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LOS ANGELES - Nov. 7, 2001 – JNI® Corporation today announced a new family of InfiniStar™ HCA Modules based on InfiniBand technology. These products can create highly scalable, high availability clustered server environments for data centers using an open, released standard at a fraction of the cost of today's proprietary clustered server environments. The announcement was made by JNI at the InfiniBand Solutions Conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

The new JNI InfiniStar IBP-4x02 dual-port 10 Gb Host Channel Adapter (HCA) Module plus the companion InfiniStar IBP-1x02 dual-port 2.5 Gb HCA Module are PCI-to-InfiniBand channel adapters that extend the I/O functions of a server outside its enclosure. The HCA Modules, which operate at 2.5 gigabits-per-second (Gb) or 10 Gb are sampling today, and will be available in volume early in the First Quarter 2002. JNI HCA Modules with expanded driver support for multiple host operating systems will be available in Second Quarter 2002. JNI is the first company to deliver a 10 Gb InfiniBand HCA Module for PCI bus servers.

"JNI's InfiniStar HCA Modules open a whole new market for JNI with our expanded commitment to InfiniBand, and specifically to products that can provide server clustering and I/O scalability," said Neal Waddington, president and CEO of JNI Corporation. "We believe our InfiniStar PCI bus HCA Modules will accelerate the availability of a whole new architecture for enterprise servers deployed in the open data center."

This will be the first time JNI has developed and manufactured products for sale in the enterprise date center for other than Fibre Channel connectivity. It represents a significant expansion of JNI's technology development while remaining focused on its core market of enterprise data center connectivity and expertise in developing host bus adapters and software drivers that interact directly with the host operating system. ...JNI profile

Hoboken, NJ – November 7, 2001 - NSI® Software today announced the latest version of GeoCluster with improved capabilities to give Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) clusters even greater infrastructure protection and the highest levels of availability. The new capabilities, including support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, simplify management, expand OS and encrypted file support and enhance verification and resynchronization functions to ensure high availability for customers looking to protect their MSCS clusters.

"Clustering solutions that do not replicate data to an off-site location cannot provide true high availability, leaving companies operating under a false sense of security. Addressing this market need and demonstrating NSI's replication leadership, GeoCluster leverages the distance replication capabilities of our Double-Take product to deliver maximum protection and availability," said Bob Guilbert, vice president of marketing for NSI Software.

Picking up where Microsoft left off, GeoCluster 4.1 integrates with MSCS to create geographically distributed clusters with replicated data and eliminates the hardware dependency and single point of failure of a shared disk cluster so critical data is always available at a remote location. With new failover support for Microsoft Exchange Server between GeoCluster nodes, NSI Software provides customers with real-time enterprise data protection and replication and helps insure high availability for Windows 2000 servers running Exchange. ...NSI® Software profile

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - November 6, 2001 - BakBone Software™ announced today its membership in the EMC E-Infostructure™ Developers Program. In addition, BakBone will qualify EMC's CLARiiON® IP4700 and FC4700 information storage systems with its NetVault™ NDMP APM™ and engage in joint marketing activities to support the solutions.

Through the EMC E-Infostructure Developers Program, EMC provides wide-scale access to its application programming interfaces (APIs), which are software paths into its Enterprise Storage systems and software. The program enables independent software developers to select from, and rapidly integrate, a large variety of information management, sharing and protection tools. By sharing its APIs with application vendors such as BakBone, EMC helps customers take full advantage of the leading performance, availability and management features of EMC solutions, while eliminating costly, time-consuming customized application creation.

"BakBone recognizes the requirements of the enterprise for storage management software that interoperates with a variety of applications and storage systems. The increasing requirement for central management of SAN, DAS, and NAS systems validates BakBone's strategy of offering modular backup and restore software that adapts and scales across the data center," said Randy Batterson, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for BakBone Software. "We are delighted to partner with EMC on these important storage issues." ...BakBone Software profile, ...EMC profile

SAN JOSE, CA — November 6, 2001 — Gadzoox Networks, Inc. today announced that its Slingshot 2Gb Open Fabric switch family has passed the Fibre Channel Industry Association's (FCIA) SANmark program. The Gadzoox Networks' Slingshot 4218 and 4210 switches achieved SANmark qualification for conformance to the newly approved FC-SW-2 industry standard.

