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storage news - November 2004

Linux Networx Gets $40 million Funding

Salt Lake City - November 4, 2004 - Linux Networx announced today a new scalable storage technology, called the Xilo scalable storage system, that combines storage devices, management software, and the most scalable file systems into an easy-to-administer storage appliance.

The key benefit of Xilo is its ability to pool capacity from separate storage devices into a large resource, allowing large files to be distributed across multiple storage devices for increased efficiency. Xilo also permits scalability in both throughput and capacity to meet customers' future storage needs. Engineered specifically for Linux Networx computing systems, Xilo directly addresses performance and management issues associated with cluster storage. With technologies designed to work together, customers can expect a reliable and productive computing solution.

Linux Networx also announced today it has closed $40 million in Series B funding. The funding will allow Linux Networx to expedite the introduction of next-generation technologies that enhance the productivity and efficiency of cluster computing. ...Linux Networx profile, VC funds in storage

Spectra Logic Turns 25

BOULDER, Colo. - November 4, 2004 - Spectra Logic celebrated its 25th year anniversary in October.

The tape library and disk hardware manufacturer originally produced and sold memory boards and later backup and archival software. Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic's founder and only CEO in company history, founded the corporation in his University of Colorado, Boulder, dormitory while studying in the department of engineering.

Founded 25 years ago by 19-year old Thompson, Spectra Logic has now grown to 300 employees, with 17,000 tape libraries installed worldwide today. The Boulder, Colo.-based corporation, known for its innovative, flexible products that offer low TCO, has had numerous industry firsts:

1998 - First to offer all native Fibre Channel libraries

2003 - First to offer all-native iSCSI tape libraries 2003 Introduced TeraPack grouped media management

2004 - First to introduce removable RAID media integrated within a tape library.

"Spectra Logic's associates are the backbone of our 25 years of success," said Nathan Thompson, CEO of Spectra Logic. "Spectra Logic has undergone several shifts during the last quarter century, and I look forward to another 25 years." ...Spectra Logic profile, Tape libraries, Disk to disk backup

Editor's comments:- Spectra Logic was founded the same year as EMC and Seagate - storage history.

Globalstor's Video RAID Sustains 1,000MB/S

CHATSWORTH, CA - November 3, 2004 - During this year's HD Expo, Globalstor Data will introduce the ExtremeStor-HD.

A low-cost, high-performance fault-tolerant hi-definition video storage server, the ExtremeStor-HD incorporates 24, 250GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives for up to 6TB of local storage or 24, 400GB hot-swappable SATA hard drives for up to 9.6TB. Using RAID 0, the ExtremeStor-HD is capable of achieving over 1,000MB/sec sustained raw performance, or in excess of 600MB/sec using RAID 5.

"The ExtremeStor-HD is the ideal hi-definition server solution for today's growing number of demanding video applications where anything less than real time is unacceptable," said Scott Leif, President of Globalstor Data. "The ExtremeStor provides unmatched performance and a level of redundancy that practically assures zero downtime." ...Globalstor Data profile, RAID systems

Swiss Army Knife Packs 0.5 Gigabytes

Bronschhofen, Switzerland - November 3, 2004 - Swissbit announced today that the memory capacity in the Swiss Army Knife made by Victorinox has been increased to 512MB.

With this USB 2.0 flash memory it is possible to present data to your family, friends or colleagues or to exchange these data at high speed in an uncomplicated way. No matter when, no matter where. The SecureLOCK software programmed on the SWISSMEMORY USB Victorinox guarantees the security of your personal data and makes it almost as reliable as a Swiss numbered account. A Flight Version of this gadget featuring USB Memory, LED and ball-point pen is offered for airline passengers. ...Swissbit profile, USB, Flash Memory

Bit Sliced Storage Market Research

Editor:- November 3, 2004 - ACSL, publisher of has launched a new custom market research service aimed at startups and small to medium sized vendors who need market data to help their growth in emerging and disruptive fast growing segments of the storage market.

Priced like an ASP or web advertising, the custom market research service includes design, delivery and custom reports with a starting price from $500.

The problem facing storage start ups and companies moving into new emerging segments within storage is that new markets are by definition too small and fragmented to attract standard industry reports at the critical time when it's critical to achieve first mover advantages. When segments reach one or two billion dollars in size there's plenty of data for vendors to buy - but by then bigger vendors have already taken notice of new technologies and the cost of securing market share is much greater.

Our new data service leverages the same web resources we use to deliver content and advertising to millions of storage readers and packages custom market research into a price that's orders of magnitude below focus groups or other types of web, phone or mail based research. ...more info, ...ACSL profile, Market research

Imation's New 2GB Flash Drive

OAKDALE, Minn - November 2, 2004 - Imation Corp. today announced it is extending its line of Imation USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drives with the addition of its latest 2 gigabyte drive.

