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EqualLogic®, Inc., is the leading provider of intelligent, enterprise-class iSCSI storage area network (SAN) solutions that enable businesses - from Fortune 100 to small and mid-size organizations - to realize the economic benefits of consolidated, self-managing storage. The EqualLogic PS Series of storage arrays, based on the company's patented peer storage architecture, is the industry's first automatic storage platform that delivers operational simplicity, comprehensive data management services and high data availability in a single, scalable pool of storage. EqualLogic's headquarters are located in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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  • editor's note:- EqualLogic was the 2nd largest iSCSI company based on shipments according to a May 2006 report by IDC. EqualLogic was ahead of EMC, and behind only Network Appliance.

    In November 2007 - EqualLogic was acquired by Dell Computer. The price paid ($1.4 billion in cash) is more than the whole iSCSI market's revenue in the past year! So the multiple paid for growth potential was staggeringly high.
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Z's Laws - Predicting Future Flash SSD Performance
A few months ago a reader asked me a very good question.

"Is there an industry roadmap for future flash SSD performance?"

That prompted other questions like...
  • How fast are flash SSDs going to be in 2009?, 2010? or 2012?
  • What are the technology factors which relate to flash SSD throughput and IOPS?
  • How close will flash SSDs get to RAM SSD performance?
There wasn't a simple answer I could give at the time. Clues lay scattered all across this web site and in my many one on one discussions with readers about the market...
But I agreed there should be a single place on the web where these answers could be found.

Forget Moore's Law. That gives you the wrong answer, and this article explains why. the article

profile from featured press release June 20, 2006

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