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Scott Stetzer, VP Marketing - STEC
Here's an article written by or about STEC

SSDs and the Storage Area Network - published on ITBusinessEdge

Scott Stetzer says he chose this article because - "It's a great introduction for the actual applications focus for SSDs. The main idea put forth in the article is that SSDs need to be customized for different applications. For instance, Consumer SSDs will differ greatly from Server SSDs, which will differ from SAN/NAS SSDs as they all have specific needs and requirements, all which are things companies need to consider when introducing SSDs into their infrastructure."

Here's another SSD article suggestion

AlphaStaff drops LeftHand for Compellent and SSDs, keeps iSCSI SAN - published on TechTarget 's

Scott Stetzer says "This next article discusses how Data Center Managers are opting away from traditional SAN environments and migrating to new SAN technologies that incorporate and effectively utilize the new paradigm in storage performance with SSDs through integration of applications like automated storage tiering."

Editor:- thanks Scott for sharing your SSD links.

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this set of SSD bookmark suggestions

was published - October 2010

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