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SSD news - June 22 - 30, 2012

Software is key to SSD innovation - says Virident

Editor:- June 29, 2012 - Dedupe and fibre-channel are some of the innovations discussed in a new blog by Jeff Sosa, Director of Product Management, Virident Systems who poses the question - is flash storage an incremental or a radical innovation?

Sosa's article goes on to say - "The 'radical' innovation in the host-attached flash storage marketplace today comes from products that not only access flash through a PCIe connection, but also bypass storage protocols to drive new levels of performance and enable new functionality not previously imagined." the article

See also:- SSD software, SSD - Legacy vs New Dynasty

Important update to DSP IP in SSD ECC article

Editor:- June 28, 2012 - after publishing my article about DSP techniques inside MLC SSDs - I realized that some of you would want to know a lot more about the subject than I know or have time to write about about.

So yesterday I asked Gregory Wong founder of Forward Insights if he could add anything for our readers - and also which of his many reports would be appropriate for someone who needs to dive more deeply into this subject?

You can see what he said in this important update on the home page of

Tegile publishes ESG test report

Editor:- June 27, 2012 - Tegile Systems, has gone to a lot of trouble to pay ESG to test their Zebi storage arrays and tell you how well they work.

They published the report results here today.

Such a shame they make you sign up to read a copy. I guess we'll never know what they say.

Don't worry. Many other SSD ASAPs and test results are available.

If companies think their products are so good and will save you time and money - they shouldn't make it hard for you to read their sponsored tech blurb.

Seagate chooses DensBits for flash care SSD roadmap

Editor:- June 25, 2012 - Seagate announced today it will use DensBits's flash care technology in the design of forthcoming consumer and enterprise SSDs.

Seagate has also made an equity investment in DensBits.

Editor's comments:- I've already written more than enough about about this technology trend recently on the home page.

As DensBits told us a few months ago - their business plan is work with companies which sell complete SSDs - instead of licensing their technology to other controller makers. DensBits's technology spans the widest spectrum of adaptive DSP flash SSD applications from consumer and industrial to fast-enough enterprise SSDs.

If Seagate leverages DensBits's flash technology successfully - the result will be tougher competition for companies like SanDisk in the consumer SSD market and tougher competition for STEC and SMART in the fast-enough enterprise SSD market.

Seagate's technology deal with DensBits is probably the most significant positive step Seagate has ever taken to establish a leadership position in the SSD market.

However, due to the complexity of integrating the multi-dimensional IP from DensBits into real working SSD products - it could take another few quarters before we see a market impact. (It's not as simple as integrating a new SSD controller - but on the other hand - once the design work is done - the degrees of freedom to optimize products which this technology gives to SSD designers is awesome.)

just another speedup Oracle with SSDs story

Editor:- June 25, 2012 - If you're into accelerating Oracle in analytics apps with SSDs - then a customer story published today by Nimbus has some market growth and speedup percentages you might be interested in.

I liked this quote from Nimbus's CEO, Thomas Isakovich - "DBA's have long struggled with disk arrays, going through all sorts of configuration complexity in hopes of reducing latency by a millisecond or two. As this win demonstrates, organizations that deploy Nimbus flash memory systems can eliminate decades of disk array tuning challenges and supercharge database performance, increasing revenue opportunities and improving quality of service."

Editor's comments:- that's a nice cheer leading story about enterprise SSDs on which to start the week - but I would caution you to reread it with this emphasis - "flash memory systems can eliminate decades of disk array tuning challenges..."

Bottlenecks aren't going to disappear when all storage is solid state. And you will still find many Oracle apps which don't speedup just because you stick an SSD next to the server / HDD storage.

You'll still need to use your brains to control where you spend your performance budget.

Tech Report article on consumer SSD prices

Editor:- June 22, 2012 - a recent article in Tech Report reported the price per GB of consumer SSDs as being mostly between $1 and $2 across a range of popular models.

Editor:- I usually regard this type of article as banal and too single-dimensional - so why should you look at it?

Because if you're interested in getting an idea of what's happening in the minds of potential SSD consumers - the article has attracted very interesting reader feedback.

Some of Tech Report's readers are pretty impressive and punchy at writing headlines which describe what their own decision tipping points would be.

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