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editor's notes from SSD Market History.

The DDRdrive X1 SSD was launched in May 2009.

This archived page (below) shows details of the DDRdrive X1 SSD spec page as it looked here on in March 2010.

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DDRdrive X1 PCIe SSD - click for more info
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manufacturer model description......................
DDRdrive DDRdrive X1 DDRdrive X1 is a low cost - ($1,495 approx when the product was launched in May 2009) - 4GB PCIe compatible RAM SSD with onboard flash backup. The DDRdrive X1 is competitively priced and positioned for accelerating database applications in which the hot files can utilize a capacity range from about 4GB to 12GB.

I/O performance is over 300K IOPS (for 512B blocks).

For 4kB blocks IOPS is:- 50k (reads) and 35K (writes).

R/W throughput is 215MB/s and 155MB/s respectively.

Backup / restore time is 60S.

OS compatibility:- Microsoft Windows (various).

DDRdrive X1's can be spanned (capacity), striped (performance), mirrored (redundancy), and RAID-5 configured.

more info (pdf)

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