The new Imation 2GB USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive features a unique "never lose" swivel cap design that business users and consumers can trust to protect their important files. The high-capacity drive is ideal for transporting and sharing large business documents and presentations, thousands of songs and photos, and multiple video files. Imation's new 2GB flash drives are available for a MSRP of about $300. ...Imation profile, Flash Memory

NetEx Gives iSCSI WANS 10x Speedup

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn - November 2, 2004 - NetEx today announced a new storage application throughput standard that eliminates the need for expensive and complex networking equipment while solving TCP/FCIP/iSCSI/iFCP/FTP throughput issues often associated with business-class WAN connections.

NetEx's Hyper Powered IP provides the simplest and highest performing WAN platform for accelerating the broadest range of storage applications in the industry. These include EMC SRDF Adaptive Copy & SRDF/A, VERITAS Volume Replicator/NetBackup, NetApp SnapNAP Mirror & Snap/Vault/Lock, IBM TSM and associated applications such as Oracle DB RSync, Microsoft Exchange and many others.

Hyper Powered IP leverages common IP networks while enabling high-speed connections up to OC12 –as much as a 10x increase in throughput for many applications. The new standard either works with or replaces existing high-speed storage transport products and requires no changes to servers/storage controllers, applications or network devices.

"Packet loss is an inescapable issue wherever glass meets metal,"said Marc Staimer, Founder of Dragon Slayer Consulting. "The result of this loss is greatly reduced efficiency which no amount of compression will solve. Hyper Powered IP's solution cluster, which includes packet loss eliminationmitigation, allows storage applications to function over the WAN at an incredible unchained pace, setting the bar for performance standards."

Hyper Powered IP's unique application aggregation capability enables a number of replication applications to run concurrently over a fully redundant, highly efficient common IP infrastructure. In addition to storage networking applications, HyperIP ensures that challenging data transfers are consistently completed on time between mainframes and distributed servers for digital video and other high-performance technical computing. Hyper Powered IP brings the same benefits to extended iSCSI targets, providing better performance over distance, improved link utilizations and a shield against packet loss. Hyper Powered IP is available immediately with MSRP starting at $20,000. ...NetEx profile

InoStor Packs 4.8TB RAIDn into 2U

POWAY, Calif. - November 2, 2004 - InoStor Corporation today announced its next-generation Linux-based network storage appliances that feature patented RAIDn technology.

Available in 1U and 2U form factors, with storage capacities starting at 480GB scaling up to 4.8TB, InoStor's new InteliNAS devices offer front-loading, hot-swappable SATA hard disk drives supporting RAID 0, 1, 4, 5 and 0+1 as well as InoStor's RAIDn. The appliances include complete data management capabilities including iRep replication to facilitate data mirroring, snapshot technology and tape backup.

InteliNAS IU configurations provide storage capacities of 480GB, 640GB, 1.0TB, 1.2TB and 1.6TB in a rackmount package along with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, four hot swappable frontloading SATA hard drives and a 350W power supply.

The 2U high-capacity devices offer storage capacities of 1.44TB, 1.92TB, 3.0TB, 3.6TB and 4.8TB in a 2U rackmount system. They include 12 hot-swappable SATA hard drives, dual 400W power supplies and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for rapid data reading and writing.

InteliNAS integrates seamlessly with Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and Linux platform environments. Optional SCSI-connected autoloader or library tape devices are available for easy backup/restore and offsite archiving. Prices start at $2,899 MSRP and include a three-year parts and labor warranty with advance exchange backup by free technical support. ...InoStor profile, article:- RAIDn, RAID systems

Hospital Nurses its Data with FilesX

Editor:- November 2, 2004 - a new case study article by FilesX describes how a New York hospital eliminated the problems associated with restoring email from a tape system by switching to a disk based backup using FilesX Xpress Manager software.

The article also compares the time, resources and effectiveness of the old and new systems. the article, ...FilesX profile

Exanet Claims SAN Performance at NAS Cost

New York - November 2, 2004 - Exanet, Inc. has achieved a record-breaking operations-per-second (OPS) result on the industry-standard SPEC SFS benchmark with its NAS solution.

71,185 OPS were reached on a two-node cluster, and 139,061 OPS were reached on a four-node cluster with ORT (operation response time) of 1.21 and 1.13 respectively. As previously reported, the Exanet EX600FC six-node cluster reached a record-breaking 203,182 OPS result with ORT of 1.08. These results demonstrate the exceptional linear performance scalability achievable with Exanet solutions.

"The scalable Exanet SPEC SFS performance results we witnessed are exceptional," said Brian Garrett, Technical Director of ESG Lab. "An entry-level, two-node configuration outperformed dual controller systems from EMC and NetApp in both operations per second and response times. The lowest-tier ExaStore solution outperformed the highest priced NetApp solution."

