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Galaxy Data Storage

Founded in 1999, GalaxyStor is a leading full-line manufacturer of Industrial strength data storage products. Product lines include, ToughFlash TM form factors in CompactFlash, 2.5" Solid State Hard Drives (SSD), Flash Disk Module (FDM) and ATA Flash PCMCIA Cards. Also included is Magnetic Rotating form factors in 3.5" SCSI FDD and SCSI ZIP internal drives with capacities from 250mb to 750mb.

  • editor's comments:- GDSI (Galaxy Data Storage Inc) lists 2.5" SSDs upto 32GB capacity on its (seldom updated) website.

    If you're looking at products similar to GDSI take a look at these other related directories too:- military storage and Fast Purge SSDs .
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the changing face of the industrial SSD market
One of the oldest markets for flash SSDs is the embedded industrial market - where rugged flash SSDs have been used since the mid 1990s.
image shows mouse building storage - click to see industrial SSDs article This is a slowly changing market and it rarely makes the SSD news headlines - but many facets in this market have changed in the past 5 years. the article 1.0" SSDs 1.8" SSDs 2.5" SSDs 3.5" SSDs rackmount SSDs PCIe SSDs SATA SSDs Can you trust flash SSD benchmarks?

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