"Gadzoox Networks is a driving force in transitioning the industry to the third generation of open SANs," said Clark Foy, vice president of sales and marketing for Gadzoox Networks. "The SANmark Qualification signifies Slingshot's conformance to the latest industry-approved standards, and will significantly increase customers' confidence and peace of mind as they build heterogeneous SANs." ...FCIA profile, ...Gadzoox Networks profile

Elmsford, NY, November 6, 2001 – Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today announced a significant breakthrough in magnetic recording media technology that will exponentially increase the capacity of magnetic media. NANO CUBIC technology is an ultra-thin layer coating that results in higher resolution for recording digital data, ultra-low noise and high signal-to-noise ratios that are ideal for magneto-resistive (MR) heads. It is capable of catapulting data cartridge and digital videotape to one-terabyte native (uncompressed) capacities and floppy disk capacities to three gigabytes. To help visualize the potential, 1TB can store up to 200 two-hour movies. What sets the NANO CUBIC coating technology apart is its ability to be applied cost-effectively to a mass production manufacturing process while requiring only small modifications to current coating equipment for application. Fujifilm is beginning to work with drive manufacturers to develop new, high capacity magnetic storage products using NANO CUBIC technology.

"With data storage a key component of corporations' strategic business plans, a new technology breakthrough was needed to handle the rapidly increasing volumes of digital information," said Stanley E. Freimuth, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "With NANO CUBIC technology, Fujifilm is at the forefront of a benchmark moment in technological innovation, one that will lead to products that will take our customers and end users to new levels of performance."

Fujifilm is no stranger to developing technological breakthroughs in magnetic recording media. In 1992 Fujifilm introduced ATOMM (an acronym for Advanced super Thin layer and high Output Metal Media), the metal particle coating technology that promised great leaps in storage capacity, performance and reliability. Within a few short months of ATOMM's announcement, a Fujifilm relationship with Iomega Corporation led to the development of the Zip data storage system, which brought disk capacity from 1.44MB to 100MB and then 250MB, launching the high-capacity floppy disk category. Later, a similar relationship with Quantum Corporation resulted in DLTtapeTM IV data cartridges that offered a then-unrivaled capacity of 20GB (uncompressed) with the DLT 4000 drive. Today, DLTtape IV is the de facto standard for the mid-range back-up tape segment. In recent times, ATOMM was the catalyst in enabling Fujifilm to be the first media manufacturer to deliver LTO Ultrium 1 data cartridges to market.

"NANO CUBIC technology is more than just an extension of Fujifilm's successful ATOMM technology," said Steve Solomon, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computer Products Division, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "Its nano-thin layer of magnetic particles makes it possible to record digital data at exponentially higher densities, and should drive the tape market into the next generation of products. Significant breakthroughs like NANO CUBIC technology and efficient manufacturing ensure Fujifilm's continued growth and leadership position in the data storage media business." ...Fujifilm profile

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - November 6, 2001 - O-MASS, a subsidiary of Tandberg Data, announced today that its innovative high-capacity, fast transfer rate/short access time tape technology O-MASS will be the focus of a presentation given by Jørn Raastad at Data Storage Conference and Exhibition Featuring HEAD/MEDIA Las Vegas 2001, held November 10-11 in Las Vegas. Raastad, Research and Development Director of O-MASS for Tandberg Data, will present "Tomorrow's Tape Technology Today," in which he discusses the class of storage products that will fill the gap between disk-based systems and tape systems. This technology will enable the storage of far larger amounts of data, at a lower price, and offer very high transfer rates and rapid access to data.

"Over the years, tape technology has not kept pace with hard drive technology when it comes to key parameters such as capacity, transfer rate and cost per gigabyte," Raastad said. "The need for data storage doubles approximately every 15 months and one can expect an even faster doubling rate in the years to come. O-MASS will base itself on tape technology that will offer massive amounts of near-line storage at substantially lower prices." ...HEAD/MEDIA Las Vegas 2001, ...Tandberg Data profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., November 6, 2001 ­ Nexsan Technologies today announced that it has reached a partnership agreement with Penta Laboratories, bringing its full line of InifiniSAN RAID storage and D2D backup solutions to Penta's global customer base with a focus on broadcasting market opportunities. The agreement gives Nexsan a strong presence in the broadcast market, leveraging Penta Labs' 30 years of expertise in servicing broadcast customers and the company's strong sales channel.

"The broadcast market presents a tremendous opportunity for Nexsan," said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan's Senior Executive Vice President. "This relationship with Penta Labs gives us a strong partner with an unmatched combination of expertise in the broadcast market and a great track record of commitment to their global sales channel."