Traditionally, performance-demanding, mission-critical applications have used SAN storage because of the high performance needed for database-oriented applications. Until now, customers who have chosen NAS solutions have sacrificed overall performance for ease of use and easy access to information. With these industry-leading performance achievements, ExaStore combines the benefits of both worlds. ...Exanet profile, NAS, SAN

BakBone Announces New VP Marketing

Reading, UK - November 2, 2004 - BakBone Software today announced that Bharat Kumar has joined the company as vice president of marketing.

Bharat will be responsible for helping to define and fulfill BakBone's marketing initiatives and business strategy to accelerate the worldwide adoption of its data protection solutions and advance BakBone's market leadership in backup and recovery for Linux.

"Bharat Kumar is an outstanding technical executive with an extensive software background, solid global marketing experience, and brings a wealth of expertise in establishing market leadership and growing market share for both start-up companies and well-established businesses," said Jim Johnson, president and CEO of BakBone (whose own appointment was announced yesterday). "As we evolve BakBone to the forefront in data protection, we continue to add experienced senior talent and depth to our executive team. Bharat is the latest in a series of experienced executives to join BakBone since the year began, and we look forward to the significant contributions he will make to the Company and to our customers in the future."

Kumar joins BakBone from DataCore Software, where he led all aspects of the company's worldwide marketing activities. Kumar's responsibilities included strategic market planning, product management, channel marketing and business development and branding activities that promoted DataCore to enterprise accounts as well as to the fast growing small to medium business segments. ...BakBone Software profile

Editor's comments:- there have been a lot of changes at BakBone during the last month. New auditors - the old ones were let go due to problems which involved a restatement of accounts. A new President and CEO announced yesterday, and now a new marketing VP.

"Chip-Sandwich" Multiplies Memory x100

Munich, Germany - November 2, 2004 - Using an innovative "chip-sandwich" technique that involves face-to-face interconnection, Infineon Technologies AG is able to design chip card ICs for use in mobile communications that offer more than 100 times the memory capacity of today's chip cards, while just doubling chip area.

The new chip card ICs will not only deliver significant performance boosts, the company says, but they will enable new applications for mobile phones and smart cards. Infineon presented the world's first chip card security controller which uses this innovative face-to-face technology, offers 1 megabyte of memory capacity, and is manufactured in a 130 nanometer process technology, at the Cartes & IT Security 2004 show in Paris today. Using the innovative face-to-face interconnection technique and the company's existing technologies like EEPROM or TWINFlash, Infineon can build an ISO-compliant chip card microcontroller offering up to 20 MB of memory, based on demand, which is expected to be available in the second half of 2006. ...Infineon profile, Storage interface ICs

Procom's New Entry-level SATA NAS Filer

IRVINE, Calif. - November 1, 2004 - Procom Technology, Inc. today introduced a low-cost entry-level NAS filer in a 1U-high enclosure to provide up to 1.6 terabytes of storage capacity.
The NetFORCE 700L is a SATA based NAS appliance that comes with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and hot-swappable SATA drives. It was designed to address requirements of existing Procom partners for a feature-rich NAS appliance with lower price points and higher storage capacity. news image - Procom's Entry-level  1U NAS Filer
Through the use of Procom's ProMirror software option, organizations with satellite offices and no local IT expertise can replicate the information generated at these locations to a larger NetFORCE filer – at a remote site such as a corporate datacenter – for disaster recovery, backup or other data management purposes. Procom's sophisticated NetFORCE operating system offers advanced reliability features such as a journalized file system to ensure data integrity and checkpoints for rapid recovery of damaged or deleted files. Other functions include cross-platform heterogeneous file sharing, NDMP-compliant backup, and SNMP monitoring. The NF-700L is easy to install, maintain and operate. RAID and system management are simplified by a Web-based user interface that allows remote admin and monitoring from anywhere in the world. ...Procom profile, NAS

Top 10 Storage Topics Viewed by Readers

Editor:- November 1, 2004 - the most popular articles, subjects and company profiles viewed by STORAGEsearch readers in October are listed today on our market research page.

There were no new entries to the top 10 company list. NAS maker Ingrasys Technology returned to the #1 company slot. The recently published article on SAS written by LSI Logic and Maxtor shot straight into the top 10 most popular articles based on its first week on this website. Meanwhile Solid state disks remained the #1 most popular subject with readers and interestingly Web based backup and storage made its first appearance into the top 20 subjects for several years, possibly driven there by storm force winds and hurricanes. Market research

BlueArc Trounces NetApp in NAS IOPS

SAN JOSE, California - November 1, 2004 - BlueArc Corporation today announced that its Titan SiliconServer has achieved SPEC SFS benchmark results exceeding those of any network storage solution on the market, utilizing a single system and single file system.

