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This is an archived page which shows details of the Tera-RamSan SSD ad - as it looked - here on

The Tera-RamSan - one of the first terabyte class SSDs - was launched in February 2003,

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Texas Memory Systems

Texas Memory Systems "Application Performance Guaranteed" Program

Texas Memory Systems guarantees that qualifying RamSan solid state disks will deliver faster performance than any competitive storage product and that software application performance will be accelerated to the satisfaction of qualifying customers.

Tera-RamSan TMS has responded to the need for a fast, scalable platform for data storage with the Tera-RamSan solid state disk (SSD) system. The Tera-RamSan holds between 384 and 1024 GB of fast, non-volatile DDRRAM storage in three to 8 independent SSD modules, each containing its own wide array of redundant high-availability features. If more capacity is required, simply install additional modules without interruption of the system.

The user is given maximum versatility to configure the Tera-RamSan. Since the Tera-RamSan appears as typical storage to the network (up to 512 LUNs), users can arrange some or all of the independent SSD modules in the RAID configuration of their choosing. Other modules may remain independent if desired.

The Tera-RamSan represents our solution to realistic requests from a broad range of entities from the U.S. Military to Fortune 500 companies And more

Lower DDRRAM prices make the Tera-RamSan a realistic competitor to other Enterprise storage solutions with much smaller RAM caches. The Tera-RamSan offers industry leading price-per-IOPS.

The Tera-RamSan incorporates specially designed 4Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces (or InfiniBand ports) that include performance-enhancing hardware to reduce I/O latency to under 14 microseconds. With I/O requests being served so quickly, an order-of-magnitude more requests per second are executed by a single Tera-RamSan interface compared to other Fibre Channel interfaces.
  • Up to 1 Terabyte of non-volatile DDRRAM in 24U.
  • Unlimited overall capacity
  • Over 3.2 million random I/O requests per second.
  • Over 24 GB/second of random sustainable data bandwidth.
  • Up to 512 physical LUNs.
  • Requires 2,500 watts of power.
  • Up to 8 independent non-volatile solid state disks (SSD) modules.
  • Each SSD module is a RamSan-400, including 128 GB of DDRRAM and up to eight 4-Gbit Fibre Channel connections.

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