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VeloBit - (acquired by WD)

Founded in September 2010, VeloBit, Inc. develops software that delivers an order-of-magnitude improvement in storage price-performance.

VeloBit is pioneering a new approach that can be used with any Solid State Disk (SSD) to deliver industry-leading performance at a lower cost. The solution allows customers to deploy SSD without changing their applications or primary storage, thus preserving their existing investments in data protection and storage management. The company is headquartered in Boxborough, MA and backed by Longworth Venture Partners and Fairhaven Capital. To learn more, visit

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Where are we now with SSD software? - (And how did we get into this mess?)

VeloBit - recent mentions in SSD market history

in June 2011 - VeloBit announced it had received Series A funding..

In August 2011 - VeloBit published a report (pdf) which talked about the company's unlaunched (at that time) technology. It said - that VeloBit's approach to SSD caching is designed to work with legacy interfaces and SATA and SAS SSDs - instead of relying on PCIe SSDs.

In May 2012 - VeloBit released 1.1 of its SSD caching software for Linux called HyperCache. (VMware and Windows versions are in Beta.

In July 2013 - WD announced it had acquired VeloBit
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WD catches VeloBit
Editor:- July 10, 2013 - For the past 15 years from what I've seen - the ultimate business aim of most storage software companies has been - to get acquired.

That's been even more true in the SSD software market - wherein frankly - most companies don't even pretend to invest in sustainable business models.

In the past 2 years - an SSD software company has been acquired every 2 months (on average) and the latest company sustaining that trend is VeloBit which has been acquired by WD for deployment by its subsidiary HGST - it was announced today.

In case you've forgotten why this trend started - software makes it easier to sell more SSDs and the ROI from a vendor's point of view is better than doubling the sales force. That's why valuations (not disclosed in this case yet) have been so disconnected from the financial outlook of the ISV's themselves. See also:- SSD ASAPs
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60 seconds to make your SSDs accelerate even faster
Editor:- May 8, 2012 - VeloBit today released 1.1 of its SSD caching software for Linux called HyperCache. (VMware and Windows versions are in Beta.

Editor's comments:- I spoke to VeloBit's CEO, Duncan McCallum about the company and the new product.

Like many other SSD ASAP software packages HyperCache ducks the problem of how to manage high availability environments by effectively only caching host reads and bypassing the caching SSD when doing host writes.

Duncan said the software is efficient in its use of host resources. It takes up less than 3% of host server CPU cycles and about 2% of RAM (compared to the capacity of the attached SSD cache).

How is VeloBit's caching software different?

In use - the company says its content locality caching uses the signatures of the data patterns which already are used frequently and have lots of references in order to predict and prioritize the caching of similar looking data. In that respect - the cache manager is learning something which is unique to that apps environment rather than simply caching blocks based on where they are address-wise relative to the current hot data.

In its business model - Duncan said he wanted to make VeloBit's software easy to adopt and install via web marketing. A design goal was to make HyperCache capable of being installed in under 10 minutes. He said the new launch version typically installs in under 60 seconds!

VeloBit has tested their software with SSDs in various form factors from leading companies including OCZ, Fusion-io and Virident.

Duncan commented that when it came to PCIe SSDs - they found their software produced the best results with Virident - which he said produced the fastest SSD caching results of any SSD they had yet tested.

Other aspects of VeloBit's offering (to me) look similar to many other previous SSD software products:- internal compression, write attenuation, real-time dedupe and pricing on a per CPU basis.

With so many companies vying for the same customer share of mind the thing which stands out for me is the 60 seconds install time.
read the article on SSD ASAPs Even allowing for a degree of future software bloat - the slowest part about acquiring new SSD ASAP software could soon become typing in your credit card details.

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