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Engenio Information Technologies - (circa 2007)

The Engenio Storage Group of LSI develops and delivers storage products and technology to end users through strategic partners. For more information visit:

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who's who in storage? - Engenio

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

Engenio was just one of many names which the storage systems business of LSI went by, before being folded back into the main company's brand.

Other monikers for this operation included Metastor and LSI Logic Storage Systems.

What can we learn from this? - Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names - In business a corporate name is normally a single word. Two word names are problematic, three words are more complicated. Four words? - why not kill the business first?

For a year or so from early 2004 LSI played with the idea of spinning the systems business off, but scrapped those plans in 2006. LSI itself merged with Agere Systems in Q1 2007.

But then in March 2011 - LSI finally spun off Engenio - selling it for $480 million to Network Appliance

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LSI Logic Storage Systems - MetaStor E-Series
MetaStor E4600 SAN
from LSI Logic Storage Systems
Editor's notes from storage history.
Back in 2002 LSI was an advertiser here on

They had started being a customer of mine many years earlier - when the SPARC systems market was important - and we published the SPARC Product Directory.

In those earlier 1990s ads - LSI was developing the market for its SCSI host bus adapters.

Clicking on the MetaStor E4600 links above takes you to an archived page which shows the tech specs of the product at that time.
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