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Micron samples auto-market endurance compliant mSATA SSDs
Editor:- November 4, 2014 - Ever since the first microprocessors and MOS memories were marketed in the early 1970s - it was realized that systems designers in mission critical embedded applications would need some kind of reassurance from the makers of such chips that their new devices would still be operating reliably at some time in the remote future.

These new semiconductor devices self evidently had no proven market track record.

Due to the undesirability (from an industrial chipmakers point of view) of waiting 7 to 10 elapsed years to collect the real-time reliability evidence which would convince industrial users it was safe to design these new products into their systems - by which time they would be EOL and long forgotten - the semiconductor industry evolved theoretical methods to satisfy customers in such markets much sooner.

These marketing techniques centered around accelerated life tests - which involved extreme temperature cycling - supported by physics based models which explained how the breakdown mechanisms in the new chips were accelerated at extreme temperatures - compared to their normal operational use.

I was reminded of those extrapolated life techniques today - because they are at the core of a document called - non-volatile memory program/erase endurance, data retention, and operating life test 2012 (pdf) - which is part of a set of standards for automotive electronics - from an ORG called the AEC.

This had been mentioned in a press release today from Micron - who is sampling a new automotive-grade SSD - the M500IT (pdf) (2.5" / mSATA - industrial grade SSD) - whose memory components and the SSD itself have been acceleration life tested according to the methods described along with the nostalgic sounding (to me) stress inducing checkerboard test data patterns which I remember having used in industrial control systems back in 1980.

Having said that - a good reality check I heard from a long term veteran of flash memory (the co-founder of FMJ) earlier this year - is that aesthetically plausible geometric R/W test patterns - such as those used to verify SSD controller compatibilities with new flash memories for example - aren't always the stressiest patterns which will break the memory.
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