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StorageIO, based in Stillwater Minnesota, is a technology analyst and consulting firm providing services to vendors, end users, press and media with a primary focus on storage related technologies. A synopsis of StorageIO services include content generation (white papers & articles), speaking engagements (seminars, web casts & customer events) and consulting advisory (product and technology positioning, industry trends, green storage, power, cooling, performance, competitive analysis) among others.

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  • editor's comments:- StorageIO's founder - Greg Schulz - is a prolific blogger, author of real printed books, and oft quoted storage market savant / soothsayer - who in recent times has been writing and talking a lot more about SSDs.
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SSD past, present and future
Editor:- November 16, 2012 - I was curious to see what Greg Schulz, StorageIO and Jim Handy, Objective Analysis might say in their iTunes compatible talk posted today - SSD past, present and future.

In a little over 15 minutes they cover a lot of history, remind you that we're nearly 10 years past the time that Intel once proclaimed that flash would run out of steam, then they discuss what might happen to controller IP designers if new nvm ever replaces flash in SSDs and - to my surprise also mention me and the mouse site. ...tune in and listen

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Benchmarking and Performance Resources
Editor:- February 6, 2015 - When it comes to SSDs - an SSD which is faster in a way that you can economically use - such as by converting faster latency into competitive dollars (trading banks) or by satisfying more virtual users with less servers (nearly everyone who owns a lot of heavily used servers) is worth looking at.

Although performance is not the only thing (and often is not even the most important thing) which makes up the cost of buying an SSD - or the justification to buy it - performance has been one of those parameters which - because it has helped to sell products - even when the numbers were unreliable or abused - has attracted a great deal of creative literary output in the SSD industry. Most of it fiction. Some of it fact.

I've written a lot of articles and emails on this theme myself. So many indeed - that I sometimes find myself in danger of writing something new - and then getting a sense of deja vu. IOPS? - I've got a feeling I wrote something like this before? A quick search confirms - yup I did. - Was it yeally that long ago? Let's just update the links so it makes sense if someone else finds it later.

It seems I am not alone in that respect. And a recent post on linkedin suggests a much better way of handling that.

The idea came from Greg Schulz, Founder of StorageIO - who has recently curated a whole bunch of articles which he's written, edited or likes into a single resource page - which he calls - Server and Storage I/O Benchmarking and Performance Resources

If you have the time - Greg has many articles on this topic which will inform and delight you.