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Silicon Storage Technology

Microchip Technology's SST subsidiary is a leading provider of embedded Flash technology. SST develops, designs, licenses and markets a diversified range of proprietary and patented SuperFlash memory technology solutions for the consumer, industrial, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. SST was founded in 1989, went public in 1995 (NASDAQ: SSTI), and was acquired by Microchip in April 2010. SST is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip, and is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit the SST Web site at

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editor's comments:- SST makes (NOR) flash memory and controllers and is no longer an SSD company. But its products do have applications in SSD and embedded memory systems.

SST summary from SSD market history

SST entered the BGA SSD market in July 2000 but exited the SSD market in April 2010 - when it sold its SSD product line to a new startup founded by SST's founder - called Greenliant Systems.

And also in the same month - April 2010 - SST was acquired by Microchip Technology.
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"If you've ever watched the movie Black Hawk Down - there's a memorable scene in which the 2nd chopper gets hit by an RPG. It's like that in SSDs..."
Surviving SSD sudden power loss
"In July 2000 - Silicon Storage Technology launched a flash memory-based ATA-Disk Chip family packaged in a 32-pin DIP package with upto 64MB capacity as a replacement for conventional IDE hard disk drives."
SSD market history

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UMC offers 40nm SuperFlash from SST
Editor:- December 21, 2017 - UMC (a leading semiconductor foundry) today announced the availability of the company’s 40nm process platform that incorporates SST's embedded SuperFlash non-volatile memory.

The newly available 40nm SST process features a >20% reduction in eFlash cell size and 20-30% macro area over UMC’s mass production 55nm SST technology.

Editor's comments:- for many of you who don't struggle with the temperature constraints of real electronics systems you might glance at "40nm" and think - what's so great about that? When 1Xnm has been the flag waving geometry for nand flash for some time.

SuperFlash is NOR. And UMC says its robust SST process performs according to JEDEC standards, with 100k endurance and more than 10 years of data retention at 85C and an operating-temperature range of -40C to 125C.
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SST qualifies SuperFlash on mixed signal platform
Flash Memory
flash & nvm
Editor:- July 12, 2016 - SST today announced qualification and availability of its low-mask-count embedded SuperFlash NOR NVM on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' 130 nm BCDLite advanced analog, mixed-signal and RF technology platform.

SST's embedded SuperFlash memory solution requires the addition of only 4 masking steps to enable cost-effective, high-endurance embedded flash for demanding battery-powered applications such as drones, intelligent motor control, and normally-off mobile computing.