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Below you can see archived details of the RamSan 700 and 800 family of rackmount SSDs as this page looked in Q2 2012 on

These models were launched in December 2011 and February 2012
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Editor:- April 12, 2013 - the RamSan-720 (SLC) and RamSan-820 (MLC) have become the new IBM FlashSystem 720 and 820. See also:- IBM's flash SSD page.

Editor:- October 1, 2012 - IBM today announced it has completed its acquisition of Texas Memory Systems.
manufacturer description
Texas Memory Systems In the past year (written mid 2012) Texas Memory Systems launched 4 different 1U rackmount flash SSD products which set new standards for FC SAN storage performance, density and competitiveness. They use a variety of new architectural techniques which I discussed in articles at the time each product was launched. The models can be summarized as follows:-
  • no single point of failure - MLC or SLC
  • fast / high density:- MLC or SLC

  • At the top of the range - in terms of reliability and flexibility of use - the RamSan-720- a 4 port (FC/IB) 1U rackmount SSD which provides 10TB of usable 2D (FPGA implemented) RAID protected and hot swappable - SLC capacity with 100/25 microseconds R/W latency (with all protections in place) delivering 400K IOPS (4KB), 5GB/s throughput - with no single point of failure (at $20K/TB approx list).
  • The RamSan-710 - a 1U rackmount SSD with 5TB usable SLC flash storage with 2 dual ported 8Gbps FC ports upto 2 40Gbps InfiniBand ports. Throughput is quoted as 5 GB/s - although no IOPS figure was mentioned at press time. The system includes various reliability options- including N+1 batteries to support orderly shutdown and an internal active spare flash card configuration option which provides protection levels beyond RAID.

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