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NEVEX Virtual Technologies - circa 2012

Founded in 2009, NEVEX Virtual Technologies provides a groundbreaking caching software solution that guarantees storage performance for the applications that really need it. NEVEX CacheWorks empowers administrators by providing flexible control for application-specific data acceleration. I/O-bound applications such as databases, business intelligence, mail servers, and transactional webservers on VMware, Hyper-V, or Windows physical servers, are able to run up to 5X faster because they are not constrained by limited storage speeds. Organizations can now use CacheWorks for performance and optimize existing spindles for capacity, snapshots/backup, and management.

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NEVEX was acquired by Intel in July 2012.

The product is now marketed as Intel CAS (Cache Acceleration Software)

Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - February 2012

NEVEX Virtual Technologies is an SSD ISV in the SSD ASAP / auto tiering SSD market.

NEVEX recently announced a partnership agreement with Texas Memory Systems - which among other products includes software support for the RamSan-70 (a very fast PCIe SSD).
NEVEX mentions in SSD market history

In October 2011 - NEVEX emerged from stealth mode and launched its first product - CacheWorks - an auto-tiering / SSD ASAP software cache for Windows Server, VMware, Hyper-V priced at $2,495 per physical server. CacheWorks' selective cache optimization technology empowers administrators by providing flexible control to accelerate specific data by application, file type, and location to deliver typical speedups of 3x - according to customer quotes in their launch press release (pdf).

In February 2012 - NEVEX announced a partnership agreement with Texas Memory Systems - which among other products includes software support for the RamSan-70 ( PCIe SSD).

In July 2012 - NEVEX was acquired by Intel.

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CacheWorks supports RamSan flash
Editor:- February 8, 2012 - NEVEX today announced that its CacheWorks for Windows Server has been tested and optimized for performance with the new generation of flash SSDs from Texas Memory Systems - in particular the RamSan-70 (a PCIe SSD) and the RamSan-810 (a 1U rackmount SSD).

Editor's comments:- In 2010 I wrote about the sometimes confusing brand stretch of "RamSan" - as even back then 70% of the SSDs that TMS sold were flash rather RAM - and PCIe was a sizable chunk of the product line mix too.

This software support from NEVEX fills a key functional gap (SSD ASAP) in the TMS route to market.

It's important for NEVEX too.

TMS has been selling enterprise SSDs longer than any other company. But unlike some competing PCIe SSD companies (Fusion-io, OCZ, STEC and Micron) which have all acquired their own SSD software IP in the past year (thereby obsoleting most 3rd party caching/tiering development investments) - Texas Memory Systems is still focused on hardware design.
read the article on SSD ASAPs Nevertheless - while I'm confident that acquiring an ISV isn't on TMS's wish list - the company itself recently announced it would look positively on a suitable potential acquirer. So nothing is as certain as it seems.

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