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Ecrix - (2000)

Ecrix Corporation was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 by Juan Rodriguez and Kelly Beavers, former co-founders of two other major tape storage companies. Their goal was to provide a tape solution to the problem of ever-increasing demand for cost-effective, reliable data storage that can be used across the widest range of computing systems, network configurations and application environments.

The VXA tape format is the first real technological breakthrough in the tape industry in over a decade. VXA's unique approach eliminates the pitfalls encountered with conventional streaming tape devices, improving data availability and interchangeability, backup and restore job times, and price:performance. VXA technology enables a simpler and more inherently reliable design - eliminating many of the mechanical and electrical components that add to the complexity and cost of streaming tape drives.

More than just another tape drive, VXA re-invents tape storage.

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Ecrix tape ad from 2000 - (storage history)
VXA-1 Tape Drive from Ecrix

Storage History - the above ad ran on StorageSearch.com in 2000.

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