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Spin Transfer Technologies

Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc. was established by Allied Minds and New York University to develop and commercialize its orthogonal spin transfer magnetoresistive random access memory technology, OST-MRAM. The technology, discovered by Professor Andrew Kent, has enormous implications for the development of spin transfer MRAM devices, including faster switching times, lower power operation and scalability to smaller dimensions.

see also:- NVM - editor mentions on, STT’s OST-MRAM technology overview

Editor's comments:- Spin Transfer Technologies operates in the nvm market - particularly in that aspect of the market in which magnetic semiconductor memories are being used instead of flash.
selected STT milestones - from SSD history.

In February 2012 - Spin Transfer Technologies announced it has secured $36 million in Series A funding led by its parent company, Allied Minds and Invesco Asset Management.
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3 things that could have killed flash SSDs
The emerging size of the flash SSD market as you see it today was by no means inevitable. It owes a lot to 3 competing storage media competitors which failed to evolve fast enough in the Darwinian jungle of the storage market in the past decade.

One of these 3 contenders is definitely on the road to extinction - but could one of the other 2 still emerge to threaten flash SSDs?

The article - SSD's past phantom demons explores the latent market threats which hovered around the flash SSD market in the past decade. They seemed real and solid enough at the time.
SSD past phantom demons image - click to read the article Getting a realistic perspective of flash SSD's past demons (which seemed very threatening at the time) may help you better judge the so-called "new" generation of nv memory contenders - which are also discussed in the article. the article is published by ACSL