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Excelero, founded in 2014, and headquartered in Santa Clara, Cailf., enables enterprises and service providers to design scale-out storage infrastructures leveraging standard servers and high-performance flash storage. The company's Software-Defined Storage NVMesh enables customers to design Server SAN infrastructures for the most demanding enterprise and cloud-scale applications, leveraging standard servers and multiple tiers of flash.

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Excelero has made its first appearance in the Top SSD Companies List - Q1 2018
Who's who in SSD? - Excelero

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - March 2017

Excelero emerged from stealth in March 2017.

The company is active in the market for enterprise SSD software and takes advantage of an ecosystem which had been building up since 2012 thanks to pioneeering fabric switch chips from PLX and then reinforced in 2014 by HBAs and a shared memory architecture for HPC from A3CUBE. The SSD industry had been been exploring solutions which could leverage fabrics of PCIe SSDs in low latency shared memory and shared storage environments.

A key factor which unlocked market receptiveness to this idea and a big market opportunity was standardization on NVMe protocols as a command / API framework for PCIe SSDs which was the effective successor to the decades old SCSI. NVMe (supported by many vendors) had been created around the assumptions of low read latency in the SSDeverywhere market.

And another helpful factor for Excelero was the emergence of a great many standard compatible NVMe over Fabrics SSDs in 2016. That provided a competitive hardware base which could be leveraged by a software vendor who had the aspiration of providing a hardware neutral framework which could make them work together at near wire speed.

Solutions with this kind of performance had been seen in the year before from several vendors - notably Mangstor and EMC. But those earlier software fabric systems had been tied to proprietary systems if you wanted the ultimate latency.


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a new name in SSD fabric software
Editor:- March 8, 2017 - A new SSD software company - Excelero - has emerged from stealth today.

Excelero which describes itself as - "a disruptor in software-defined block storage" announced version 1.1 of its NVMesh® Server SAN software "for exceptional Flash performance for web and enterprise applications at any scale."

The company was funded in part by Fusion-io's founder David Flynn.

Editor's comments:- An easy way to understand what this kind of software can do for you is to see how Excelero created a petabyte-scale shared NVMe pool for exploratory computing for an early customer - NASA/Ames. The mitigation of latency and bandwidth penalties enabled by the new environment enabled "compute nodes to access data anywhere within a data set without worrying about locality" and helped to change the way that researchers could interact with the data sets which previously had been constrained in many small islands of low latency. the white paper (pdf).

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