BlueArc's Titan SiliconServer posted record results for a single server configuration on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) System File Server (SFS) test for network storage server performance. These results were generated without resorting to unusual configurations - a tactic common from other vendors.

A single Titan SiliconServer recorded 50,858 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network. This compares with Network Appliance's highest score of 36,063 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network with its dual-CPU FAS980 system and EMC's highest score of 36,335 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network with their Celerra NS700.

A dual Titan SiliconServer recorded 101,571 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network. This compares with Network Appliance's highest score of 68,139 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network with its dual system, quad-CPU FAS980 failover cluster, and EMC's highest score of 71,482 NFSv3 IOPS over a TCP network with its dual Celerra NS700 clustered system. ...BlueArc profile

FRAM Server Unfazed by Power Dropouts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - November 1, 2004 - Ramtron International Corporation announced today that Seventech, an Italian company, has selected Ramtron's FM3808 ferroelectric random access memory for use in its innovative Merlino embedded system board.

The Merlino board allows PC hardware to be adapted to applications for which they were not originally designed. Potential end-user applications include gaming machines where vital information requires reliable data storage and fast retrieval.

"FRAM memories are similar to SRAMs in that they have fast read/write times, but with the advantage of maintaining data in memory even during power failures," said Salvo De Luca, CEO of Seventech. "By using FRAM's unique feature set, the Merlino board elegantly resolves the problem of starting up application programs that are running on the board during a power black-out. We can now restart the software from the exact point at which it was interrupted."

Ramtron's FM3808 is a 256Kb parallel FRAM which can be written at standard bus speeds versus EEPROM, which requires a 10-millisecond write delay before new data can be registered. It features 10 billion write cycles, compared to 1 million writes for EEPROM. ...Ramtron profile

Editor's comments:- seems to me that FRAMs are the first genuine alternative to magnetic core store - if anyone is old enough to remember that.
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Nibble: What Can We Learn from Storage Leaders Whose Revenues are Declining?
Editor:- November 1, 2004 - is upbeat about the storage market, and there have been so many companies reporting revenue growth this year that I set the entry point to our Fastest Growing List at 31% to keep the list manageable.

But can we also learn something, or try to deduce what's happening, from companies, which in a growing storage market, report declining revenue?

Declining storage revenue can sometimes signal a changing pattern of technology or usage which it may be important for you to know about. Or it can be just a blip - nothing to worry about. So, I picked out some examples of companies, which are leaders in their own field, but which have reported declining revenues during the most recent quarter.

Seagate - the world's leading maker of hard disk drives - reported revenue down 10%.

That's similar to the 9% revenue decline reported by Maxtor. Meanwhile Western Digital reported revenue up 15%.

So what's happening? It's a mixed picture and several factors are at work here. First - disk manufacturers have historically been lowering prices at a faster pace than they have been increasing capacity. That means even if the volume of drives in the PC and server markets increases - the disk revenues from the IT market as a whole may still decline or stay flat. The other problem is that new markets for disk drives - like digital cameras, and digital music players have mainly been using Flash Memory instead of the small form factor (1 inch and under) hard drives which manufacturers hoped they would. For some disk manufacturers, the use of hard drives in tvs, games and other consumer products accounts for about 10% of their revenue - but that has slowed the downward revenue trend rather than turned it around.

Western Digital has been more successful in getting its drives used in these new consumer markets. WD's chairman and CEO, Matt Massengill, said "Personal entertainment applications such as game consoles and digital video recorders, as we continued to expand our presence in markets outside our traditional stronghold of desktop PCs." But their figures show that Western Digital has also been winning market share in the PC market.

Emulex - the world's leading maker of Fibre-channel adapter cards - reported revenue down 13%.

This doesn't signify decreasing popularity of Fibre-channel technology, because Emulex's main rival QLogic reported revenue 2% up. Also the iSCSI market has been too small to make any dent in the Fibre-channel SAN market in 2004. And market research company Dell'Oro Group has predicted 11% annual growth for the FC host bus adapter market for the next several years. We may see a short term blip in the market as users wait to see what happens with 4Gbps products, like those sampling this month from LSI Logic.

I've been saying for years that the writing is on the wall for tape backup as nearly everyone will transition to disk to disk backup in the next several years due to its faster speed, lower cost and greater storage density.

As part of this change, most tape library manufacturers have long ago introduced D2d options within their product lines, although it is doubtful that many of these will stand the price competition from pure RAID systems makers.

However, bucking this trend is tape library maker Overland Storage which cited fast growth in its D2d products contributing to its 5% revenue growth in the recent quarter.

Quantum's recent acquisition of Certance is part of a consolidation we're going to see more of as the tape market shrinks down to about 5 companies in 2007.