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Storage news - April 15 - 30, 2010

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and Foremay - makes "lucky 13" SAS SSD oems

Editor:- April 29, 2010 - Foremay has started sampling SAS SSDs in its EC188 product line.

The new models (available in 2.5" or 3.5" form factors, and available in commercial and industrial temperature grades) have R/W speeds of 250MB/s and 200MB/s respectively, random read/write IOPS up to 30,000/25,000 and upto 400GB capacity.

That brings the number of SAS SSD companies listed on to 13.

Seagate / WD updates

Editor:- April 28, 2010 - a weird thing happened to me today as I was trying to check the content on - instead of seeing the usual home page I got a version which was all in French.

And despite my best efforts - it kept bouncing me back to things to do with "Stockage" - which as I have learned is the French for "Storage".

So - until that stops happening - I'd just like to mention that yesterday Western Digital - whose web site cleverly guesses that English might be a high probability usable language for someone accessing their dot-com site (as opposed to dot-fr) when they are based in England - announced that - it has agreed to purchase the magnetic media sputtering operations of Hoya Corporation and Hoya Magnetics Singapore Pte. Ltd. for approximately $235 million) in an all-cash transaction. WD says the acquisition will augment WD's existing magnetic media operations, strengthening its ability to meet anticipated growth in demand for hard drives in the years ahead.

Now you might not have heard of Hoya before (and neither had I) but the point is this shows that WD anticipates that hard disks are still going to be a good business - despite the growth in the SSD market.

Samsung ships 512Mb PRAM

Editor:- April 28, 2010 - Samsung Electronics today announced shipments of a 512Mb PRAM MCP which is is backwards compatible with 40nm NOR flash memory in both its hardware and software functionality allowing mobile handset designers the convenience of retrofitting the 3x faster writing PRAM into exisiting designs based on NOR.

enterprise SSD market growth will accelerate - says Objective Analysis

Editor:- April 27, 2010 - Objective Analysis has published a new 104 page market report - Data Centers Drive Major SSD Growth ( $5,000) which concludes that "the stunning growth of SSDs in enterprise servers and storage systems is only going to get stronger."

The company says that the enterprise SSD market is likely to approach $4 billion in revenues by 2015, nearly 17x times that of 2009, while unit shipments will increase by 50x during that period to over 4 million units.

How does this compare to other predictions? Click here to's directory of recommended SSD analysts.

Nimbus nixes STEC SAS SSD costs in new iSCSI rackmount

Editor:- April 26, 2010 - Nimbus Data Systems today launched its S-class storage system - a 2U 10GbE rackmount SSD with 24 hot swappable internal 6Gbps SAS flash SSD blades in an 80W power footprint offering 5TB protected capacity for $39,995.

Powered by Nimbus' HALO storage OS the systems support iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS protocols and provide inline deduplication (typically 10 to 1), continuous local and remote replication capability in-the-box at no additional cost. Data protection inside the box ensures that no data is lost even with 2 simultaneous blade faults.

Editor's comments:- there has been a lack of market leadership in the NAS compatible rackmount SSD market. This new product from Nimbus shows what can be achieved with a true bottom up enterprise design - in the same way that for FC SAN connected applications you'd look at systems from Texas Memory Systems and in the PCIe connected rackmount SSD market you'd look at NextIO or at Violin Memory.

I spoke at length to Nimbus's CEO, Thomas Isakovich - about the design of these new SSD systems.

WD reports 62% revenue growth

Editor:- April 22, 2010 - Western Digital today reported 62% revenue growth for the quarter ended April 2 - achieving $2.6 billion.

WD shipped 51 million hard drives in this quarter.

"We believe that 2010 will continue to be a strong year for digital storage," said WD's president and CEO - John Coyne.

Overland expands LTO-5 support

Editor:- April 21, 2010 - April 21, 2010 - Overland Storage today announced expanded support for LTO-5 (tape) technology (available from May 1, 2010) across its entire line of NEO Series products - which offer backup storage capacity up to 76TB and support for disk-based backup.

WhipTail publishes SSD SAN acceleration paper

Editor:- April 21, 2010 - WhipTail Technologies recently published a white paper which discusses how SSD acceleration can economically close the scaling performance gap which comes from virtual desktops and compares the SSD vs HDD array costs for a 5,000 virtual user system.

Although there's nothing in this article which introduces new SSD acceleration architectural concepts - the 13 page document is a clearly written modern introduction to anyone interested in learning about how SAN centric SSDs can accelerate common applications. the article (pdf)

Pliant names former Google exec as VP Ops

Editor:- April 20, 2010 - Pliant Technology today announced the appointment of Frank Kull as VP of operations.

He brings more than 15 years of experience in operations management for Google, Cisco and other leading technology companies.

Everspin samples industry's first 16Mb MRAM

Editor:- April 19, 2010 - Everspin Technologies announced it is sampling a 16Mb MRAM.

The MR4A16B is a 3.3-volt, parallel I/O non-volatile RAM that features 35ns access times with unlimited read/write cycles. Data is always non-volatile after each write for more than 20 years. In addition, MRAM is immune to soft error rates associated with cosmic rays that impact other memories. The 16Mb MRAM is organized as 1,048,576 words of 16 bits. Pin and function-compatible with asynchronous SRAM, the MR4A16B targets industrial automation, robotics, network and data storage, multi-function printers and a host of other systems traditionally limited to SRAM-based designs.

Fusion-io's growth lubed by another $45 million

Editor:- April 19, 2010 - Fusion-io has got another $45 million in series C funding led by new investor, Meritech Capital Partners.

Also participating in the round were new investors, Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Triangle Peak Partners, as well as returning investors, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Lightspeed Venture Partners, among others.

Fusion-io will direct the additional investment towards scaling up infrastructure to support rapidly increasing sales (300% annual) and build on the momentum its SSD product line is experiencing across multiple industries. Funding will also support development of next generation technologies and products.

"In only a couple of years Fusion-io has clearly demonstrated the disruptive, innovative nature of its technology. It is causing organizations around the globe to rethink the way they architect their data centers," said George Bischof, Managing Director at Meritech Capital. "This round of funding will allow Fusion-io to maintain the rapid pace of innovation it has established."

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1 ioDrive Fusion-io Fusion-io fast SSDs - click for more info MLC, SLC, PCIe SSD

2 RamSan-20 TMS.. RamSan-20  very fast PCIe SSD from Texas Memory Systems SLC PCIe SSD

3 Platinum M-Cell DTS click for more info - the fastest - 2.5" SATA flash SSD fat 2.5" SATA flash SSD

4 ESSD Memoright 2.5"   flash SSDs  from Memoright .. 2.5" enterprise flash SSDs

5 RamSan-440 TMS.. the RamSan-440 is a 4U RAM SSD delivering 600,000 random IOPS - click for more info rackmount FC RAM SSD

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