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Coraid - circa 2011

Coraid's SATA+RAID EtherDrive Storage platform is an award-winning technology that is significantly driving down the cost of SAN storage worldwide. Coraid designs and manufactures innovative, affordable networked storage appliances based the open ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) storage protocol. AoE leverages all of the advantages of Ethernet to provide true networked storage at the best possible value. Coraid was named as InfoWorld's BOSSIE Award for Best of Open Source In Storage in 2007 and won the 2005 Product Excellence Award for Best Data Backup and Storage Solution at the Linux World Expo in San Francisco. For more information visit

See also:- Coraid - editorial mentions on, Coraid is now officially toast (April 21, 2015)
  • editor's comments:- October 2011 - among other things Coraid makes NAS systems which run ATA storage commands over ethernet using a protocol called AoE - which was invented by the company's founder - Brantley Coile - and has low latency.

    In my view AoE hasn't achieved wide market acceptance - and many vendors say it's not suitable for heavy duty enterprise apps because of reliability and security issues - but the company - which has attracted over $85 million so far in VC funding - says it has 1,500 customers in in 45 countries.

    For another view about the company - see George Crump's briefing note- re Coraid (Jan 2011).

    In the SSD market Coraid's racks are at the low end of the performance spectrum and best regarded as "value" or bulk SSD storage. Hundreds of oems will be competing in this part of the market with products which are barely differentiated from each other. In the short term (2011 to 2013) they may be economic - but in the longer term - as SSD capacities grow - and SSDs become more application specific - I think that smarter bulk storage SSDs which integrate internal compressions and dedupe will dominate this market instead. See also:- this way to the Petabyte SSD and this way to AFA market consolidation
Coraid mentions in SSD market history

In February 2009 - Coraid added SSDs to the drives supported in its AoE systems.

In August 2011 - Coraid unveiled a new version of its 10GbE AoE compatible 4U rackmount storage - the EtherFlash solution - which integrates commodity SAS or SATA SSDs at a system price under $10/GB with less than 200 microseconds latency.

In November 2011 - Coraid today announced that it has closed a $50 million investment round.

In April 2015 - Coraid was being widely reported as having closed for business due to lack of funds. See for example:- Coraid is now officially toast

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