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Absolute Analysis

Absolute Analysis designs, develops and manufactures protocol test tools. Absolute Analysis Investigator solutions capture 100% of data at full line rates and enable product developers to increase their time to market through innovative approaches for testing environments. With over 15 years of experience in the protocol test tools industry, the Investigator multi-protocol technology makes Absolute Analysis a leader in the field. The company's goal is continuous improvement and innovation by tailoring and enhancing their platform to meet the changing needs of the storage, networking, consumer product and defense industries. Absolute Analysis is committed to providing solutions for developing standards as the technology continues to advance, including additional speeds, ports and protocols. Absolute Analysis is headquartered in Newbury Park, California.

Link Level Protocol Support for: SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, Ethernet & Serial FPDP

Upper Level Protocol (ULPs)Support for: iSCSI, FCP-SCSI, FC-VI, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, FICON and many others.

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  • editor's comments:- in March 2009 - Absolute Analysis announced enhancements to its range of serial data test tools. This includes the capability to check system behavior in the presence of latency (failure and recovery) for Fibre Channel and Ethernet protocols, including FCoE, AFDX, iSCSI, IP, IPv6, TCP
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Megabyte's storage epic nearly came
to an abrupt end due to some weak links.
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Editor:- understanding the list of ingredients inside flash SSDs - is as important as knowing what you can do with them - and a new article published on tries to hit this fast moving target.
"Just as some foods are healthier than others - so too some SSDs are better suited for particular applications" says editor Zsolt Kerekes.

"Better user education about SSDs is a critical factor for the industry to sustain its growth. Design tradeoffs in products go far deeper than the choice of memory and interface. Being aware that there are other parameters which SSD vendors have implemented well, badly (or not at all) can be the difference between a satisfactory or disillusionary experience." the article

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