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Editor's note:- when checking out Ramaxel's home page in January 2018 I got warnings from both Norton and Google that the web pages had been blocked due to suspicious activities. So I have removed the orginal links below. If I find a more up to date and reliable link for the company I'll look at it again.

Ramaxel Technology - circa 2012

Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Shenzhen, PRC - Ramaxel Technology has been the #1 DRAM maker in China for 14 consecutive years. In recent years it has become the #2 independent DRAM module supplier worldwide. Ramaxel's product portfolio includes dynamic and static RAM, SSDs, flash cards and motherboards. The company also provides custom design, development and production services.

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Who's who in SSD? - Ramaxel - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - October 2012

Among other things Ramaxel Technology currently offers SSDs in these markets:- 2.5" SSDs, mSATA SSDs, and fast PCIe SSDs.

I hadn't heard of Ramaxel's activities in the SSD market until recently. So I asked a company spokesperson to tell me some more about their plans and their enterprise SSD product architecture.

The company started investing significant resources into SSD design 3 years ago and they say they would like to achieve the same kind of leading supplier position within the SSD market which they have already achieved in DRAM modules.

Re the internal design of their fast PCIe SSD (I've seen the datasheet but only an outline picture is on their site at the present time). This product uses small controller architecture - with 8x small native PCIe SSD controllers inside which connect to an onboard PCIe switch to bind them into one.

Re the RAM cache flash architecture - the PCIe SSD is a regular flash SSD. The ratio of flash memory to RAM cache is around 500ppm-1000ppm.

Selected mentions of Ramaxel from SSD history

In June 2012 - a report in said that "Lenovo's recently-introduced ultrabook models use SSDs developed by Ramaxel Technology and controllers manufactured by SandForce."

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Ramaxel said they would like to achieve the same kind of leading supplier position within the SSD market which they have already achieved in DRAM modules.

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RAM has changed from being tied to a physical component to being a virtualized systems software idea - and the concept of RAM even stretches to a multi-cabinet memory fabric.
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