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Ramtron International Corporation, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets specialized semiconductor memory and integrated semiconductor solutions used in a wide range of product applications and markets.

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  • editor's comments:- November 2012 - Ramtron, which was acquired by Cypress Semiconductor in October 2012 - and is now part of Cypress Semiconductor Memory Products Division - makes very low capacity nvm using a technology called F-RAM (ferroelectric random access memory).

    Ramtron - selected mentions in SSD history

    In July 2008 Ramtron confirmed that specific batches of product had failed due to manufacturing process defects in one of its partners fabs. The reason I mention it here is that when readers ask me about when other technologies might replace flash in SSDs - I cautiously remind them that there have been many occasions in the past when initially promising technologies didn't manage to deliver on grounds of scalability or long term reliability.

    In May 2009 - Ramtron announced that its FRAM has been selected to store the virtual block-to-sector map in a new flash SSD design by SBS Science and Technology.

    The use of hybridizing memory technologies - for example using faster RAM-like non volatile memory in some parts of the SSD device and slower flash-like memory in the bulk storage arrays to accelerate performance inside SSD caches was predicted by several years ago in various articles including the Flash SSD Performance Roadmap.

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many years ago - in SSD market history
In November 2004 - Ramtron announced that its FRAM had been used in an embedded server card called the Merlin Board designed by Seventech and aimed at applications like gaming machines which required fast and secure data access and where data integrity has to be immune to power dropouts.

"FRAM memories are similar to SRAMs in that they have fast read/write times, but with the advantage of maintaining data in memory even during power failures," said Salvo De Luca, CEO of Seventech. "By using FRAM's unique feature set, the Merlino board elegantly resolves the problem of starting up application programs that are running on the board during a power black-out. We can now restart the software from the exact point at which it was interrupted."