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Quarch Technology

Quarch Technology Ltd, headquartered in Aviemore, Scotland, is a world leading supplier of automated test tools for Storage Systems. Our scalable test systems enable manufacturers and re-sellers of data storage to get to market faster with a more reliable product. Our ground breaking and highly customisable solutions can be tailored to our customers needs, allowing the system to achieve a very rapid return on investment in any test environment.

See also:- Quarch Tech's NVMe Plugfest testing page
  • editor's comments:- March 2010 - among other things Quarch Technology makes SAS / SATA testers which automate the testing of arrays of 2.5" and 3.5" storage drives. The testers can automate plugging / pulling of drives to simulate hot swaps and can insert pre-programmed fault conditions.
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Surviving SSD sudden power loss

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how to avoid hot pluggable PCIe SSD failures
Editor:- December 3, 2013 - What happens if you test PCIe SSDs for their sensitivity to data corruption or even failure - in the event of sudden power loss?

You'd think that with more hot pluggable products coming into the market -especially in the 2.5" form factor - that the experimental outcomes would be known by the designers and problems debugged so that users wouldn't have to worry.

In August 2013 Quarch Technology launched some special test equipment to inject power related faults into PCIe SSDs - and the company today announced it has extended this range to automate power line error testing of PCIe SFF SSDs.

Andy Norrie, Technical Director at Quarch Technology told me that "Almost every combination of test kit we have tried in Quarch (a number of friendly customers lent us kit and eval drives to get the new module up and running) has failed in some way. Sometimes failing to come back up again nicely, sometimes with a full BSOD which will almost certainly have risked data loss."

Now add another dimension into the matrix... time.

Because like the scrambled egg and the bacon sandwich - the attractiveness of SSD raw ingredients in the market mix varies according to when you look.

Luckily for those of us in the SSD clairvoyancy business not every imaginable throw of the SSD technology dice will yield a viable market combination - but (as you are seeing already) that still generates a babble of SSD chatter about when's the best time to crack the egg or eat the sandwich.
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