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Silicon Storage Technology

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST) - founded in 1989 - is a leading provider of embedded flash technology. SST develops, designs, licenses, and markets a diversified range of proprietary and patented SuperFlash® memory technology solutions for consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

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  • editor's comments:- July 2012 - SST makes flash memory and controllers and is no longer an SSD company.

    But back in 2009 - SST used to market a PATA compatible SSD chip with upto 8GB capacity called the NANDrive. Designed for embedded applications the 12mm x 24mm LBGA package SSD had sustained R/W speeds upto 30MB/s and 8MB/s respectively. Security features include a factory pre-programmed unique ID, and a user programmable ID.

    In April 2010 - SST sold its SSD product line to a new startup founded by SST's founder - called Greenliant Systems.

    And in the same month SST was acquired by Microchip Technology.

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"If you've ever watched the movie Black Hawk Down - there's a memorable scene in which the 2nd chopper gets hit by an RPG. It's like that in SSDs..."
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"In July 2000 - Silicon Storage Technology launched a flash memory-based ATA-Disk Chip family packaged in a 32-pin DIP package with upto 64MB capacity as a replacement for conventional IDE hard disk drives."
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