, were also thought of by maybe a dozen or so other companies. And some of those other startups have already been acquired by bigger more established vendors. So the clock to gain market share is ticking.

The lesson of Dell can't be ignored. You can gain market share and be profitable by being the low cost supplier. But most companies haven't got the time to reach profitability, or become the most efficient producer, and will be tempted to use learning curve pricing on its own to crank up their revenue. That will only work as long as their cash keeps flowing.

As the size of the storage market increases, and the prize of winning market share becomes more tempting, there's a growing risk that companies will do crazy things equivalent to sending more troops over the top in WWI. It wasn't worth it then, and it's not worth it now. Managers in storage companies should look hard at what they're doing and start focusing more on profitability than revenue. Otherwise their companies won't have a future.

TMC-The Mate Company
TMC-The Mate Company, with headquarters in Glendale, California, manufactures an extensive range of cables, adapters, converters and terminators for fibre-channel and SCSI.

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