The deal with Nexsan is part of Penta Labs' strategy to expand its product line into storage technology and beyond its traditional market of power tubes. The move leverages Penta Labs' reputation as a premier supplier of CRTs and other broadcast products with an opportunity to broaden its product line with a technology that is in high demand for broadcast applications. ...Nexsan Technologies profile, ...Penta Laboratories web site

Milpitas, Calif., November 6, 2001 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced that Digital Island® is using the MetaStor® E2400 as part of its production process to provide a complete, end-to-end, video-on-demand encoding solution for streaming media applications. Digital Island's 2Way Web Services are modular service components that can be assembled in a variety of ways to support e-business applications and increase the profitability and performance of Web operations and reduce transaction costs. 2Way Web Services guarantee fast, reliable, secure transactions through a unique blend of Web infrastructure services including managed hosting, content delivery and networking technologies. Digital Island's 2Way Web Services families include 2Transact™, 2Deliver™ and 2Manage™ services that enable enterprises to deliver secure transactions, transmit and receive large files, manage assets, track digital rights, and customize the experience globally with guaranteed service level agreements.

In general, video-on-demand applications require very large quantities of very high-speed storage. The MetaStor E2400 system supplied by LSI Logic Storage Systems will provide a scalable, high-speed storage reservoir for video-on-demand information that is being encoded using Anystream™ encoding software. Thus, the E2400 empowers Digital Island to maximize the intelligence of the Anystream encoding platform by its fast and efficient storage architecture. This in turn allows Digital Island to encode higher volumes of content faster and with greater reliability.

"At Digital Island, we're at the technology forefront of providing complete, seamless operations, from content capture and encoding to storage and video-on-demand," said Richard Spiegel, director of encoding services, Digital Island. "It only made sense for us to work with LSI Logic Storage Systems, the performance leader in storage systems for the entertainment industry." ...Digital Island profile, ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

LUMBERTON, NJ - NOVEMBER 6, 2001 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has successfully completed laboratory interoperability testing of the IN-VSN FC/9000 64-port and 128-port Fibre Channel Directors with the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router, the first networking device to bridge Fibre Channel to IP networks, using the iSCSI protocol. The combination of the IN-VSN FC/9000 and the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router is the first to blend the benefits of a high-availability, director-class storage networking infrastructure, with the productivity gains of enabling servers, workstations, and other devices in IP networks to access and share pools of high-performance Fibre Channel storage from IBM and Hitachi Data Systems.

INRANGE also announced its membership into the storage networking track of the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) Partner Program, an interoperability testing and co-marketing program enabling leading product and services firms to deploy innovative e-business solutions. Under the program, Cisco sets criteria for interoperability testing between specific versions of a partner's products and specified versions of Cisco software. This program will enable the two companies to further work together in assisting customers in implementing INRANGE's FC/9000 storage infrastructure with the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router and other networking solutions that will be verified through the program.

"ISCSI's value to eterprise storage networking is its ability to extend the benefits of high-performance SANs beyond the data center using the ubiquity and familiarity of IP networking," said Mark Cree, general manager of the Storage Router Business Unit at Cisco Systems. "INRANGE's qualification of the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router with its director-class Fibre Channel switches is a significant achievement in delivering this benefit to our mutual customers."

"Storage networks are taking an important evolutionary step, based on the cooperative efforts of market leaders in IP and fibre channel networking infrastructure," stated Carl Greiner, META Group Vice President, Enterprise Data Center Strategies. "Customers can now join islands of mission-critical SANs together inexpensively on existing backbones, effectively creating one pool of shared storage." ...Cisco Systems profile, ...INRANGE Technologies profile

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In the mysterious case of Megabyte and the gray suits, Megabyte had an unfair advantage. He waited until his opponents had worn themselves out attacking the wrong target."
Nibble Re: Solid State Disks

Readers of STORAGEsearch have increased their interest in Solid State Disks (SSDs) this year by a staggering 500%.
  • In January/February 2001, 1.3% of readers visited the SSD pages.
  • In October 2001, over 6% of readers visited the SSD pages.
As we've got a larger readership than any other enterprise storage portal, and because SSDs are a well established feature on this site (since 1998), it's reasonable to assume that the growth in reader interest is significant and probably indicates a real market trend.

SSDs are not new (the first SSDs appeared in military systems in the 1980's), but I'm speculating that there are two likely reasons for the recent surge in interest.
  • the increasing use of SANs. SAN's give higher throughput and better network utilisation of storage assets, but... response times are slower than using directly attached storage. SSDs enable users to cache time critical parts of their network storage to overcome this problem.
  • the Sun installed base of servers has been starved of faster processor clock speeds in 2001, with most new SPARC systems typically offering 900MHz instead of the 2GHz which the market actually needs. Traditionally many Sun users would have upgraded their servers by now. Market data shows that has not happened. The Sun server market declined much more steeply than the Intel Pentium server market. The only realistic options for Sun users who needed application speed ups have been to buy more of the (slower) processors, or tune their system performance using products like SSDs.
The first analysis above (SAN), suggests that SSDs will eventually become mainstream network storage tools. The second (lack of fast enough SPARC upgrades) would result in a temporary increase in SSDs as a system speed up. We'll report on this again later to see how the trend is going.

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