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Editor:- Below you can see details of the RamSan-440 -which was launched in July 2008.

This was the first time that a RAM SSD included a flash SSD array as the internal data backup - for power loss save and restore - instead of a hard drive.

But it was also the last RAM SSD in the RamSan product line.

Within less than a year - new controller architectures enabled flash SSDs to displace RAM SSDs in most new applications at lower cost.

This historic transition was documented in the article - sugaring flash for the enterprise
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the RamSan-440 is a 4U RAM SSD delivering 600,000 random IOPS - click for more info

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An In-depth Look at the RamSan-440 Solid State Disk (pdf)
Texas Memory Systems discusses MLC and RAM in enterprise SSDs




Texas Memory Systems

The RamSan-440, TMS' 13th generation solid state disk, is simply the most advanced SSD on the market today.

Its fast DDR RAM storage is ideal for storing performance-demanding data and accelerating application performance. In fact, the RamSan-440 is The World's Fastest Storage®. No RAID, no cache, or other solid state disk is capable of the raw performance offered by the RamSan-440. The RamSan-440 raises the bar for shutdown and restore as well. It is the first SSD unit to use Flash memory as the backup media. This dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes to back up the data in the event of power loss. It also dramatically increases the recovery and start up times.

  • The World's Fastest Storage®
  • 256GB or 512GB DDR RAM primary storage backed up by fast flash secondary storage
  • Over 600,000 random I/Os per second
  • 4500 MB/s random sustained external throughput
  • Interface - 4Gbps Fibre Channel or 4x InfiniBand ports
  • Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability
  • IBM Chipkill technology protects against memory errors up to and including loss of a memory chip.
  • RAIDed RAM boards protect against the loss of an entire memory board.
  • Exclusive Active Backup® software constantly backs up data without any performance degradation. Other SSDs only begin to backup data after power is lost.
  • Patented IO2 (Instant-On Input Output) software allows data to be accessed during a recovery. Customers no longer have to wait for a restore to be completed before accessing their data.

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Texas Memory Systems RamSan-400 The RamSan-400 is a lower capacity 3U RAM SSD - with 32-128GB and 400,000 random IOPS with less than 15 microseconds latency. Options include upto 4 InfiniBand ports or upto 8 FC ports.
Texas Memory Systems RamSan-300 The RamSan-300 can be regarded as an entry level 3U RAM SSD - with 16-32GB capacity and 200,000 random IOPS with less than 15 microseconds latency.

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