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SoleraTec is a software development firm in Southern California, specializing in Digital Asset Management solutions. The company was established in 1997, and its management team and technology base has a pedigree reaching back more than two decades in the storage management market. SoleraTec's flagship product, Phoenix(TM), provides digital surveillance video management, video content management/production video management, digital asset management, email archiving, data protection, and ultra-fast search and retrieve—even when needed data is off-line.”

  • editor's comments:- April 2009 - SoleraTec has a whitepaper on its site called - the Video Surveillance Marketplace (pdf). Although I knew (or could guess) some of the basics, this article weaves together technical factors and case law examples in a way that educates you about the market and entertains you at the same time.
STORAGE Security
Storage Security on
Megabyte used one of Gunnar's goblin hammers
to stop pesky goblin minions and other pests
from interfering with his bits and bytes.
Can You Trust Your Flash SSD's Specs?
Editor:- I've noticed is that the published specs of flash SSDs change a lot -from the time a product they are first announced, then when they're being sampled, and later again when they are in volume production.

Sometimes the headline numbers get better, sometimes they get worse. There are many good reasons for this.

The product which you carefully qualified may not be identical to the one that's going into your production line for a variety of reasons... the article

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