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Phylinks - (circa 2006)

Phylinks, Inc. provides a portfolio of IP Cores for the design of physical layer (PHY) high speed serial interfaces. Phylinks cores can be implemented in a variety of chip designs for use in advanced PCs, PC peripherals, servers, and 3G communications devices. Phylinks was founded in December 2005 by Antony Sou and Philip Hodgett – two experienced mixed-signal designers with over 40 years of combined experience. In 2006, Nabil Takla, a silicon valley entrepreneur who is also the CEO of Innovative Semiconductors, Inc., invested in Phylinks and joined the management team as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Phylinks has offices in Manchester UK, and San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

  • editor's comments:- Phylinks was founded in 2006. It was effectively a follow on to an earlier company called Innovative Semiconductors.

    It's web site has ceased.

    For similar companies look at storage interface ICs and SSD controllers.
Surviving SSD sudden power loss..........
Why should you care what happens in an SSD when the power goes down?

This important design feature - which barely rates a mention in most SSD datasheets and press releases - has a strong impact on SSD data integrity and operational reliability.

This article will help you understand why some SSDs which (work perfectly well in one type of application) might fail in others... even when the changes in the operational environment appear to be negligible.
image shows Megabyte's hot air balloon - click to read the article SSD power down architectures and acharacteristics If you thought endurance was the end of the SSD reliability story - think again. the article
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